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Horse Sense

Horse Sense

Grandpa Knowles called it “horse sense”.  If anyone knew horses, he did.  He spent a portion of his young adulthood catching and breaking wild horses, and then donating them to the Rough Riders.  (His mom forbad him to go off with Teddy to fight in the Spanish American War, so this was his service to his country.)  To do that, you come to know what horse sense means.

Horse Sense

Grandpa Knowles as I Remember Him

I spent my first 10 years close to my grandfather’s side.  We’d go on walks together.  He’d tell me stories and sing me songs while bouncing me on his knee.  And, when I would do something unwise he’d say, “Brent, use your horse sense.”  Over time I came to know that expression as another way to follow your conscience and listen to those warning voices.

He was a wise man, and not someone to be trifled with.  He was well versed in politics (a stanch Republican), the scriptures (many of which were memorized), gardening and butchering (not to forget his career with the railroad too.)

Skipping Ahead 50 Years

If Grandpa were alive today he’d be disgusted with politics in general.  Uncategorically, I think I am safe to say, he’d be disgusted with the politics of every president since Ike (with the exception of Reagan, perhaps)… until now.  The same can be said about many of the presidential candidates over the past 50 years.  Grandpa, undoubtedly, would not support them.

I wasn’t for Donald Trump.  I didn’t vote for him, and in fact, tried to persuade friends to vote for someone else.  While I am impressed with Trump’s business prowess, too many people I trusted and believed led me down a path where I began to distrust Donald Trump.


I accept the election results.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.  I am glad we didn’t end up with Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson, John Kasich, or heaven forbid, Hillary Clinton.  Like with Barack Obama, I said, ‘Let’s see what he does.’

Tweets vs Speeches

Donald Trump’s Tweets have brought much controversy.  I told my dad it is as though President Trump has a mild case of Turrett’s Syndrom when it comes to his Tweets.  It is also difficult to tell the tone of a Tweet.  Face to face, one can read someone’s expressions.  You cannot do that with a Tweet.  For that reason, I take Tweets with a large grain of salt.

Making it a habit to listen to presidential speeches, I see the Donald Trump I studied years ago.  The man is brilliant.  Anyone who says he isn’t, is either being ignorant or malicious.  His speeches I’ve listened to have proven his brilliance, as well as his courage.

Example of Courage and Brilliance

Today our president is in Utah.  He gave a speech announcing the return of Federal land to the State of Utah.  His justification – Federal Overreach.  Horse sense.  Absolute horse sense.

He then has the courage to declare that we will recognize Jerusalem the capital of Jerusalem.   “This is nothing less than a recognition of reality,” he said.  Horse sense.  Absolute horse sense.

I don’t recall hearing any of his presidential speeches where he hasn’t been talking horse sense.

The Trolls

Bring out the trolls.  I’m watching the Internet as he’s giving his speech.  Inflammatory remarks like, “Thanks for starting World War III,” were being posted.  But, the one I got the biggest chuckle out of was, “What gives him the right to move Israel’s capital?”

If he said the sky was blue, there would be trolls to counteract his statement.


For myself, Trump has impressed me every step of his presidency.  Putting aside the subjectiveness of the Tweets, he obviously loves God, our country and family.


Because my wife is having surgery on my birthday, we celebrated today by going to Longhorn.  Our favorite waitress was there.  As she saw us she said, “HI!  I was just thinking the other day it is about time I see you.”

That made us feel very welcomed.  She treated us very well and it was a wonderful birthday dinner.

Walworth Festival

Walworth Festival

A few of us from the Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce spent our afternoon at the Walworth Festival.  We handed out several applications as well as some glow-in-the-dark wristbands.

It was miserably hot out there.  I’m glad I wore a baseball cap to keep the sun off my head and face.

The highlight of the afternoon was a demonstration by Deputy Sheriff Brian Pitt and his police dog — a bloodhound.  I learned quite a bit about how they use these dogs.

copyright 2016 db walton

Officer Pitt and His Police Dog


For dinner tonight I made a BBQ pork pizza.  I took BBQ sauce, spread it around the dough, topped it with shredded pork, cheddar and provolone cheese and onion slices.  Wow, was it GOOD.

copyright 2016 db walton

BBQ Pork Pizza


Politics are quite sickening right now.  Many elections of the past there has been a clear best-choice for good people.  We are currently left with horrible choices with the exception of one, and honestly, he doesn’t stand a chance.  That’s Chris Keniston.  He’s running on the Veteran’s ticket, but has no publicity to speak of.

I know many conservatives and liberals are rallying behind Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.  I can’t bring myself to vote for someone who is pro-abortion, pro-decriminalization of drugs, prostitution and other vices.  Gary Johnson is a liberal — plain and simple.  He’s only conservative in his fiscal matters, and that’s only a fraction of what this country needs.



This needs to be on silicone bracelets:  WDTBOMS?

What does the Book of Mormon Say?

What does the Book of Mormon say about politics (and specifically in the U.S.A.)?

  • Dangers of letting a minority rule – Mosiah 29:26
    Now it is not common that the voice of the people desireth anything contrary to that which is right; but it is common for the lesser part of the people to desire that which is not right; therefore this shall ye observe and make it your law—to do your business by the voice of the people.
  • Dangers of evil in politics – Helaman 5:2
    For as their laws and their governments were established by the voice of the people, and they who chose evil were more numerous than they who chose good, therefore they were ripening for destruction, for the laws had become corrupted.
  • No kings to rule in America – 2 Nephi 10:11
    And this land shall be a land of liberty unto the Gentiles, and there shall be no kings upon the land, who shall raise up unto the Gentiles.
  • Why there should be no kings – Mosiah 29:17
    For behold, how much iniquity doth one wicked king cause to be committed, yea, and what great destruction!
  • Welfare – Mosiah 27:4
    That they should let no pride nor haughtiness disturb their peace; that every man should esteem his neighbor as himself, laboring with their own hands for their support.
  • Unpaid politicians – Alma 30:32
    Now Alma said unto him: Thou knowest that we do not glut ourselves upon the labors of this people; for behold I have labored even from the commencement of the reign of the judges until now, with mine own hands.
    Mosiah 2:16
    Behold, I say unto you that because I said unto you that I had spent my days in your service, I do not desire to boast, for I have only been in the service of God.
    Mosiah 2:19
    And behold also, if I, whom ye call your king, who has spent his days in your service, and yet has been in the service of God, do merit any thanks from you, O how you ought to thank your heavenly King!
    Mosiah 2:12
    I say unto you that as I have been suffered to spend my days in your service, even up to this time, and have not sought gold nor silver nor any manner of riches of you;
  • The dangers of secret combinations in politics – Helaman 6:24
    And whosoever of those who belonged to their band should reveal unto the world of their wickedness and their abominations, should be tried, not according to the laws of their country, but according to the laws of their wickedness, which had been given by Gadianton and Kishkumen.
  • What happens to a society when freedom of religion and speech is suppressed – Alma 10
    (I won’t repost the entire chapter, but you can read it here.)
  • The formula for economic growth – 2 Nephi 4:4
    For the Lord God hath said that: Inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land; and inasmuch as ye will not keep my commandments ye shall be cut off from my presence.
    Mosiah 10:5
    And I did cause that the women should spin, and toil, and work, and work all manner of fine linen, yea, and cloth of every kind, that we might clothe our nakedness; and thus we did prosper in the land—thus we did have continual peace in the land for the space of twenty and two years.
    …and dozens of other places.

That’s just the start.  Read the Book of Mormon and it gives you a clear picture of what history teaches us.  WDTBOMS?

2016 General Conference Ends

2016 General Conference Ends

2016 General Conference ends today.  Four new temples were announced.  One in Zimbabwe!  The stone Daniel prophesied of is filling the earth.

Elder Cook’s talk was great.  I love how he encouraged people to go to the temple.  We’ve heard that encouragement again, but he outlined a road-map for less active members to prepare and attend the temple.

I read disturbing news on the political front.  Donald Trump has flipped on his stance on abortion.  I’ve always said he was nothing more than another Democrat mascaraing as a Republican to help throw an election.  At first, I thought he might make a good president, but the more I listen to him, the more I realize he can’t lead a nation in righteousness.  (I think Ronald Reagan was the last president who was able to do that.)

Someone suggested I look at the Libertarian candidates.  I did.  Unfortunately, none of the present a righteous platform.  I find it appalling that the Libertarian Party’s solution to the war on drugs is to simply give up.

I question why there isn’t a party based on righteous principles.  Perhaps they wouldn’t stand a chance with the corruption in this country, but at least voters would be given conscience free choices when it comes time to vote.  I, in good conscience, cannot vote for any of the front runners.   The Book of Mormon has become a type of what we see today in politics.  Gadianton Robbers have infiltrated the system, and we are, as the book warns, becoming ripe for destruction.

It is tiresome to hear people equate “religion” to hypocrisy and being unnecessary.  I recently read an article that correlated church-going to a better society.  They showed statistics of church attendance and crime.   Communities with high church attendance had lower crime rates.  I propose that communities with higher church attendance have a higher standard of living too — i.e. fewer people on welfare and public assistance.

After all, James wrote, “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

As conference nears its close, I want to revisit what I wrote on 3/25/2016.  I wrote I wanted to hear what the brethren have to say about these three issues:

  1. Religious freedom – Elder Oaks talk touched lightly on this topic, and it also was touched lightly in Elder Kearon’s talk.
  2. Socialism – “Bread-winning is a consecrated activity.”  Elder Todd Christofferson. (It’s a loose connection, but a connection.)
  3. Civic Duty – Elder Patrick Kearon  talked about taking a stand against intolerance and helping refugees.




Demoralization – to corrupt or undermine the morals of.  Demoralization is the word for today.  (Yesterday I didn’t realize I’d start a new theme.)  It is the word to describe what progressive politics (aka authoritarianism), democratic socialism (aka socialism) and similar ideologies do to people.  

Years ago I was in Stockholm and I was walking with a friend.  He pointed to a large apartment building and said, “That’s where my wife and I live.”

After referring to his wife he said, “Well, we’re not actually married.”

Sensing he was embarrassed to admit they weren’t married I asked, “Why aren’t you married?”

He went on to explain that the government would move them in to a 2 bedroom apartment if they were to get married.  To which I asked what was wrong with that, and he explained that his girlfriend gets a 2 bedroom apartment because she has a child, and he has a one bedroom apartment.  He convinced his girlfriend’s neighbor to trade his one bedroom with him so he could be next door to his girlfriend.  The result was a spacious 3 bedroom with plenty of room for the three of them.

If you had trouble following that, the message is this:  the government controlled where they get to live.  It was based on “need”.  As a result, the need for a single man is a one bedroom apartment.  The need for a woman and her child is a two bedroom apartment.  Move next door to each other and that means you have three bedrooms.

Now, the socialistic laws say a husband and a wife with a child only need two bedrooms.  So, if they were to marry each other, the government would take away his one bedroom apartment and tell them to move in together.

Demoralizing because it corrupts the morals of this couple.

Bernie Buddies

Burnie buddies who support Bernie Sanders will say, “Oh, but that would never happen in the United States.”

I’ve got a news-break.  It already has.  Bernie just wants to take this even farther.

How has this happened?

Here’s how…

John and Mary aren’t married either.  The county provides them with rent and money for food and clothing, but if they get married, those amounts decrease.   Hence, they know they should get married (morally), but won’t because it will mean less money.  Because Mary has a child, she also gets tax benefits as a Head of Household, and don’t pay any taxes because neither John or Mary work.  They receive all of their money from socialist programs (i.e. welfare).

Demoralizing because it corrupts the morals of this couple.


Socialism demoralizes people.  There is something to be said about working for what you get, and getting to keep what you earn.

I got this from a talk given by Marion G. Romney back in the 70s.  It’s a story about a hippie couple who were walking down the street.

They both had long hair and were dressed in typical hippie attire, complete with beads, sandals, and headbands. The fellow said to the girl: “I’m going over and pick up my unemployment check. Then I’ll drop in at the university to see what’s holding up my check for my federal education grant. After that I’ll pick up our food stamps. Meanwhile, you go over to the free clinic and check your tests, pick up my new glasses at the city health center, then go to the welfare department and apply for another increase on our eligibility limit.

“Then I’ll meet you at five o’clock at the federal building for the mass demonstration against this rotten establishment.”

That’s the mentality of modern socialist.  It is just applicable today as it was 40 some years ago.

Very Cold

It’s very cold today.  It hasn’t been snowing, but the temperatures are down in to the teens.

Tonight we’re supposed to have a ward Valentine’s Dinner and Dance.  I hope the cold doesn’t put a damper on the attendance.

Choice Compared

Choice Compared

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we often talk about the plan of salvation and the War in Heaven.  I see that as a road map for choices.  It has caused me to take time for reflection.  I will take choice compared with a couple of every-day choices.

PC verses Apple

I will probably tick off a few Apple owners here, but here’s the choice compared.  The choice is whether to use an Apple or PC.

Apple offers one option – their option.  Apple as a corporation has been known to ban certain products because of the not-invented-here syndrome (example, Adobe Flash).

PCs offer multiple options.  The PC is an open architecture that allows for individual choice.

I’m not claiming Apple Mac’s are evil, or that their users are evil, I’m using it as an example to illustrate a point.  Apple’s corporate philosophy is much the plan presented that we would be forced to conform.  The PC philosophy on the other hand is much like the plan presented that we would be given our choice.

Fortunately, we live in a world where we can choose to buy an Apple or a PC or a Linux box or a Chromebook, etc.  But, imagine, if you will, how limited the world would be if our only choice was an Apple product?

Politics and Laws

The “Populist” movement (authoritarianism) is gaining momentum.  Authoritarianism is alive an well in politics.  The way it works is this… create laws that force behavior.

We tried this with prohibition, and it didn’t work.  Prohibition was much like Lucifer’s plan to force people to do what is right.  Most people will agree that alcoholic drinks and wreck families, cause people to make dangerous choices (like driving drunk) and cause health problems (like liver failure).  However, forcing people takes away their moral agency.

The Affordable Care Act is a good example of authoritarianism.  It is the most protested law I have ever seen in my life time.  Why?  People don’t like being forced to do something.  The Affordable Care Act is an attempt to force people to have medical insurance.

This is a tougher issue.  It plays upon people’s emotions.  While we have the agency to vote for our favorite candidate, once an authoritative law is enacted, it becomes very difficult to remove it from the books.

Individual Responsibility

Individual responsibility is under attack today too.  Years ago I had a boss who banned all working from home because one individual took advantage of the privilege.  Instead of saying, “You have the choice to work from home, but if you abuse the privilege, you will lose that privilege,” they said, “Because one of you abused the privilege, all of you lose that privilege.”

Punishments should not be removed.  Instead of a law, for example, that says, “You must wear a helmet when riding a bike,” how about a law that says, “If you choose to not wear a helmet, you will be responsible for 100% of all medical bills if you are injured.”  The former is authoritative in nature.  The latter supports choice and ACCOUNTABILITY.


In conclusion, things that remove choice and individual accountability are contrary to God’s plan.


No Doubt About It

No Doubt About It

Make no doubt about it, I am against politicians receiving payments… of any kind.  Of course, currently, one is a salary, another might be royalties, while the last is a bribe.  I think we’d all agree bribes are illegal.  While royalties could be seen as some sort of kickback in some cases, all should be fully disclosed to the constituent public.  Finally, the tax-based salary kind of goes against what they are supposed to do in my opinion.

I guess there was a debate among the Democratic candidates the other night.  (Shows you how much I pay attention.)  Afterward someone posted a meme showing three GOP candidates and two Democratic candidates.  I don’t even remember what the meme said, but what it said isn’t of importance.  What I noticed was that of the GOP candidates pictures, not a single one was a career politician.  One was a real estate mogul, one a doctor, and the other a business woman.

That caused me to stop and think…

Of those three, which one best represents me, as a person?

Okay, so I then looked at the other two.  Both were career politicians.  I looked them up on Wikipedia and thought, “Wow, they’ve been involved in politics for so long, they have no idea what it is like for those of us struggling to make more money that we did the previous year in order to cover the increase in taxes.”

I commented to the guy who posted the meme and got a smartalec response back to the effect, “yep, i’d rather have a dentist take my picture than an experienced full time photographer. or vice versa.” (sic)

Perhaps his comment was meant to say that politics requires experience.  For me, if you want that type of experience, you belong in a kingdom, not a democratic republic.

My response was simple, “Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

The older I get, the more fed up I am with career politicians.  I don’t care if it is a D or R after the person’s name, if politics are all they have ever known, they cannot represent me.  Why?  Because I’m not a politician!

At least Carly Fiorina worked in the same industry as I have.  And, Ben Carson… hey, at one point in my life I wanted to be a doctor.  Donald Trump…   well, I own some investment real estate.  I’m not implying that I support any of these candidates (which could change in the future), but I am implying they have done some things I can relate to, and they can relate to some of the things I have done.

If I were to bring that home closer, it is interesting how local politics progress when people aren’t paid.  I’ve watched mayors who don’t get one cent for their service.  I think some of them work darn hard.  And, when they are done, the step away and along comes another self-sacrificing individual.

So, don’t be surprised if you ask what I think about a candidate when I say, “He (or she) is a career politician,” and then ask, “how in the world can they represent my interest?”

Going Ape

Going Ape

I’m going ape today.  Yes, I went to see the newest Planet of the Apes movie.  This was an epic thing back in the 70s.  I attended a Planet of the Apes movie marathon at the local drive-in back then.  As a diehard fan, I can’t let these new ones go unseen.  (I admit, I’m one behind, but it is available for rent so I will see it soon.)

It was pretty decent.  Lots of action.

Trivia… did you know in the 2nd movie, the lead character’s name was Brent?

Hill Cumorah Pageant

The pageant’s opening night is tonight.  Elizabethe and I are going twice next week, but not tonight.

I will probably head over to the hill tomorrow before the performance to get some photographs.  I thought about doing that today, but then I thought it will probably be a little hectic tonight and might be better for me to wait until Saturday.


A recent Gallop Poll reports that just 18% of Latter-day Saints are favorable towards President Obama.  I don’t care to say anything about that specifically, but it surprises me when it comes to issues surrounding the commandments that Latter-day Saints would align themselves with anyone who goes against those commandments.  Probably the most critical issues are those dealing with abortion and the sacredness of marriage and family.

God  is very clear on the seriousness of abortion.  God is very clear about the sanctity of marriage and that it should only be between a man and a woman.  So, regardless of what political afflation someone holds, it is a matter of character to support those who allow for the faithful to keep the commandments.



I’m surprised at the ethics in politics these days, or should I say the lack of ethics.  Perhaps I’m harsh on politicians because we see it also in the media and entertainment too.

I remember quite well the political surroundings of Watergate.  As a teenager I was intrigued and watched it unfold closely.  I read All the President’s Men and every magazine article I could get my hands on.  I watched as impeachment drew near, Richard Nixon resigning as president.

Tonight I read a comment by a house member who said the reason she isn’t for impeachment of President Obama is because it would harm her political career.  Never mind because it is the right thing to uphold the constitution and laws, but because it would harm her political career.  The same report quoted another house member who said he didn’t want to appear to be petty.

Wow, never mind doing what’s right, courageous or honorable, but don’t tarnish how you look.

Personally, I just want to know the truth.  Who knew what, what was their involvement, what laws were broken, if any, and if there were, what consequences should be faced.  That’s what impeachment is about.  It’s like a trial where the facts are presented then a decision is made.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they are “convicted” and forced to leave office.

In the case of Bill Clinton, for example, he was impeached.  Although he was not forced out of office, many facts and details and points of character came out.  Two charges, obstruction of justice and perjury, were voted on.  Even then, I found it disturbing that except for a few of votes, all were down the party lines.  To me that says even then most Congressmen lack the ability to be impartial (regardless of what the outcome was).  We should have seen more of a slant one way or another in spite of political party.

Again, never mind doing what is right, just don’t look bad to your political party.  Impeachment should never be about politics any more than a criminal trial should hinge on the political party of the defendant and jury members.


A few days ago I wrote about the differences in 4 ideologies:  liberal, conservative, authoritarian and libertarian.  Since then, a few people who read that have approached me in person.  Let’s put it this way…

Along that x-axis you have liberal on the left and conservative on the right.  This access could be labeled “change”.

Along the y-axis you have libertarian at the top and authoritarian at the bottom.  This access could be labeled “control”.

Thus you could define the 4 quadrants as:

1) Lots of change with a little control
2) Little change with little control
3) Lots of change with a lot of control
4) Little change with a lot of control

When it comes to God’s laws, we are told they are Eternal. Hence, no change is needed. We are also told, “Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves…” (2 Nephi 10:23) Hence, God imposes few controls. Thus, I would place God’s laws and form of rule in quadrant 2.

When it comes to Satan’s way, those ideologies change all of the time. He’s a game changer. And, we know from the scriptures his plan was to come and force man to live the way he defined. That puts him in quadrant 3.

I think if we used this little graph to make decisions about who we vote for and the ideologies they support, the world would be a much better place if we voted for those who were at least in quadrants 1 and 2, and the closer to 2, the better.

Back to California

Our friends went back to California today. It was sure fun having them visit for a week. It forced me to actually take a week off and relax. Typically, when I travel it is a working “vacation”. But, this was more relaxing. I pretty much played tour guide for the week and enjoyed Western New York.

While nursing my back injury, I decided to watch a video recommended by a friend. It was Glenn Beck talking about the Book of Mormon and how before the Nephites were destroyed, they had turned to cannibalism. He related this to recent events in Syria and Russia.

I went on to watch some more of his stuff. While, I don’t always agree with Glenn Beck, I do agree that both parties (Republican and Democrat) have become corrupt and are damaging this Nation. And, I do agree that the Book of Mormon warns about things that destroy a civilization. However, I wish Glenn would have gone further to talk about other things that are pulling us down.

Back in the 70s President Kimball warned that if we did not keep the Sabbath Day holy, there would come a time when gasoline would become so expensive it would curtail activities like boating. It wasn’t long after that that gasoline, which had been 33 cents/gallon for a very long time, started going up in price and difficult to get.

On a larger scale, the Book of Mormon says we will prosper in the land if we keep the commandments. It then warns that if we (in this country) do not keep the commandments we will be wiped out. I’m surprised Glenn Beck didn’t go over some of those things and how keeping the commandments is our only protection in these latter-days.

When you look at the 10 Commandments, you’ve got to ask yourself, “How many people live by these?”

The first three deal specifically with our dealings with God. I bet you can’t watch a movie these days without hearing God’s name being used in vain.

The 4th, is for us to set aside a day of rest and worship. Yet, every where you turn people are going shopping, out to eat, movies, and more on Sunday.

The 5th Commandment is the most misunderstood. Honoring your parents means doing nothing that would bring shame to them. I think that could cover tattoos, body piercing, drug abuse, cursing, and more.

The 6th, “Thou shalt not kill”, is about the only one that is enforced by law.

When it comes to adultery, the 7th Commandment, the scriptures teach, “or anything like unto it.” This covers fornication, homosexual activities and anything else that is a sexual relationship between two people that are not “husband (man) and wife (woman)” legally wed. Again, I challenge you to find a TV show that doesn’t show the violation of this commandment. In fact, I do not know the last time I saw a TV show where two of the characters practiced chastity before marriage.

The 8th Commandment has laws associated with it in most cases. However, entertainment seems to send the message that it is okay to steal if it is for a just cause. Just watch shows like White Collar, Leverage, Burn Notice, and more. And, one might argue that our form of public assistance is a modern-day Robin Hood where money is stolen from the rich and given to those who do not want to work for it.

The 9th Commandment, bearing false witness, has become another justifiable offense. People tend to think it is okay to lie if you are doing it so someone else doesn’t get their feelings hurt. Boo-hoo. Our politicians set a bad example for all to follow. Just watch news reels on YouTube and you can see Nancy Pelosi (just to name one) saying one thing, and then a few years later, contradicting her previous statement without consequence. We even had a former president, Bill Clinton, who lied under oath yet suffered no legal consequence.

Finally, the 10th, coveting, is encouraged everywhere you look. Advertising has the sole purpose to get you to covet what you don’t have.

Recently, atheist were allowed to post their “commandments” near a court house that displays the 10 Commandments. I’m not sure how an atheist can even have commandments. Where there is no God, there is no law. By what authority do they arrive at their commandments?

We live in perilous times. There is no doubt about it. Do I think the world is going to come to an end? No, the scriptures don’t predict that. What they do predict is that wickedness and all those who behave wickedly will be destroyed. I guess it is a matter of deciding on which team you want to be on.