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Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

It is Thanksgiving 2016!  We’re heading to Jennifer’s and Spencer’s in Pennsylvania.  We drove straight through. We made two stops for gas, and using the bathroom.  It takes about 4 hours.

We arrived around 3 p.m.   Spencer was tending to the prime rib, and Jennifer the other fixings.

Dinner was wonderful – prime rib, potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise sauce.  For dessert we had the two pies Elizabethe and I made, as well as pumpkin pie and fried ice cream.  Definitely over indulgence, but I’m not complaining.

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Grandchildren Acting Silly

After dinner we took pictures of my granddaughter in her baptismal dress.  It was drizzling, cold and dark, but I managed.

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Her Baptismal Dress

Because their house is being remodeled, we headed to a motel about 45 minutes north of their place.  We are spending the night here and leaving in the morning.



It is the day before Thanksgiving and I refuse to go to the store.  I hate going to the store when it is crowded.  Crowds seem to bring out the bad in people.  So, I refuse to go to the store until this weekend is over.

Our plan is to have dinner at Jennifer’s tomorrow.  She lives the closest of all our children.  Her husband has tempted us with prime rib, and it’s hard to drag me away from good beef.


We are assigned to bring pies.  Elizabethe made an apple pie and I made a pecan pie.

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Pecan and Apple Pies

The custard would not fill the crust.  So, I just added more pecans until it did.  This is truly a pecan pie!


Pi Day

Happy Pi Day

I don’t remember everyone making such a fuss about March 14th 30 or 40 years ago, and I was a big mathematics geek.  (Yeah, I took every calculus course they offered in college… even ones that didn’t apply to my major or minor.  I even took calculus for business majors as an elective.   I know… I’m strange.)  But, it is kind of fun to see all the creative ways people celebrate this non-holiday.

Isn’t it interesting that we humans made sense of this irrational number which represents the circumference of a single unit diameter circle?  Or, another way to put it, it is the ration of the circumference to the diameter.

And, it doesn’t just stop there, and I won’t bore you with all the interesting facts about Pi.  If you’re interested in some cool tidbits about Pi, visit Wikipedia’s page here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi


I don’t think it is coincidental that Pi has so many applications in trigonometry and geometry.  I believe there is a divine power with infinite knowledge who enlightens people like Newton and others.  It isn’t just Pi, the natural logarithm e has interesting properties.  For example e, which is approximately 2.718281828 is the number of children a human couple need to bare in order to propagate their family.  And, since you can’t have a fraction of a child, those with 2 or less children run the risk of their line dying off, where those with 3 or more will most likely have a line that continues.


Since I brought up e, in the early days of computers, they try to determine the ideal system.  They came up with e.  Since a fraction wouldn’t work, they decided it would work equally as well if it were binary (base 2) or trinary (or ternary) (base 3).  Both technologies began to evolve, but binary stuck.  (Note:  In a binary computer, there are two states, 1 and 0 often represented by 0 volts and +5 volts.  In a trinary computer, there three states -1, 0 and +1, often represented by -5, 0 and +5 volts.)  Both are equally efficient.


Both e and Pi are found naturally.  It is amazing to me that we discovered the correlation in real life applications, yet, we were not the inventors.  They have always existed, we have just learned over the centuries how the impact our lives and how we can learn from having discovered them.

So, go have yourself some Pi e.  After all, it is Pie Day.

Thanksgiving Day 2013

It is nice to have a true day off.  Elizabethe and I spent a leisurely morning.  I did go and clear the light dusting of snow off the sidewalk and driveway.

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Thanksgiving Morning

We then both tinkered on our laptops in front of the fireplace while watching Down and Derby (a move about a Pinewood Derby).  It’s a silly movie, but should be required for every dad to watch before participating in a Pinewood Derby with his son.

Next we headed to our bishop’s house to have dinner with them.  It was a nice visit and such wonderful food.  (Sister Taylor is a wonderful cook and hostess.)  We sat around and talked for a while and then had dessert.  I brought one of my pecan pies and it was a hit.

We then went home and spent a quiet evening at home.

Baking Day

All good intentions aside, I had hoped to bake all day.  But, morning errands, shoveling snow, catching up on last minute before-the-holiday work items, and I didn’t even start in the kitchen until about 3pm.

I managed to bake a pecan pie, a couple of turkey pot pies, some cookies (with Elizabethe’s help), and some granola.  The pecan pie is for tomorrow, but the turkey pot pies were dinner tonight.

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Front of House This Morning (11/27/2013)


The snow was about 4-5″ deep this morning and it was wet and heavy.  It was all I could do to shovel a couple of tracks for the car to get out as Elizabethe had a 9am appointment.  I actually got stuck in the driveway, and had to get out and dig around the tires.

When we came home from our appointment, someone had shoveled the rest of the sidewalk for us.  (Thank you to whomever you are.  That was very nice of you.)

When I got done baking, I was exhausted.  I got a lot done, and I feel beat.

Thanksgiving 2012

I’m thankful everyday to our God who gives us life and who sent his son to pay the debt of our sins.  I’m also thankful for a wonderful wife, our children, and our grandchildren — all of whom are gifts from our Heavenly Father.

After getting up, and fixing a left-overs breakfast burrito, I decided it is time to bake the pumpkin pie.  (I just posted the recipe – see the Cooking with Brent page – http://beckwithmansion.wordpress.com/cooking-with-brent/pumpkin-pie/ )

Next, it was time to make the chocolates.  Last night, I made the filling.  It’s been in the fridge all night.  So, I took it out and rolled it in to balls.

Filling for Candy

I made some just plain.  I then took some walnut halves and wrapped them with the fillings.  After getting tired of doing walnuts, I did some cashews.  Finally, I took some almonds and ground them up and mixed it with the filling.  Four types:   plain, walnut, cashew and almond.

Because of a lack of planning on my part, I sent Elizabethe to Breen’s to get some chocolate.  She returned with chocolate chips because they didn’t have dipping chocolate.  Oh, well.  It will have to do.  Let’s hope it sets up hard enough.

Dipped Chocolates

The dipping went very well, and now they are cooling.  Elizabethe and I did try a couple.

I’m a See’s Candy connoisseur.  Although this recipe taste close to See’s Candy’s Bordeaux chocolates, there are three things that are a bit off.  First, I left out the coffee because we don’t drink coffee, and had there been coffee in there, the taste would have been way off, but the taste is very close without the coffee.  (See’s makes a coffee version of this candy, but they don’t call it Bordeaux.)  Second, the texture is too creamy.  It’s too much like a thick frosting, and I think that might be due to the third item.  Third, I think it is lacking egg yolk.  I think the egg yolk might fix problems 1 and 2.  But, the next time I make this, it’s going to have egg yolk added to the cooked mixture.  I figure 3 egg yolks and I’ll have to let the cooked mixture cool more before I start folding the egg/cream mixture.  I’ll probably have to add a bit more powdered sugar too.  (You can see the recipe I used on yesterday’s post – in the photo.  If you have a better recipe for Bordeaux, please share it.)

Attempt to imitate See’s Candy