There’s a realization that the flu did more to me than I initially thought.  3 weeks in bed, followed by weakness, and then the bacterial infection in my leg.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics and guess what… other ailments are clearing up too.

The realization is this… it is a good thing I saw the doctor when I did because now I realize might might have been on the verge of going septic.  I won’t go through all the symptoms that have disappeared after a week of being on the antibiotics, but it’s proof to me that had I not seen the doctor about my leg, things may have got worse.

3D Stuff

I dove head first in to this 3D stuff.  I’ve not invested about six weeks and probably close to $1,000 in digital assets.  The work is fun, but it is also frustrating since the software has some bugs.

I think I’ve got most of the issues ironed out, and now I’m itching to create stuff.  Last night I was thinking I of paintings I want to do.  While I know in my mind what I want, this software will help me visualize it so I can paint it.  (I’m lousy at painting from memory.  Some people can… I have a hard time doing it.)

Adult Session

Adult Session

Tonight’s adult session of Stake Conference was very nice.  They started with a few speakers, and then called some people to come bare testimony.  One of them had that happen to her a year ago.  I especially enjoyed Sister Evan’s talk.

Winter Concentration

Winter is almost here, and it is time to figure out my winter concentration area.  I think I will concentrate on sketching and painting again.  Last year I had a goal which went by the wayside when the weather got warmer.  I’m okay with that.

Next year, I will break things in to winter/indoors and summer/outdoors.  My winger concentration will be stuff I can do sitting in my studio, while summer will involve getting out and walking around.

I have enough reference fodder to take me through the winter.  Plus, I have ideas to carry me through.  Themes for my winter creations will be fantasy, steampunk, and artistic portraits.

I’ve built quite an arsenal of paintbrushes for Corel Painter.  Half of them I’ve created, the other half I’ve purchased.  Between the two I hope to find my favorites and master using them.

copyright 2017 db walton
One of My 2017 Paintings

I need to work more on composing for excitement.  Take the above image.  She’s looking out the window in a seemingly empty castle.  It doesn’t tell much of a story, and isn’t very exciting.  In this case, I’m not sure what I could do.  Maybe paint an older lady (her mom), of to the right looking like she’s concerned about her daughter?  It needs something.

En Plein Air

En Plein Air

En plein air means to paint outdoors.  I’ve been planning on doing this, but on my tablet, ever since I bought a tablet for this purpose.  Today was perfect for it.  It wasn’t too hot, too cold, or raining.

At least, I thought it wasn’t going to rain.

I worked on my painting until it started to sprinkle.  Not wanting to get caught a 1/4 mile away from my car I packed up and headed back to the car and drove home.  Shortly after arriving at home, it started to pour.

Good decision!

copyright 2017 db walton
Smith Farm

Subway at Walmart

I suggested we grab a sandwich at Subway.  Elizabethe wanted to go to the one at Walmart because they have Slurpees.  We get there, and the machine is down.  (I knew we shouldn’t have gone to Walmart.  That said, it was my first time in a Walmart in about… what… 4 or 5 years?)

I later went to Breen’s to get some ice cream.  They are selling Blue Bunny.  It’s very good ice cream!

Why in the world are they not selling 2 quart containers?  Blue Bunny isn’t even 1.5 quarts.

What’s up with that ice cream companies?

Give us back our 1/2 gallon containers!!!



Restoring History

Restoring History

Because of my painting skills, I have got quite good at restoring damaged photographs.   My business offers the service.  I can take a damaged photograph and produce a new restored copy.

copyright 2017 db walton
Before and After

The above picture was broken in half.  It had other damage throughout the image.   It is only one example.  I’ve dealt with damage ranging from chunks missing to extremely faded photographs.

Batch of Work

A client dropped off a batch of work this morning.  20 photographs ranging from excellent condition to extremely faded.  Fortunately they aren’t in a big rush.

It is nice seeing people interested in preserving family history.  I take pride in  providing this service.  I keep my costs simple – $1/minute + expenses.  My estimates are on the high end.  For example, I estimated a project to be $120, and it came to be $80.  A client who is happy with $120 will be happy with an $80 invoice.  As a result, I get quite a bit of repeat business from photo restoration clients.

It is important to note that I do not physically restore the damaged photograph.  Photographs are not paintings on canvas where physical restoration makes sense.  My work involves creating a copy and making that copy look better than the damaged original.  I give my client’s a new photograph that looks as good, if not better, than the original did when it was new.

Better Chair

Better Chair

I took Elizabethe to get a better chair for her desk.  She’s been complaining of lower back aches and we think it might be her office chair. We found one at Staples.

We ate at the food court at the mall.  She likes the bacon fries the sandwich shop sells, and the Bacon King from Burger King paired well.  It was too much food, but it was sure good.

Wegman’s Next Stop

At Wegman’s I picked up cheese and fruit for a between session lunch tomorrow.  I found a new cheese.  It looks like a cantaloup, but taste somewhat like cheddar.  It goes so well with grapes.

Tomorrow is General Conference, and consequently there is little time for meal preparation.  Because of that, cheese, crackers and fruit are great.


The rest of the day I retouched head shots.  The more I do, the faster I get.  The faster I get, the better my profit margin.

I also started a new painting.  I call it Pele the Volcano Goddess.  I’m far from done.  Elizabethe helped me realize I need more in the background on the left.

copyright 2017 db walton
Pele the Volcano Goddess

Pele is the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess.  I know, I’ve painted her caucasian, but it didn’t start with this theme.  Her dress and scarf were burgundy and I was trying to figure out what I’d paint in the background.  (Yeah, a little backwards not knowing where you’re heading when you start.)   I had her on a mountain top with blue sky and clouds.

It was then I had the idea that it was too cliche.  I started playing around making the scarf look like flames, and before I knew it, she was on the rocks above the ocean with hot lava all around.

Who knows, I may paint her hair black.  Not sure at this point.

Heidi’s Services

Heidi’s Services

Heidi’s services were this morning.  The turnout was great and I saw old friends.  Elder Clay from the Seventy was there, as well as many of Matt’s C.E.S. colleagues.

Cold and Rainy

It’s cold and rainy today.  After the services we chose to go home because I didn’t bring a coat.  As a result, we skipped the grave site dedication.

We came home, changed and went to Wegman’s to shop.  Elizabethe wanted to eat a Wendy’s so we had lunch there.

Saturday at Wegman’s is a zoo.  Note to self:  Avoid shopping on Saturdays or late Fridays or the night before a holiday.

There is still snow on the ground.  These cold rains (mid 30’s outside) don’t cause a lot of snow melt.  My guess is the snow will be gone sometime next week.


One of my paintings received comments that the face of the subject was too shadowed.  After studying the light I changed the angle of the head.  I studied it carefully and thought the lighting is all wrong.  So, I just flipped the head 180 degrees.

I’m not ready to show this painting yet.

I’ve been thinking about what I should paint next.  It’s a tough decision.

Studio Door

Studio Door

The studio door is in bad shape, and I have a 10% off coupon for Lowe’s.  I took the coupon and bought a new pre-hung door, and an electronic lock set.  It will be nice to have that door so that it doesn’t lock every time I shut it.

The price wasn’t bad.  $259 for a fiberglass door with a stained glass window at the top.  The next model down was only $40 less and it had no window.  But, with the 10% off, this came out to around the price of the cheaper door without the discount.

Schumann Construction is going to pick up the door for me.  That is nice.  There’s no way I can fit it in my car.

Painting Progress

I’m making painting progress.  I painted a faeries in the woods painting today.  Nah, I’m not going to show it in my blog.  It’s not my best work; it’s not my worst either.

When I finished it, I started on a watercolor.  It’s time I learn how to paint with watercolors in Corel Painter 2017.  It is different.  You can blend oil or acrylics.  You cannot blend watercolors.  As you overlay more paint, it gets darker in value.   You can lay oil on as thick as you want and the value remains the same.  That is not the case with watercolors.

Painting Goal

Painting Goal

Here is an update to my painting goal.  I’ve completed 3 and February isn’t half over.  My painting goal is one painting a month for 2017.

Here are my three…

copyright 2017 db walton
Pulp Fiction – Crime Scene Conflict


copyright 2017 db walton
My Daughter Rebecca (in the pink costume)


copyright 2017 db walton
Mermaid Under the Sea

How I Paint

My cousin Barbara Malmberg asked how I paint these.  My medium is “digital oil”.  By that I mean I use a computer program called Corel Painter 2017.  I select oil paint as my “brush” type, and using a Wacom Tablet or my hp Spectre x360 tablet and stylus, I paint.

Perhaps I should do a video to demonstrate.  A lot of people ask about it.  It is NOT some program you run and it turns a photo in to a painting.  In fact, here’s the picture of Rebecca I based the painting off…

copyright 2017 Rebecca Walton
Rebecca’s Snapshot

I thought the International Harvester implement would make a good door into some sort of spaceship or space building, so I incorporated parts of it in the painting.

About Corel Painter 2017

I use Corel Painter 2017 to paint. While I paint with acrylics from time to time, Corel Painter 2017 is so realistic I use it most of the time – zero clean up. I can come back at anytime and the paint can be “dry” or “wet” depending on how I approach the painting in Painter.

Painter allows me to paint with most media: ink, watercolor, oil, oil pastels, chalk, pencil, pen, gouache, felt pen, colored pencil, crayons, .. you name it.  And, you can use any type of brush, pallet knife, sponge (like I did in the sample eye picture in my reply to Stacey), etc. You can make your OWN brushes. (On the mermaid painting I made a “fish scale” brush. I make leaf brushes, grass brushes, fairie brushes (paints tiny glowing fairies), and more.)

When I complete a painting, I upload the high resolution digital painting file to Bay Photo Lab and they print it on canvas (if oil), or watercolor paper (if a watercolor) or a variety of other media. Then, when I get it back, if it is an oil, I apply acrylic gesso (pronounced Yes-Oh) with a brush to give my brush strokes physical texture.

I also teach classes on Painter, Photoshop and Photography. (

Full Schedule

Full Schedule

I have a full schedule today.  After my networking meeting I need to get ready for an afternoon and evening of photo shoots.  It will be a full day.

There must be some law of the universe that says when you have an appointment, the time leading up to the appointment is less than you need to get everything done.  So it was between my networking meeting and my first photo shoot.

In the end everything worked out.  I was ready on time and the first shoot went great.  The second shoot arrived, visibly emotionally upset, and after explaining why she was upset (boyfriend issues), she expressed some expletives and stormed off.  While I found it very upsetting to see someone drive off under that sort of emotional upset, understandably it’s one of those things where you can’t really get yourself involved.

Pulp Fiction

My one client came with a friend and asked if they could pose together.  I decided to do a picture I can use for a “pulp fiction” style cover.  The idea will be in colors that you’d expect on a cheap paperback fiction.

copyright 2017 db walton
Pulp Fiction Reference Photo

In the painting there will be a dead body on the floor, and additionally, a chalk outline around it.