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Cold Floor

Cold Floor

It dropped in to the 20s last night.  My client complained that I have a cold floor.  I guess the little heater couldn’t keep up last night.

Note to self:  Next time place the heater where the client will stand.  At least that way the floor will be warmer there.

They say we’re supposed to have a cold, but dry week.  Perhaps on Monday I can get the leaves raked.  Right now, most of them are in piles.

Out of Gas

As soon as the shoot was over my big heater ran out of gas.  Time to go swap the cans.  I saw BJ’s has a really good price.

Church Tomorrow

I’m still not adjusted to not being the ward organist.  A couple of times today I found myself wondering what the hymns are for tomorrow.  I had to remind myself not to worry about it.


I just discovered our Roku has a Roku Channel.  It has quite a few free movies.  A few we have not seen, while there are others we haven’t seen in a while and might be worth re-watching.

Getting rid of Dish Network and getting the Roku was the best decision.  It is so much cheaper than all the other options.  Yes, you have to have Internet access, but we’d be paying for Internet either way.

In the Congregation

In the Congregation

I’m sitting in the congregation today!  It seems strange.  After eight years of being on the stand it is nice to sit with my wife.  (I was released last week as ward organist after 8 years.)

Several people commented and asked, “Does it feel strange?”

Well, a little, but it feels good too.  Change is good.


I am convinced the bishopric can repeat over and over that testimonies should be brief, and define what a testimony is, and the same people who keep doing it will keep doing it because either a) they really don’t understand, or b) they don’t listen.

A friend posted on his Facebook profile about this topic, and all sorts of people chimed in leading me to believe people don’t understand.  As a result, my friend chimed in and bore his testimony as to how powerful it is to simply stick to statements of belief and knowledge.

So, gleaning from many sources here’s what it is…

  • It is a short statement of your believe, faith or knowledge of Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, the Restored Gospel, the Book of Mormon and Scriptures, etc.

These statements are usually prefaced by, “I know…. “,  “I believe… “,  or “I trust… “, or “I have faith…”

For examples, “I believe God lives.”, “I know my Father in Heaven loves me.”, “I have faith that we will live after again after we die.”

It doesn’t have to contain a story, and if it does, it should be short and supportive of your statement of fact.  It should never be an exhortation, call to repentance, or a prepared talk.  Thus, it only has to be a few statements of deep conviction.

Dinner with the Sisters

Dinner with Sisters Henrie and Searle was nice.  I made grilled salmon atop a bed of greens, mushrooms, onions and topped with a mustard demi-glace.  Dessert, well, that was unusual… cucumbers imitating apple slices over ice cream.

copyright 2017 db walton

Salmon Over Greens with Demi-glace

copyright 2017 db walton

Sisters Searle and Henrie and Elizabethe




They released me as ward organist today. I was thinking it has been 10 years, but it has only been 8.  Eight years I’ve served as the Palmyra Ward Organist.  My calling started September 20th, 2009.  That’s 8 years and 1 month.

They called Sister Lynda Ingold as the organist.  She will do an excellent job.  I had a feeling she’d be called.

Squash x 3

Dinner is squash x 3 today.  We are having spaghetti squash in place of pasta.  On top of that we will have a butternut squash sauce.  For dessert I am making a mock pineapple (zucchini) upside down cake.

Sisters Cahoon and Searle came for dinner.  They got a kick out of all the squash use in the meal.  Sister Searle hadn’t seen the food storage, so we took them in to the basement to see it.

Rebecca and Steve

My daughter Rebecca met a young man online.  He’s visiting her.  She called and we talked.  It sounds like Steve’s a really nice guy.


I’ve been on this Mentos craving lately.  Did you know they make caramel Mentos?

They do.  I bought some, and I’m not impressed.  They are like an inside-out Milk Dud.. .but not as good.

Now, the spearmint Mentos are my favorite.  While I am not a huge fan of peppermint, of all the peppermint candies, I like Mentos.

I think it is the texture.

Elder Dudley

Elder Dudley

I’m not real familiar with Elder Dudley, but he presided over our stake conference tonight.  He was the final speaker, and I like the guy.  He has a kindness about him that’s refreshing.

I was organist for this session.  As organist, you get to see the backs of people’s heads when they speak.  There are times I really couldn’t tell you what the speaker looked like.  I could pass them in the hall leaving the chapel and not even know they were the speaker.


The day started with my mowing the lawn.  I got done and Elizabethe said, “It only took you 4 hours today.”

Yeah, 4 hours.  I bet I could have done it in 2 had I not been using the grass catcher.  As a result, I spend half the time emptying the catcher.

Elizabethe has me adding the clippings to portions of the garden as weed control.  Hey, if it works, I’m all for less weeds.  Because the grass forms a dense mat as it starts to decay, it works well for a while.

The catcher only clogged twice.  Both times was because of a weed that’s growing in the yard.  My attempt to mow the weed didn’t workout as well as planned.

Catchweed Bedstraw

This noxious weed, catchweed bedstraw, is all over the backyard.  I need to find a way to  control it so it isn’t controlling us.  The stuff sticks to anything that touches it.  I don’t know if it propagates through runners, clippings or seeds.

I need to do some research on this plant.  It’s one of the nastiest weeds I’ve ever come across.


Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

I did it.  I snuck Here Comes the Sun in to the prelude music this morning.  President Clark noticed, looked my way and gave a grin.  When he made his comments, he mentioned that with a new bishopric it’s “going to be alright.”  He then mentioned if people were paying attention that I worked Here Comes the Sun in to the prelude music and noted that the song ends with, “It’s going to be alright.”  What he failed to mention is that he put me up to it.

John Francis was called as our new bishop.  He was my guess from the start.  His new counselors are Greg Wright and Dan Wildey.  I don’t think it comes to a surprise to anyone that John Francis is our new bishop.  He’s a great man.

After Sacrament Meeting, President Clark came up and gave me a hug and said, “You’re my favorite organist.”

Side note:  President Clark will be released the first Sunday of June.

I prepared a chicken and pasta dish for dinner.  One of the sisters commented, “I should have stuck with pasta.”  It sounds like they are taking guesses as to what I will fix for dinner.

For dessert I made a fruit and cheese plate.  I figured they probably haven’t had camembert cheese, and I know they haven’t had my balsamic cherries.  That’s something I created from our botched maraschino cherries.

It is so hard to believe it is May already.  Time is just flying by too quickly.  The difficult part about it is, it seems the days are shorter too.  Perhaps it is because we slow down as we grow older, but I find myself wonder who I used to get so much done in a day.  Nowadays I find myself wondering how I can get things done.  Period.

Christmas Hymns

Christmas Hymns

Being the ward organist it is nice to start singing and playing Christmas Hymns for Sacrament Meeting.  I love the music of Christmas, especially when it centers around the Christ Child.

copyright 2015 db walton

Also, I think most people know the Christmas Hymns and as a result sing them.  Nothing is more disappointing to a church organist or pianist than when people don’t sing.  If you’re going to sing, SING!

The speaker’s talked about service today.  It is a fitting topic for Christmas time… or for any time.  The Vance Family spoke (including all of the children.)

Elizabethe was so tired today she couldn’t stay awake during the meetings and came straight home and went to bed.  I was pretty tired too so I too took a nap.

For the sisters today I made shwarma.  They hadn’t had shwarma before so it was enlightening to them.  For those that don’t know what it is, it is like a burrito, except middle-eastern style.  It is filled with roasted chicken, turkey, lamb or beef, and pickled and fresh vegetables.  To moisten it, they normally put hummus or a dressing made with hummus and yogurt.

copyright 2015 db walton

Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child

For dessert I took those refrigerator croissants, spread some Nutella on them, and rolled them up.  Boy, were they good.

A New Team

A New Team

I’ve been ward organist since moving here, and for most of that time, Sister Judy Ward has been the chorister.  It’s time for a new team.  Today they released Sister Ward and called a young sister, Sister Wright, to be the chorister.

After Sacrament Meeting I only had a brief moment to talk to the newly called chorister.  Her and her husband are fairly new to the ward.

Elizabethe asked me to take her home after Sacrament Meeting because she wasn’t feeling well.  I returned to catch the tail end of Sunday School.

The High Priest Group was taught by Brother Wright today.  (He’s the father-in-law to the newly called chorister.)  He taught a great lesson on Lehi’s vision and the Word of God.

It being Sunday means it is feed-the-missionaries day.  I made satay, peanut sauce and pad thai for dinner.  It was a first for the missionaries.  I think dipping meat in peanut butter is a first for many people.

copyright 2015 db walton

Sisters Petersen and Bowman