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Cold Again

Cold Again

Just when you think things are warming up for the spring it gets cold again.  Today’s bitter cold is coupled with high winds.  I feel bad for those people without an alternative source of heat to their electrical heating.  Power is still out in several areas.

I was in hopes to install new hardware on the front door.  However, the bitter cold and wind are not conditions you want to stand there working on door locks.  Most of the time you are working the door needs to be open.  It isn’t going to happen today.

Pork and Mushrooms

After working on my taxes, and getting the numbers mailed to my accountant, I decided to stop at Happiness Garden and get lunch.  As I tell people, it is the best Chinese Restaurant in all Palmyra.  In all fairness, it is good Chinese food.  It is every bit as good as what you’ll get in Chinatown.

I brought it home, retired to the bedroom, and binge-watches Watch Over Me.  (It’s a sappy sci-fi series from a decade ago about a guy who created a virus that is indestructible, then accidently got infected with it, and is desperately trying to create a cure.)

Next Project

My next project is the front door.  Comes Monday I will start.  If it is too cold, I will simply drill the 2 1/8th inch holes and plug them with the locks.  Then, when it warms up I will do the latch and mortise work.

I also want it warm so I can do some exterior painting and touch-up.

2014 Winter is Here

2014 Winter is Here

2014 Winter is here but you wouldn’t know it by the temperatures.  Yes, it is chilly outside, but warmer than normal.  The season has come, but it is warm and wet rather than cold and dry.

Elizabethe and I had to go to the post office and drop off a Christmas card.  While out, I suggested we see if the new Mennonite store was open in Marion.  As we drove down Main Street, Marion, we were begging to wonder if we were told correctly when suddenly, we FOUND IT.

It is Dutchland Foods at 3948 N Main St, Marion, NY.  If you like Sauder’s in Seneca Falls, you’ll like Dutchland Foods.  They are still new and building inventory and filling the store, but many of the things you find at Sauder’s you will find here too.

So, Palmyra folks, TELL YOUR FRIENDS.  We want to keep this store in the area and it will become a great asset to Wayne Count.

I wish we had more local stores.  The novelty of the big stores like Target, Walmart, K-Mart, etc., has worn off for me.  The unique variety and quality you find in small markets like this is what I like.  I hope Dutchland Foods is around to stay.


PPSNYS Workshop 2014

PPSNYS Workshop 2014

PPSNYS Workshop 2014 starts today.  I’m studying with Richard Sturdevant (http://www.Sturdevantstudio.Com/) in a class about composite image creations.  This is a combination of photograph, image manipulation and painting.

Today’s class dealt mostly with gathering pieces for our image creation.  Richard supplied the main image, and it is up to us to gather the other parts to build our final image.

Here’s the image Richard supplied…


Starter Image for Workshop

Starter Image for Workshop

The idea is to take this image, build clothes on top of the model, create a background and believable scene and then paint it.

This will be interesting.

It’s hot and muggy here in Geneva, NY. Our class is at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. It’s a lovely campus located downtown Geneva.


Many of the students are staying here at the college.  I’m driving back and forth after class.  It is only about a 35 minute drive, but after the complaints I’ve heard about how bad the beds are and how uncomfortable the dorm rooms are.  So, why not get a good night’s sleep.  Sure, I miss the social stuff at night, but I can’t handle late-night activities.  After 8pm, I’m dead to the world mentally.

No Wind, Thank Goodness

Today was another very cold day, however, we had no wind — thank goodness.  Yesterday, was really windy and down to the teens.  Today was in the 20s, sunny, with no breeze whatsoever.  (I could tell because the flag down the street wasn’t moving.)

By the way, here at the Beckwith Mansion, we have the suite open for rent.  We prefer a longer-term renter (say, like 6 months or more), but we’re also willing to consider other terms.  Although it is month-to-month, we do charge a cleaning fee for long-term stays that are shorter than 6-months.  We do also offer night-by-night for this room.

The room’s monthly rate is $650/month, with a $600 cleaning/damage deposit.  The night-by-night rate is $160 per night.  Renters have access to the laundry (use of washer and dryer included in rent – you provide your own laundry detergent), as well as the kitchen.  The suite consist of a sitting area, sleeping area, private bathroom (tub & shower), walking closet, microwave and small refrigerator.  We provide linens and bedding (they will be clean when you move in, and washing them will be your responsibility during your stay.)

Elizabethe will be displaying her quilling at Books, ETC., in Macedon.  The display starts tomorrow and runs through the month of March, and in to April.  (This is her first “show”.)

If you don’t know what quilling is, it is a Victorian art form comprised of twisted strips of paper.

copyright 2014 Elizabethe Walton

Quilling by Elizabethe

Tractor Supply had an open house tonight.  Elizabethe and I went.  It is nice to see them opening a store so close.  It will give Lowe’s a run for its money.  There is some overlap, but Tractor Supply has more yard and garden related hardware and tools.  Heck, you can even buy a driveshaft for your tractor there.  They’ve got them on the shelf, as well as tractor seats and stuff like that.  But, they also had a wide selection of small hardware (like nuts and bolts).  They gave us a nice gift bag with some swag.  There was one item in that bag that I’m still trying to figure out what it is supposed to be.  It’s a neoprene “vest” that is too small to fit a soda can or water bottle.  Perhaps a smart phone protector?  I don’t know.  Next time I’m at their store I’ll have to ask them what it is supposed to be.

Day-Long Seminar

Today I attended a day long seminar in Batavia, New York.  It was a $25 seminar and it was worth it.  The big thing that made it worth it was there were lots of people whom I hadn’t seen for a while.

It’s funny hearing other photographers perspective on things.  There’s a lot of money spent in this industry (as I’m sure there is in others).  But, what amazes me is how many people buy stuff because of the label.

Here are some examples…. Gary Fong sells a recycled milk jug for about $40.  I know.  I own one.  Photographers will spend $300 on a portable light that Home Depot might sell for $50.

I love how on Saturday’s photo walk there was a guy who had a painter pole from Home Depot and was using it as a mono pod.  I love how a guy in Fairport uses craft foam to make his snoots.  99 cents at Michael’s and he can make 2-3 snoots that other people sell for $20-30.

Go figure.

I think I’m going to show up at one of these seminars with my $5 home made lens, and a $3 light.  I’ll stuck a Canon sticker on both and we’ll see who notices.

Pageant 2013 Sign-Up Sheet

Today marked the start of the sign-ups for Pageant 2013. They are looking for people to help with security, parking, and more. I signed up for the Monday Morning slot. I may sign up for more, but I have to check all the schedules for the studio and house.

We had 7 guests last night. It was a busy weekend.

Sisters Sumpsion and Anderson came to dinner tonight. It was Sister Sumpsion’s first dinner appointment. She’s been out less than a week.

I fixed some roasted chicken thighs, garlic mashed potatoes, Elizabethe made a salad, and we had some pickled beets she put up last summer. The chicken turned out great. Now I just need to figure out where I got the great rub that I used on the chicken. (It may have been something at the dollar store.)

After dinner, Elizabethe wasn’t feeling well, so she went to bed, and I went to the broadcast from the Seminar for New Mission Presidents. What a great broadcast.

I was especially touched by President Packer’s comments. It was a bit of a farewell address. He commented that he doesn’t think he’ll be around much longer, so it was a bit emotional. He closed his remarks with one of the strongest testimonies of the Savior. One sentence spoken very powerfully.

Speaking of President Packer…

The one time I attended General Priesthood in the Tabernacle, I got there very early, and as soon as the doors opened, I grabbed a seat as close as I could to the front and in the center. While I stood near my seat, waiting for the session to start, President Packer came in the Tabernacle. There were only a few of us in the general seating area. He came down the aisle, walked up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Elder Packer,” as if I didn’t know who he was. It was said humbly and with a warm smile.

I said, “I know. It is a pleasure to meet you in person.”

Elder Packer proceeded to ask where I was from. When he found out I was a student at B.Y.U., he asked what I was studying. I told him I was a chemistry major. He was very impressed as he eyed my thick physics and chemistry text books. We stood there and talked for some time, and he didn’t act as though he had anywhere else to be. As our conversation wound down, he commented that he should probably go get ready for conference.

He is also a very accomplished artist. (See his work here.) His bird carvings are just amazing.

After the broadcast, I felt uplifted and excited about the 70,000+ missionaries currently serving.

Small Towns and Villages on Route 31

I’m doing a book on Route 31. I want Route 31 to be as popular in Western New York as Route 66. I had the privilege of photographing the Macedon village trustees tonight. It was fun meeting them and telling them about my Route 31 book.

Village of Macedon's Mayor, Under-Mayor and Trustees

Village of Macedon’s Mayor, Under-Mayor and Trustees

Today was also the Rochester Referral Network’s meeting. I was the presenter, and it went well. I talked about choosing the right size portrait for a room, and clothing colors for a portrait.

Painting the Studio

Today was spent painting the studio floor.  The floor is concrete, and it had been painted before, but over the years, it has started looking pretty bad.

I started by moving all of the stuff to one side, so I could paint the other side.  Of course, when painting a floor, you have to be careful not to paint yourself in to a corner.

After getting about 1/3rd of the floor painted, I had to get ready to meet with people.  Fortunately, it wasn’t for a shoot.  It would be difficult to do a shoot with 1/3rd of the studio floor being unusable.

For date night, Elizabethe and I decided to try out Papa C’s Pizza in Fairport because we had a coupon.  Once getting there, we learned our coupon would require us to purchase more than we could eat.  We ended up purchasing a pizza to take home with us for dinner tomorrow too.

A little about Papa C’s… this is one of those no-thrills restaurants.  There is diner style seating (booths and a few tables.)

We ordered an appetizer tray:  friend mushrooms, fried cauliflower, fried mozzarella and chicken nuggets, as well as a blue cheese dipping sauce and marinara dipping sauce.  It was okay.  I wasn’t impressed with the breading.  It was all a bit bland, as were the sauces.

Elizabethe ordered raviolis for dinner, and I ordered a full-rack of ribs.  Elizabethe’s raviolis were also kind of bland.  However, the ribs were prepared to perfection.

This place should be a rib house.  Their Italian fare is not very flavorful.  However, the ribs I could go back there again.

I’ll report on the pizza tomorrow.


It’s Starting to Look Like Spring

It is starting to look like spring.  Spring is a bit late this year.  Last year, by this time, I was mowing the lawn.  This year, things are just starting to perk up.

Sisters Aielo and Butters were our dinner guests tonight.  They worked at the Smith Farm, so we had a late dinner.  I prepared some meatball Florentine for them, with some peach-pineapple upside-down cake for dessert.

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day.  I plan to finish cleaning the front of the studio.  Uhg.  I hate doing that, but things get cluttered, dust collects, and it needs to get done.

Dim Sum and the Eastman House

Window in Eastman House

Window in Eastman House

Paul and I took a little tour of some of the Asian markets in the Rochester area. We bought some dim sum at the Canton Market, but some how, our shopping carts got swapped. It was kind of funny. I thought I was losing my mind when the lady was rining things up, and when Paul got to the check out, it all came more clear.

We then went to the Eastman House. Paul had never been there and so we took the tour and browsed the galleries.