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Fall Cleaning Day

Fall Cleaning Day

It’s fall cleaning day in my studio.  I am taking time to vacuum and sweep.  Leaves and dead bugs seem to find their way inside. I also have a photo shoot this afternoon.

Cleaning up is not my forte.

My photo session went well, and now it is time… like after every photo session… to do backups.  The new 8TB drives are working great.  Let’s see how long before I need more space.



My networking meeting went well, but again, sparsely attended.  Next week I am the speaker, and we are pushing to get people to come check us out.

What people don’t realize is (1) the cost is affordable, (2) there’s no pressure, (3) people tell others about your business and if they are interested, they give you the contact information.  How cool is that?

We had an interesting discussion last night about people who think they can work without human interaction.  Networking groups require human interaction, however, they make it easier.  It’s not like knocking on doors to get business.  Instead, you take 60 seconds to tell people what you do, and what makes a good customer.  After that, they let you know if they have someone who fits that bill.

8TB Drives

8TB Drives

It is time to upgrade the NAS drives from 5TB to 8TB drives.    It is amazing how much space digital photographs use.  For $170 you  could buy just a couple of megabytes 40 years ago.  Now, it buys more storage than NASA had 40 years ago.

They arrived today.  Installing new drives is easy today.  You plug them in.  Unlike the past when there were jumpers to worry about, low level formatting, high level formatting and partitioning.

The question is…  Do I keep the 5TB in place and simply expand onto the 8TB drives?


Our networking meeting was sparsely attended.  I don’t get it.  What is it business owners aren’t getting?

I wrote a book a few years ago.  It find it funny how people think they can do it alone, but when they fail miserably, they blame others.  They don’t read business books and they certainly won’t attend a networking meeting.

Perhaps we all have that stubbornness in us.  It’s called pride.  Oh, well.

Catching Up

I’m slowly catching up.  I spent 5 hours on the phone with Netgear support about my beckwithmansion.com problem.  They found a work around, but the core issue is still a big mystery.  They are kicking it up a tier to see if they have any ideas.

Tomorrow I will call GoDaddy and run a few things past them.  With all my networking experience, this is the strangest thing I have ever encountered.

Autumn Colors

The autumn colors aren’t looking to well this year.  Perhaps it is the warmth, I don’t know.  As a result, I don’t know if you are going to see a many autumn color pictures from me.


Pickup Car Tomorrow

Pickup Car Tomorrow

I pickup the car tomorrow.  Knowing this has quelled my anxieties a bit.  Tomorrow night I start putting stuff in the rental car.  We leave on Monday for Route 66.

Our networking meeting today was a wash.  Our speaker didn’t show up.  The cage needs rattling again.  If you live in West Wayne County, or anywhere close, consider joining us.  It is a great way to find new clients and customers.


Progress is made.  I found a couple of missing batteries.  The other memory cards appeared. My missing battery pouch were under a protective padding in my camera bag.  As a result, things are looking better.

Many of the bags require better organization.  Right now, things are thrown in and not organized.  Elizabethe is really good at doing that stuff.  Perhaps we’ll watch a show while she organizes bags.

Unlike going on a normal trip, we need to bring power strips, various chargers, USB cords, laptops, in addition to our camera equipment.  My camera bags are fairly organized.  The bags with the cords and miscellaneous stuff are my concern.

Lego Lens Keeper

I am gluing lego lens keepers to my tripods.  Basically, you glue a Lego to your lens caps and tripods.  When you remove a lens cap, you attach it to the Lego.  As a result, you do not lose your lens cap while shooting.

The idea isn’t mine.  I saw it in a magazine years ago.  I am just getting around to implementing it.

As an added bonus, it covers the camera logo on the lens caps.  Why advertise for a company that isn’t compensating you in some degree.

John Kidd

I called my friend John Kidd.  We talked for a while.  He’s making pens and I told him he can have all the black walnut he wants.  I also have maple and who knows what else.

He asked if I could bring a chunk as I pass through that area.  If we have room in the car, I will.  It can be cool to have a pen made from wood from my property.

We talked about working in the temple, things that don’t change based on where you live, and other stuff.  Of course, we talked about camera stuff.  He joked that he was told he needed a hobby, as if photography wasn’t enough.


Networking and Doctors

Networking and Doctors

It is a day of networking and doctors appointments.  It all started with my local networking meeting.  I’ve been away from the networking meeting for a couple of weeks and it was good to be back.

I went directly from there to see the orthopedic surgeon.  I told them about the bad pain I’ve been having in my hip, and they said for each day I was down expect a week for full recovery.  I was down for months.  It looks like it will be years before I achieve a full recovery then.

The rest of the entire day was spent copying files and trying to catch up on work.  I cannot believe how far behind I got in the last few weeks.  Pageant, followed by school, followed by our trip to Utah means I have about 3 weeks of catching up to do.

Elizabethe is working today.  She texted me to say tomorrow will be her last day.  It will be nice to have her home again even though we can use the extra income.

I worked on stuff until about 9:30pm.  At that point, I was so tired I had to quit.

Now, here’s something weird.  It’s been months since the accident.  Right after the accident my right shoulder hurt, and a couple days later, I had bruises where a hand had grabbed my bicep (I believe to lift me up and get me out of traffic.)  The pain went away after about a week.  Today, it is back with vengeance.  My right shoulder hurts so much I can hardly lift my arm.

Missing the Boat

Missing the Boat

There are a lot of people who call themselves photographers who are missing the boat.  While some young folks may not understand that saying, let me spell it out:  If you’re late to the dock, don’t have the proper paperwork, and aren’t ready to board your ship, it is going to leave without you.

After my doctor’s appointment, I had a networking meeting (one of those ways these photographers miss the boat), and then it was off to speak to the Finger Lakes Professional Photographers (another missing the boat opportunity).

My presentation was about closed networking.  I got a very good post-presentation reception.  I felt I had motivated these seasoned professionals.  Of course, they are going to follow through and the young folks who are trying to figure things out well… the ship has already left.

It took me a few years of being in business to discover this opportunity for grabbing new business.  It didn’t join sooner because nobody told me about it.  However, when I tell some business owners about it… well… they just doing get it.

If you know a photographer, ask if they are a PPA member.  If they are not, suggest they get in touch with the local PPA section and join.

No Mowing Today

No Mowing Today

No mowing today.  By the time I could start, it started raining.  So, problem solved.  It has to wait until tomorrow.

Today was another very busy day starting with my early morning breakfast networking meeting.  I turned in 3 referrals today!  Three!  Now, if you’re a business owner, wouldn’t you like work being sent your way?

If so, you should consider joining our group.  Leave me a message and I’ll tell you how.

The road to recovering from my accident has been a long painful one.  Last night I had the worst headache of my life.  Even when I had the sinus infections as a teenager they were not this painful.  I woke around 3:30am and I thought the back of my head was being pulled open by the short-hairs.

It was a Catch-22.  The more it hurt, the more I stressed about it making it hurt more.  Finally, I suggested Elizabethe massage my neck.  That helped a LOT.  Once I relaxed I was about to go back to sleep.

Last night has left me drained and so after dinner I was ready to call it a day.  I’m actually glad I wasn’t able to mow the lawn because I just don’t think I have the strength.

One Place to Another

One Place to Another

I went from one place to another today.  It is amazing how busy life gets.  People think being self-employed means you have time on your hands.  Not true.

The Chamber of Commerce started my day with a board meeting.  This got me thinking.  When I was a kid, the Chamber was a cool place because they could tell you about their city.  I think people have forgot about how important a Chamber of Commerce is to a community because of the Internet.

In fact, someone posted a question in a parent group about a business.  I commented that questions like that are good questions to ask the Chamber of Commerce.  They responded somewhat brashly saying they were asking their friends.  I politely responded that I was just pointing out that we have a Chamber of Commerce and they are always happy to answer questions about business and businesses.

It would be nice if the Chamber of Commerce actually had a brick-n-mortar place for people to visit.  I remember Moscow, Idaho, having a very cool building off the main highway that housed the Chamber of Commerce.  I used to stop there while riding my bike to pick up a map.  They jokingly accused me of reselling the maps.  What a cool idea I thought!  But, nobody was willing to pay a dime in 1966 for an 8.5×11″ map of Moscow, Idaho.  I reported back to them that you can’t sell the things.

My networking meeting was well attended.  There’s another great business resource.

From there it was off to a doctor’s appointment.

What a day.  I’m exhausted.

Wednesday Routine

Wednesday Routine

The Wednesday routine is to update my blogs, check e-mail, and head to my Rochester networking meeting.  That’s the routine.

My Wednesday Rochester Referral Network meeting was kind of a State of the Group meeting instead of a speaker.  There was some good ideas discussed.  Both networking groups I belong to are good groups.

While today had some sunshine, it was very cold.  Most of the day it was in the single digits.  The radio said we are on track for having the coldest winter ever in recorded history.  That’s cold.

I wonder if that means we are going to have the hottest summer in recorded history?

I hope not.  That’s one of the things I like about Western New York, a hot summer day is 90.  I don’t like 3-digit summer days.  The time I was driving across Lake Havasue and my thermometer read 123 was too hot.  I thought the rubber was going to melt off my rims.

I cleaned up the studio.  I don’t know if it is the cold — bitter cold — or normal, but there were a LOT of dead bugs laying around in the studio.  I swept the floor and most of what was there were dead bugs.  Ladybugs, beetles, hornets, and spiders were in the pile of dirt I swept up.


Going Out

Going Out

I’m going out today.  I’m going to my networking meeting this morning.

Okay… I went to my networking meeting and now I just want to eat some breakfast and go to bed.  I forget how weak a body feels after having a bronchial infection.  Just going to the meeting has exhausted me.

After a long nap, I felt a little better, but I do have something I have to do this afternoon so I’m taking it real easy.  Prednisone has a nasty side effect of making one feel jittery.  I want to take it easy but my body is in this fight-or-flight mode because of the prednisone.

Illness makes one think of their own mortality (or at least it does me.)  Our bodies, although amazing creations, are fragile.  A person can appear to he healthy and vital one minute, and the next minute they could be in a hospital or dead.  Perhaps brief illness can help us remember to do what is important.

I went to my must-do appointment this afternoon.  It was a quick look at a wedding venue with one of my clients.  They are going all out on their wedding and it will be a fun one to photograph.  When we went to look at the church it was all locked up.  As we were about to leave, the pastor pulled up and offered to open the building so we could see the inside.

This is one of those churches with a balcony.  Weddings in churches like that are fun because I can position my 2nd shooter up high to get some shots from above.  It also has lots of stained glass windows.

It will be a lovely wedding to shoot.

Youngest Cast Member

Youngest Cast Member

I believe I met the youngest cast member of Hill Cumorah Pageant today.  This little guy was only 2 weeks old.  A family from Utah applied for pageant before they knew their 11th child would be born before pageant.  Only a few days before heading to New York, they had their 11th.  This baby is perhaps the youngest ever to be in pageant.

They are not out here with all 11 children.  One is on a mission, and another married.  It’s my understand they are here with 9 of their 11 children.

People are working hard to get pageant ready for tomorrow’s dress rehearsal.  You don’t realize how quickly this all comes together until you watch it unfold.  Let me give you an idea…

  • A couple of weeks ago, young men forming a tech crew arrived to help set up the stage and lighting
  • On the 4th of July cast participants arrived and they started casting people
  • The next day, they continued and completed the casting
  • Sunday they had church and church activities
  • Monday they started practicing
  • Tuesday they continued (in the mean time, while the cast practices, there are scores of others who are repairing costumes and props)
  • Today, they go through the entire pageant
  • Tomorrow they will run through it, and then in the evening have a dress rehearsal
  • Friday, pageant opens.

That’s amazing if you ask me.


At the last minute today I was asked if I could fill in as the speaker for Rochester Referral Network (http://rocreferralnetwork.com/).  Fortunately, I was prepared as I was supposed to be their speaker for 7/16/2014.  So, I gave my presentation a week early.

I used photos from Israel to talk about vacation photography.  My presentation covered what to bring, and what to photograph.

copyright 2014 db walton

In Omar’s Shop

Later tonight, I get an e-mail that tomorrow’s speaker for Tri County Networkers’ (http://www.tricountynetworkers.com/) speaker is stranded because of the downed power lines and won’t be able to present tomorrow.  I figured, “Why not… I’ve already done it once.”

So, tomorrow morning I will be presenting at Tri County Networkers also.