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CiCi’s Pizza is Open

We finally got a CiCi’s Pizza in Henrietta, NY. After I shoveled the sidewalks, we headed to CiCi’s for lunch. For about $15 for two people you get all-you-can-eat salad and pizza and sodas. I had been to one in Dallas a few years ago, and we also went to one in North Carolina a while back. If they opened one in Palmyra, it would recoup it’s franchise fees the first Hill Cumorah Pageant season.

If you’ve never been to one, you can tell them what you want on a pizza, and they’ll fix it and bring it to your table. Otherwise, you can just get what they have at the pizza bar. It’s not the best pizza I’ve ever had, but it is pretty decent.

We also picked up a heater for Elizabethe’s craft room. She’s been putting up with that cold room every winter. So, I’m going to replace the gas fireplace with a gas heater. It’s a 30K BTU unit which should heat up her room fairly well.

The media is all over the “fiscal cliff” issue. The Republicans are blaming the Democrats, and the Democrats are blaming the Republicans. The executive branch is blaming Congress, and yet, they are all getting raises tomorrow. I find it repulsive that any of them are getting paid at all. My repulsion is only second to the fact that many of them were recently re-elected.

Let’s remember what happened just one year ago. At the last-minute, they voted to keep the tax cuts for 60 days instead of extending it for a year or two while the economy recovers. Then, 60 days later, they voted to extend it to the end of the year.

Why do we as voters put up with that?

Actually, I don’t put up with it. I’ve adopted a rule that if you blew it once in Congress you won’t get my vote. I’d rather vote for an obscure underdog that supports my values than a career politician who is going to squander my tax dollars. (Hey, Dan, if the shoe fits…)

I really wish we would stop blaming along party-lines. If you look at last December’s vote on the tax cuts, it wasn’t along party line. In fact, they didn’t even record the votes!!! When I called my congresswoman’s office to ask for the roll-call I was told it wasn’t recorded because everyone vote “Aye”.

You have to ask yourself, why couldn’t they all vote “Aye” on extending it 12, or even 24 months?

Too much bipartisan bickering is why.

I don’t see it getting any better. There’s too much voter fraud and corruption, and until they put a corruption-proof election system in place, it will continue.

In the meantime, they’ve all got their pay raises coming starting tomorrow. If you want to see what they are treating themselves to, you don’t need to take my word for it. Here’s the link http://www.opm.gov/oca/compmemo/2012/2013PAY_Attach.pdf