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Mt. Diablo with John

After spending the morning on the phone with insurance companies, credit card companies and the rental car company, it was time for me to leave and meet up with John Kidd.  Elizabethe is staying another week, and about the time I was taking off, she was heading out with Tobreth to get one of the girls from school.

I wish I could spend more time with the girls.  They are sure sweet and fun to be around.

John and I went to Mt. Diablo and took a few pictures.  I told him all the things I have planned when he comes to visit us in New York.  I warned him that he better plan on spending 10 or more days and that I will keep him busy.

On the way home we stopped at Nations.  They don’t have all the different shake flavors any more.  Only chocolate, vanilla, coffee and strawberry shakes are sold now.  I was kind of hoping for a pineapple.  But, their burgers are still quite good.

The rental car check in went better than expected.  They agreed that you can’t tell that the car was hit.  But, better safe to report it, than sorry you didn’t.