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Husbandly Duties

Husbandly Duties

I take my husbandly duties seriously.  My wife’s request for me today was to stay by her side as she recovers from surgery.  That’s just what I did.

It makes for a great excuse to do nothing else – just be at her beckon call.  For the most part, she’s sleeping and making very little, if any demands.  Oh, I think she asked for Jello water at one point.

Heaven knows how many times she’s had to wait on my the last few years.  After the accident I wasn’t able to do much, but she was always there.  She never complained and gave me emotional support as well as physical support.


I was quite grieved years ago when a co-worker announced she was leaving her husband and getting a divorce because he was too sick to care for himself.  Who knows, it could have been all financial for all we know.  It just goes against the worldly marriage vow of “in sickness and health”.

I have great admiration for my friends who stayed by their spouses as their spouse was dying.  There is something beautiful about a commitment like that.  On the other hand, there is something very sad about those who leave because they can’t handle the burden – whether emotionally, financially, or physical.




Pre-op sounds like something they do with a razor to remove body hair before they cut in to you.  It actually turned out to be a physical exam with the signing of a lot of paper work.

I went for my pre-op appointment today as I will undergo surgery next Wednesday on my knee.  While it is technically related to breaking my tibia when I was hit by a car, the knee joint is giving me most of the problems.   (If you saw how I was hit you’d be amazed that I don’t have a torn MCL.  But, a broken tibia plateau is part of the knee too.)

The nurse who administered the EKG was quick.  I was expecting her to say, “hold still now”, but all of a sudden she was removing the pads and said I could put my shirt back on.  In astonishment, I asked, “You’re all done?”

The same nurse was also very good at drawing blood.  They often have a hard time finding a vein on my left arm.  She looked, saw where to press with her finger, and the next thing I knew, she had the needle in there and was drawing blood.

I’m amazed that nobody has talked to me about what to expect after the surgery.  I asked the nurses who did the pre-op work, but they could only give an generalized answer.  I remember before having surgery on my sinuses my doctor took a skull and showed me exactly what he would be doing.  Looks like I’ll be asking a lot of questions come operating day.

Annual Physical

Annual Physical

It’s that time for an annual physical.  I did my annual visit to the doctor today and all went well.  We spent most of the time talking about my leg and what’s transpired since breaking it.

I find it pretty amazing that they can do an EKG right there in the examining room.  In fact, they unit is small enough they can take it anywhere.  That’s darn cool.  It probably won’t be long before there’s a smart phone app that does it.

Speaking of technology, I read that some toy manufactures are placing monitoring devices in their toys.  First it was in the Samsung TV, and now your kids toys.  When I read the book 1984 back in 1979 I thought this was all kind of far-fetched.  Well, not so much any more.

How many times have you heard about someone accidently dialing someone and sensitive information is given, unknowingly, across the phone.  I was at work one day, the camera light on my laptop came on.  You’ve got to be careful because you don’t know who could be listening.

I would like to contend that if you’re doing nothing wrong, you have no need to worry.  However, we live in an era where people who want to cause harm will find a way.  Hence, “Anything you say can and will be used against you.”

Now that you’re totally freaked out, you might want to place black electrical tape over that laptop and cell phone camera.