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Making History

Making History

Making history today, President Donald Trump announced the United States will officially acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and begin construction on a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.  Without demeaning previous administrations, he explained the reason behind not doing this sooner was hopes it would further peace between Palestinians and Israel.  That hasn’t happened, so we aren’t going to wait any further.

This is big.  This is courageous.  It is the right thing to do.

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View from the Dedication Spot

This, of course, has brought out the trolls on social media and the Internet.  So far, most of the media news coverage has been about how terrible this is, and how the president doesn’t have this authority, etc., etc., etc.    He was given the authority to do this two decades ago.  It’s just that his predecessors chose to ignore it in hopes doing so would soften the hearts of the terrorists.

Newsflash – Terrorists aren’t negotiators.

The bottom line is this…

Palestinians will stop at nothing short of destroying the Jews (i.e. Israel).  The Israeli Government can turn over the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Bethlehem, Jericho, and more, and as long as a Jewish state exists, they won’t be happy.  While I’m sure there are Palestinians who wish this unwillingness to cooperate would stop, as long as groups like Hamas exist there will be contention.



Missionaries Arriving

Missionaries Arriving

Tonight I photographed missionaries arriving from the M.T.C. at the Rochester Airport.  I coordinated with President Evans and met the missionaries at the airport.  I took photographs of the new missionaries as they met President and Sister Evans for the first time.

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Missionaries Arriving 


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Selfies – New Missionaries

It was fun.  The enthusiasm of the new missionaries is contagious.  Add to their enthusiasm the enthusiasm of President and Sister Evans and the assistants, and you turn heads.   People at the airport ask questions like, “What’s going on?”

Auditing Class

It is day 2 of the nuclear auditing class.  I’m learning a lot, and it is very interesting.

Today’s most interesting discovery is how prevalent counterfeit parts are.   Consequently, and auditor has to know what to ask regarding parts and components.  Like the Canon counterfeit batteries, components used in nuclear plants are counterfeited by people looking to make a buck.

The instructor asked if I want to take the exam tomorrow.  I have no idea what this exam might contain.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Eye Shots

The day started by taking Elizabethe to get her eye shots.   Most of all I am glad they schedule her first things in the morning.  We get in and out quickly.

Face to Face

The Face to Face with President Eyring and Elder Holland is Saturday.  I got my schedule today, but it is confidential.

Photo Sightings

Here are recent photo sightings of my photographs…

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On Instragram


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On the Mormon Channel

Very Wet

Very Wet

It’s very wet.  We’re not getting snow, but we’re getting rain!  Lots of it too.

I heard a meteorologist on the radio say this is the wettest January ever.  Well, two years ago we had the coldest, last year the warmest, and this year the wettest.  We’re all about setting records.

The puddle on the back walkway is about 2″ deep.  The bricks keep settling, and that creates a deeper puddle.  The only way to fix it is to dig it up, add more gravel and sand under it, and put the bricks back in.  That’s TOO much right now.

Getting Ready for Tomorrow

I’m getting ready for tomorrow.  What’s tomorrow?  My first day as Finger Lakes Professional Photographers of New York president.  I get sworn in as president of my trade guild.

I went looking for my Craftsman Degree ribbon and couldn’t find it.  It is frustrating.  I specifically remember when I had it last.  That’s what makes it frustrating.

One of these days it will show up.  When it does, I will be very surprised.

I need a box for all the stuff I have to bring to the FLPP meetings.  I’m sure we have something around the house.  Some things I only take to FLPP meetings, while other things I use all the time.  It’s the stuff I always take that should go in that box.

Temple Tonight

We have temple tonight.  With the warmer temperatures I expect a few more attendees.


Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin

My interest shifted away from Chris Keniston to Evan McMullin for President.  Even is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, worked for the C.I.A. and a BYU graduate.  He is running as an independent.

Evan is Johnny-come-lately, but his popularity is rapidly gaining.

What I Like

What I like is he is a true conservative (in the political sense).  Trump, Clinton and Johnson are as liberal as they come politically.  Johnson and Trump have a few fiscally conservative ideas, however I can’t trust them.  Clinton is liberal both fiscally and politically.

Trump carries baggage  from the past.  It makes you wonder if those past behaviors are because of character flaws.  Johnson is morally bankrupt – drug use and living-in-sin (as we used to say).  Clinton is off the deep-end when it comes to scandals.  I’ve never in my life seen a candidate so scandal ridden.

Right now, McMullin seems to be the only candidate beyond reproach.


Tonight’s temple shift was enjoyable.  Some of the missionaries have already left, and others are about to leave.  Going to the temple is a refreshing break from the political scandals and bad stuff going on in the world.

That’s another thing…

I like a candidate whom I know goes to the temple.  While people can lie to their bishop and stake president to get a recommend, most do not.  Most are good, honorable, honest people.  I know Romney is such a man, but he isn’t running, and I believe McMullin to be such a man.


After the Wind

After the Wind

After the wind last night I expected some big branches to be on the lawn.  There weren’t.  In spite of all that stiff wind last night we did not have a lot of downed branches.  We had a few, but they were relatively small.

After my morning appointments I drove to the mission office to deliver their mission photos.  I hit them at a good time and was able to visit a little with President Francis.  I asked what he knows about his replacement.  He said the brother’s name is Zachary Evans from Boise, Idaho.

I came home and messaged my cousin asking if he knows Bro. Evans.  He said he does know him quite well.  This will be exciting.

I’ve started a painting.  Here is how it looks thus far…

copyright 2016 db walton - Wind


My painting these days is digital.  A lot of people, when I tell them this, think it is some funky filter.  Nope, I don’t use filters to create my digital paintings.  I use a stylus and a Wacom tablet and I “paint” just like I would on canvas.

This painting is going to be a combination of these two photographs (used for reference)…

copyright 2016 db walton - Wind

Table-top Fountain

copyright 2016 db walton - Wind

Arch and Ancient Ruins

After dinner, the missionaries came over to teach our friend David.  We had a great discussion.

Why Debate

Why Debate

Several friends asked if I watched the Republican Candidate Debates.  First, why debate?  Second, why would I subject myself to watching people argue?

When it comes to candidates, it is kind of early, but I can tell you this much…

I will not be voting for any of the following…

Hillary Clinton – I don’t trust her.  Never have, and I never will.  You’d think the e-mail scandal would sink her as a candidate.  That just goes to show how accepting people have become of scandals.

Bernie Sanders – The guy is a snake-oil salesman trying to get people to think college should be free for everyone.  When you read his plan you realize it is Obama Care disguised as tuition aid.  And, who will pay for it?  Anyone who has a 401K, IRA or retirement plan, and everyone who is already retired and living off their hard-earned savings.

Donald Trump – While I think he has the business moxie to do the job, he won’t play well with others, and I don’t think he has the wherewithal and diplomacy  to deal with foreign government issues.  He’s too egotistical and quick to dismiss and that doesn’t go well when trying to negotiate.  While it has worked well for him in the business world, dealing with Congress isn’t the same as dealing with a room full of venture capitalists.

While the rest of my list is too long to list by name, but any of them who are career politicians (i.e. Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Jim Webb, etc.)  The last couple of decades have proven to us that career politicians are out-of-touch with society, business and have one thing in mind… the next election.

So, who does that leave?

Right now, the only decent candidate the Democrats have is Jim Webb.  While his military career makes him look good, his post-military career has turned to politics.  That said, he’s a much better choice than Clinton and Sanders.  Whew, heaven help the USA if either one of those follow Barack Obama.  There’s no way in the world either of them can clean up the mess we’re in now.

Well, right now Carly Fiorina is the only non-politician in the mix besides Donald Trump.  And, given my stance about career politicians, it comes down to Fiorina and Trump.  Fiorina has the business smarts and the diplomacy.

I think it would be a good run between Webb and Fiorina.  Anything else would be a circus act.

Tough Times

Tough Times

There is no doubt that tough times are ahead.  I see Hillary Clinton has announced her candidacy for President of the United States.  I find this down-right disturbing.  What I find more disturbing is a candidate that lacks the moral fortitude needed to guide us in these troubled times.  I believe Mitt Romney would have been such a candidate, but he’s decided to not run.

It is also no secret that I dislike career politics.  Politics is the only thing many of these politicians have ever known.  Please, give me a God-respecting entrepreneur as a candidate!  One who only wants to run once and then go back to their previous life.

Things were rather quiet at the temple tonight.    Even so, time passed quickly.

It is Easy to Check Facts

Everyone, listen up!!!

I’m tired of the barrage of e-mails and social media posts that go along with the mentality of, “If it is on the Internet, it must be true.”

It is easy to check the facts.  Bing, Google, Yahoo!, all allow you to “search”.  And, when it has to do with the government and laws, guess what?  They are all posted on government web sites.

Here’s the latest example.  An e-mail with a link to a YouTube video has been circulating that President Obama has been indicted.  BULL PUCKY!

When I saw the link to the video, I thought, “Really?   That’s a first.”

So, I did a search using Bing.  I came up with this link:


Please, don’t take my word for this; go to the above link and read it.  A sitting president cannot be indicted.  A sitting president can be impeached, but they cannot be indicted.

So, when you post this stuff, or forward it in e-mail messages (and I admit, I have been guilty of being sucked in to forwarding such stuff), it doesn’t do anything but make you look silly.  Stop it.  Just check the facts before you go and hit that send or post button.  Please.


Moon Cakes

After church, and after a peaceful nap, Elizabethe and I set out to make moon cakes.  I had never made them before, and read about how to do it on the Internet.

Using pre-made pastry sheets (from Wegman’s), I cut little circles and Elizabethe pressed them in to the mini muffin tins.  I then squeezed the bean “jam” into each one, and then we placed smaller circles on top.  Elizabethe stamped each one with a rose, and in the oven they went.  About 70% of the cooked, I removed them, painted the rose, glazed them with egg yolk, and popped them back in the oven for baking.

They turned out quite well.  I’ll make a few adjustments the next time we make them, and I’ll take photos too.

We had some left over bean jam, and I mixed it with the hot fudge.  Found a way to stretch hot fudge sauce – red bean jam.  You couldn’t taste a difference.

Anyway, we served the moon cakes with a scoop of ice cream covered with the bean/fudge sauce.


With the election in two days, I have to say something.  In fact, if I had time, I’d make a video and would hope it would go viral.

If you are sitting on the fence about this election, or are not quite sure, please read on…

There are three roles in the U.S. Government – Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.  The first, executive branch, has the role of enforcing the law.  They do not make the law.  That’s a common misconception about the president.  The president enforces the laws, while the legislature makes the laws, and the courts interpret the laws.

If you were the sheriff of a town, and you decided you did not like anti-drug laws, and if you decided you were not going to arrest people for dealing drugs you would be fired.  You would be labeled as corrupt.

The sheriff in a local government is the chief law enforcement person usually.  Just like the president is that for the nation.  In fact, another name for our president is Commander in Chief.  He is the head of the military.  It is his job to make sure the laws are enforced.

So, what do we do when we have a president who refuses to enforce certain laws?    In fact, what do we do when that president not only refuses to enforce such laws, but goes the extra mile to counter-enforce those laws?

Do I need to list them?

D.O.M.A., various immigration laws, voting laws, are just a few that the incumbent president has refused to enforce.  And, using my analogy of a local sheriff, in my opinion, that makes him corrupt.

Regardless of what your opinion is on the laws he is refusing to support, you surely must agree that either the law be supported, or rescinded.  Once we start picking and choosing what laws are worth obeying and which ones are not, we have anarchy.

Do you want another 4 years of corruption at the executive level?

I don’t.

So, comes Tuesday, vote wisely.

New Temple President

Tonight at our shift I got a chance to meet our new temple president, President Brighton.  Most temple presidents are really nice guys, and President Brighton is no exception.  He and his wife just recently returned from serving as the directors of the Oakland Visitor’s Center.  We talked about a few mutual friends in the Bay Area.  I look forward to getting to know the Brightons better.

I’ve been working on putting together a workshop for posing and lighting.  I need to do better at getting the word out about these workshops.  That’s the hard part.  There’s a synergy created as more people get involved with the workshop.  So, any friends who can help get the word out, your efforts will be appreciated.

D. Brent Walton is a Certified Professional Photographer in Palmyra, New York.  Brent offers workshops and classes (visit http://www.palmyra-ny.com for details).  These workshops are affordable and informative.