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Dang Snow

Dang Snow

I often welcome snow, but this dang snow is very COLD.  It started off at 9″ and is now about 12″ (and has stopped for the day.)  It took a while to clear the driveway because the snow would fall to the side of the blower and I’d have to go back for a second pass.

Someone posted a picture on Facebook complaining about the 18″ snow.  They showed two things in the picture that were points of reference:  1) a small snow shovel with a blade about 8″ hight, and 2) the 4″ clapboard on their house.  It was 12″, not 18″.

Snowstorms, like fish, are always bigger than reality.

Blog Updates

I’m working on blog updates for days missed while I was traveling.  It is a lot of work, but the feedback has been positive.

It is so cold in the studio that I can’t get things warm enough for my fingers to move quickly.  Brrr… this cold snap is a strong one.  However, I keep plodding (blogging) along.

Winter Projects

I have not touched my winter projects yet.  Of course, the year started with a 10 day trip overseas, and now I’m playing catch up.

One of my winter projects is a posing corner for my Phicen figures.  Elizabethe gave me a hard time that I wasn’t this interested when she was doing Barbie stuff.  Hmmm… I think part of it is Barbie is not realistic, and Barbie doesn’t pose well.

I ordered an older version that is hard plastic so Elizabethe can use it as a dress form.  The silicone ones are too expensive and fragile.


Restoring History

Restoring History

Because of my painting skills, I have got quite good at restoring damaged photographs.   My business offers the service.  I can take a damaged photograph and produce a new restored copy.

copyright 2017 db walton

Before and After

The above picture was broken in half.  It had other damage throughout the image.   It is only one example.  I’ve dealt with damage ranging from chunks missing to extremely faded photographs.

Batch of Work

A client dropped off a batch of work this morning.  20 photographs ranging from excellent condition to extremely faded.  Fortunately they aren’t in a big rush.

It is nice seeing people interested in preserving family history.  I take pride in  providing this service.  I keep my costs simple – $1/minute + expenses.  My estimates are on the high end.  For example, I estimated a project to be $120, and it came to be $80.  A client who is happy with $120 will be happy with an $80 invoice.  As a result, I get quite a bit of repeat business from photo restoration clients.

It is important to note that I do not physically restore the damaged photograph.  Photographs are not paintings on canvas where physical restoration makes sense.  My work involves creating a copy and making that copy look better than the damaged original.  I give my client’s a new photograph that looks as good, if not better, than the original did when it was new.

Despair Assignment

Despair Assignment

My job to day is a despair assignment.  How do you walk up to someone and ask them to look like they are in despair?

That’s why I get paid the big bucks, as they say.

My first subject is me.  I’m in despair because of this project.

copyright 2016 db walton - Despair Assignment

In Despair

One down, and four more to go.  If you think you can look like you are in despair or anguish, let me know.  I’ll take your picture.  Who knows, you might be famous.  (And, no, I’m not getting paid for this assignment.  It’s a church assignment.)

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, and things are starting to cool down.  It rained all day today, but things are supposed to clear up on Monday.  That’s good because I need to mow the lawn.

The sister missionaries said they would like to help rake leaves when it is time.  Currently many of the trees still have leaves.  Even with the rain they are sticking to the limbs.

Learning About Your Camera

Learning About Your Camera

Learning about your camera is the best way to avoid bad photos.  One fortunate student got to learn about her camera today.  Yes, even when I have one student I hold my New Camera Class.

I teach a class a couple of times a year called, “So, You got a new camera.  Now what?”  (Visit my web site by clicking here to learn more.)  I go through all those knobs, buttons, and menus and explain what settings you want in order to get the best pictures.  I also talk about the best way to hold the camera so your pictures don’t end up with motion-blur (the most common type of blur on an auto-focus camera.)

copyright 2015 db walton

A Selfie Done Right

It’s a 3 hour class and after the class I went to work on checking e-mail and all of that stuff I have to do on a daily basis.  I get bombarded with e-mails.  It’s my own darn fault.  I’m on the board for the Chamber of Commerce.  I’m on the board for Finger Lakes Professional Photographers.  I’m serving a church service mission.  I own my own photography studio.  I own a tourist home, and I could go on.  Add to that I’m married and have children and grandchildren.

Who has time to play?

Speaking of playing, I would love to do some playing with a creative type who would also like to model.   I’ve got all this lighting equipment I put together while I was laid up with my broken leg.   (Yeah, I laid there with a broken leg and ordered a bunch of stuff off eBay.  Now that I’m getting around I want to ‘play’ with this newly acquired equipment.)

I can only take so many selfies.