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Networking, Networking, Just Working

The alarm clock went off at 6am this morning as I had a 7:30am Speed Networking event in Rochester. Speed Networking is like speed dating (whatever that is). You meet with another business person for 3 minutes, and then the gong goes off and you rotate. By the end of the 90 minutes you have a stack of cards and you’ve gone hoarse telling people about yourself and your business.

It was sponsored by Rochester Business Alliance (RBA). Joining RBA is pretty expensive, but I figure the $50 for a non-member to attend this event was worth it. I’m glad I went. Even if one job comes from it as a direct or indirect result, it was worth it.

From there, I went to the Rochester Referral Networking group. This is a weekly meeting I’m involved with. We share referrals and one member each week gives a short presentation about their business.

It was snowing like crazy when I left Rochester. The morning started off warm and nice, but then it turned windy and snowy. It was crazy. I entered my meeting without a jacket, and left wishing I had brought my jacket.

The rest of the day was just working. I spent the afternoon retouching images from yesterday’s portrait session.

Next, it was time for the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers meeting. Our presentation tonight was on infant photography. The photographer presenting gave a great presentation and I learned a lot of tips. It was time well spent.

Networking and a Massage

I attended the Rochester Referral Network meeting today. This is part of my new marketing plan and it is working better than any other I’ve employed in the past. Face it, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, etc., are great services on-line, but the return on investment is just not there. Nothing beats face-to-face contact when it comes to marketing your business. (http://business.dbwalton.com)

After that, I had an appointment for a massage. This is my second time seeing this massage therapist. The first time, I felt great for days until I mowed the lawn. While mowing the lawn, I hit a hole and the jolt made all those back muscles tense. This time, she gave me some exercises to do.

I’ll say this, the actual process of a therapeutic massage is not a pleasant one. Or, at least not in my case. Holding a very heavy camera for extended periods of time has resulted in some really tight muscles that pull my scapula forward. As a result, she worked the muscles that were tightening and pulling the shoulder forward. OUCH!

The old saying, “No pain, no gain,” is fully applicable here. Even though it hurt, the movement in my shoulder is greatly improved. It is now up to me to do my part and remember to do my exercises to help prevent future problems.