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Pushing 80

Pushing 80

It’s pushing 80 today.  I mowed the lawn, but first I had to replace a blade.  I remember how excited I was when I bought this tractor.  It has turned out to be a piece of junk.  I will NEVER purchase another Cub Cadet product… and I will never buy from Blazey’s again.

After replacing the blade, I began to mow.  About 1/2 through it, a stick caused the belt to jump off the pulley.  (Yes, that’s another problem with the design of this thing.  It would be so simple to put guides and guards around the belt assembly to prevent this.  At least I know what to look for with my next lawn tractor.  You always learn with the first.)

Poser Poses

I’ve learned how to save poses in Poser.  I started a collection of my own poser poses.  Most of the time spent creating a 3D creation is spent posing your character.  Many of these poses can be reused now that I know how to save them.

Who knows… I might even sell a Poser pose pack.

Posing in Poser is quite difficult to get it right.  When someone’s body is not positioned naturally, we notice.  We notice things like, you can’t bend your fingers certain ways, we hold our hands in certain positions that feel natural, etc.  That’s why it is so important for me to save these poses.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

So I have figured out how to make a mirror in Poser.  It’s pretty cool, except you cannot see how the reflection will look until it goes through the rendering process (a process that can take a long time.)

copyright 2018 db walton

This Constitutes a LOT of WORK

As time goes along, I’m sure I’ll figure out how to position the “mirror” without a bunch of trial and error.  Currently, my mirror just looks like a black square.  After it is rendered, it shows the reflection, and in the above case, you can’t see the edges of the mirror because it is hid by the woman on the left, and is off the edge of the picture on the right.  Because you can’t see the reflection, you don’t really know if your subject is in the reflection until you render it.


Pino often used mirrors in his compositions.  I’d like to create some Pino-esque images using a mirror as part of the scene.  This is a start.  I’ll probably start with what I’ve started here, but poser her differently and have her doing something like primping or putting on lipstick.  (This was an exercise in “can I do it”.)

A Painting by Danae Pino