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Recovering Quickly

Recovering Quickly

I feel like I am recovering quickly from this upper respiratory infection.  Yesterday’s stay home and rest day is paying off.  All I did today was go to my networking meeting and I drove Elizabethe to her class at the library.

This is an irritating one, but I don’t want to end up with pneumonia like my friend Matt did.  So, I’m taking it slow.

Repeated Discussion

It’s a repeated discussion in our networking group why other business owners won’t join.  I’ve heard excuses from, “It’s too early”, to “I’m too busy”.  As to the latter, in one breath they say they are too busy, and in the other they complain about not getting any work.  Aye, yi, yi.  You can’t have it both ways.


The weather continues to be cold.  We haven’t got any snow the last few days, but the temperatures are so low nothing is melting either.  It’s just COLD.

I understand people in the southeast United States are getting colder than usual weather.  Places that usually don’t get cold enough to snow are getting snow.  Airports have closed and people are actually dying because of the cold.

Having grown up where it is cold it baffles my mind that people would let themselves get so cold they die.  I can understand getting stranded in a storm and getting hypothermia because you weren’t prepared.  It sounds like some emergency preparedness instruction is due.