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Re-roofing Starts

Re-roofing Starts

Re-roofing starts today.  I will be nice to get those leaks stopped.  At first, I thought the guy who lives upstairs was making a lot of noise.  Then, it hit me… They started on the roof!!!

I dashed outside and they were ripping the old shingles off.  It hasn’t got as messy as I thought it would.  They are being pretty clean about this tearoff.

Lunch At Tom’s

I had lunch at Tom’s today.  He’s starting to get a little difficult to direct when we go out in public.  I stopped at Dutchland Foods and bought sandwiches, cookies and lemonade.  We at out by their pond.  It was great weather for a picnic.  And, when Tom spills, the critters can come and eat it.

After our lunch I came home and got ready for a portrait session tonight.  President Evans and his family are all in town so they want me to do a family portrait.

The Evans’ Portrait Session

The portrait session went well.  They have 5 children – 4 girls and a boy.  They are a fun group.  After we photographed the family we did the children, President and Sister Evans, and then individual pictures.

I used my new AD200s in TTL mode.  They work nicely.  Better than Canon equipment.

Happens Every Year

Happens Every Year

It happens every year around this time.  I get a call asking if I will do a portrait in the Sacred Grove.  I explain why I don’t photograph in the Sacred Grove, and they still schedule a portrait session one I explain why.

We end up taking the portrait outside the grove,  usually with the grove in the background.  I don’t photograph inside the grove because it is a special, sacred place.  How many places on earth do you know of where God and Jesus appeared?

I can think of only a few others.  It is hallowed ground and I do my best to respect it as such.

Tonight’s family was especially fun to photograph.  A couple with their 5 adult children, their spouses, and their children had me do a big family photo and then individual family units.  Grandma and grandpa also did one with their 10 grandchildren.

What made it special for me is they were able to pull this off.  They were able to get the entire family to take time off and travel to Palmyra.  I can understand why they want the family portrait.  This is something that is only going to happen once in a lifetime.


I have to admit I was stressing earlier in the day.  I knew it was a big group, and I was stressing about the light, my equipment being ready, carrying all that equipment 1/4 mile to the location.  In the end, I shouldn’t have stressed.  It worked well.


I returned home to hear France had a terrorist attack.  Last I heard over 70 people dead.  A big truck (like a semi-truck) ran in to a crowd celebrating Bastille Day.  70 people died and many others were injured.  Police shot and killed the driver before more damage could be done.

Reading in the Book of Mormon it hit me hard.  Things like this aren’t going to change until people start keeping God’s commandments, especially those dealing with morality.

Hardest Subjects

Hardest Subjects

The hardest subjects to photograph are your own family, followed by your own friends.  Yes, they are the most difficult.  Jesus quoted a saying that a prophet is without honor in his own country.  Well, trying to get your own family to cooperate during a portrait session is pretty tough some times.

A client that morning was easy compared to my 6 year old grand daughter who seemed to take delight in taunting her grandpa.


copyright 2015 db walton

“Like THIS Grandpa?”

I ask her to turn her face to the light and she asks, “Like THIS Grandpa?”

But you know… I wouldn’t trade these pictures for anything.  We had fun.  We may not have got the pictures her mom is thrilled about, but I have memories of our joking around and my attempts to get her to give me a natural smile.

In the meantime, my daughter came out and changed out all the light bulbs in my studio.  Now they are ALL 5000K LED lights.  No mixed temperature bulbs.

When my son-in-law came in, my daughter informed her husband that she changed all of the bulbs for me.  (This must have come as a surprise to him since he just put them all up.)  I explained that the bulbs we had on hand were mixed temperatures.  Now they are ALL 5000K.  (Before they were a mixture of 5000K, 3500K and 3200K bulbs.)  (Note, I’ll be teaching a class on doing portrait lighting with LED lights on October 17th, 2015.  You can register here.  http://www.dbwalton.com/store/studio-lighting-for-glamorous-results/ )

Elizabethe spent the day canning.  She took all of the fruit from the garden (which had to be picked in case we get frost tonight) and made salsa and sauces.  The house smelled like salsa.

She finally got to a breaking point and we went to pick up some stuff from the store and stopped and got pizza for dinner.

Ready for a Portrait

Ready for a Portrait

I spent the day wondering if I was ready for a portrait session.  After spending 3 days working on a images for the Mission Presidents seminar, it was time to think about studio work.

I have a great idea for a studio organization tool.  I just need to figure out who might be a good manufacturer to ask if they want to hear my pitch.  When I was getting ready for this shoot, I kept thinking, “I wish I had one of those.”

Sorry, I can’t tell you what “one of those” is because I plan on patenting it and you can’t leak your patentable ideas because if you do, you can’t patent it.  It’s kind of like copyrighting a book.  You have to copyright it before you publish it.

My shoot went well, and I got all the pictures on-line before calling it quits for the day.  I figured I’d get them done tonight rather than having to wait until Monday to get it done.  Shoots always go better when you have good-looking clients.

Tomorrow is church and it is nice knowing my only commitment is to play the organ and piano.  I will probably go do some home teaching after church since I don’t have other meetings.  That will be good too.

The day went well.


Networking to Network

I talked to a guy at the networking meeting about doing some network work for me. I know what can be done because I did it for 22 years at AT&T, but my zeal I think overwhelmed him. The problem is, I just don’t have the time for every little project, and I don’t have the funds to go out and pay people with the skills.

The afternoon was spent at Finger Lakes Professional Photographers. We had a presentation about running a boutique studio. (That’s all the latest buzz word regarding studios.) He had some good ideas.

Speaking of studios, if you know anyone graduating in the Class of 2014, send them my way. They might be able to get their senior portraits at no cost. (Of course there’s a catch, but if they qualify, I think they will have fun earning their session.)

The Big Palmyra Fire

This morning I had my first portrait session at 9am, and 5 more that followed throughout the day. Around 2:30pm, Elizabethe and I were meeting with a friend (who is going to model one of Elizabethe’s dresses and also pose for the pictures that I will paint of her in the dress). We got a call from Elizabethe’s cousin, who just happened to be down at the Grandin Building.

Her cousin informed us there was a big fire and I might want to check on the wellbeing of my building. I headed downtown to see. The smoke was so thick, I couldn’t see exactly what was on fire. It smelled like burning newspapers, and had that dense smoke that newspapers give off when they are burning.

A shift in the wind revealed it was a little east of my building, but I was still worried that burning embers could land on the roof of other buildings.

Between jobs, I walked down the street to see the progress. The fire was still raging, and they were still pumping water on to the fire. Another walk downtown around 6:00pm looked as though they got it out. But, as I was leaving (around 6:45pm), the fire started back up.

Elizabethe and I went to dinner, and after dinner, I stopped in Perinton at Wegmans. The young lady who rang my order up said she lives in Palmyra, and left to come to work at 8pm, and the fire was still burning. (It was no 9pm.)

When we got back to the village (around 9:15pm), we went to see the damage. Officer Showman was there and told us they finally got it out around 8:30pm. You could still hear the water draining off the rubble and in to the storm drains. As to the damage, here are some pictures from my walk at 6 to 7pm…

Sign on East Bound NY SR 31

Sign on East Bound NY SR 31

The Fire View from the 4 Churches

The Fire View from the 4 Churches

Fire Hoses Being Put Away

Fire Hoses Being Put Away

The View From Nima's Pizza

The View From Nima’s Pizza

It Appeared to Be Out around 6:30pm

It Appeared to Be Out around 6:30pm

Mark's Pizza - One of the Damaged Buildings

Mark’s Pizza – One of the Damaged Buildings

A View of the damaged section

A View of the damaged section

Two Buckets in the Front, and One (not seen) In the Rear

Two Buckets in the Front, and One (not seen) In the Rear

Village Residents Watch On

Village Residents Watch On

Palmyra's Finest Fire Fighters - The are to be commended for their efforts.

Palmyra’s Finest Fire Fighters – The are to be commended for their efforts.

Around 6:50pm, fire starts back up.

Around 6:50pm, fire starts back up.

The 11pm news, on all the Rochester stations that have 11pm news, featured the Palmyra fire as the lead story. They reported there were 4 related injuries: 1 person rescued from the building and taken to the hospital, and 3 fire fighters that were treated for smoke inhalation. It appears the buildings damaged will be condemned. They also reported it involved 13 stations from the area. THIRTEEN!!!

This is a huge blow to Palmyra.

One After Another

I had one after another portrait session today. It was a head-shot day for a local networking group. It was fun. I just wouldn’t want to do this all of the time, but it is fun to do once in a while. In fact, I think I’ll start scheduling them one day each month.

Elizabethe got some help from Sisters Davis and Jones on the yard. They pulled weeds and planted bulbs. The weather was nice for it. Mid-60s and overcast makes it nice for working in the yard.

Flyer Layout

This repertory ailment is finally letting up. I managed to get a lot done today on some flyer layouts. I knocked out three designs. (These flyers are for my photography studio. A couple for brides-to-be, and one for portrait clients. I give portrait clients a “style guide” that tells them what to wear to make the best of their portrait session. You can visit my studio web page at www.dbwalton.com to see samples of my work.)

By about dinner time, I decided I better call it quits. Well, as things would have it, as soon as I slowed down the congestion came back with a vengeance.

Tomorrow is Easter. Fortunately, after church there isn’t a lot going on. The rest will be welcome.

D. Brent Walton is a professional photograph. His studio specializes in weddings, beauty and glamor portraits. His studio is featured in the March 2013 Professional Photographer Magazine, and you can see his work in The Friend Magazine (issues January – April 2013).