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Pushing 80

Pushing 80

It’s pushing 80 today.  I mowed the lawn, but first I had to replace a blade.  I remember how excited I was when I bought this tractor.  It has turned out to be a piece of junk.  I will NEVER purchase another Cub Cadet product… and I will never buy from Blazey’s again.

After replacing the blade, I began to mow.  About 1/2 through it, a stick caused the belt to jump off the pulley.  (Yes, that’s another problem with the design of this thing.  It would be so simple to put guides and guards around the belt assembly to prevent this.  At least I know what to look for with my next lawn tractor.  You always learn with the first.)

Poser Poses

I’ve learned how to save poses in Poser.  I started a collection of my own poser poses.  Most of the time spent creating a 3D creation is spent posing your character.  Many of these poses can be reused now that I know how to save them.

Who knows… I might even sell a Poser pose pack.

Posing in Poser is quite difficult to get it right.  When someone’s body is not positioned naturally, we notice.  We notice things like, you can’t bend your fingers certain ways, we hold our hands in certain positions that feel natural, etc.  That’s why it is so important for me to save these poses.

Five Hours

Five Hours

It took me five hours to mow the lawn today.  My day started with a networking meeting, followed by mowing the lawn.  Five hours!!!

copyright 2017 db walton

Lawn Finished After Five Hours

It really looks nice.  The grass is nice and green, and because it was a high, it cut evenly.

I saw these three tulips and had to get a picture.  Nothing can do the color justice – not even my fantastic Fujifilm X-E1 with it’s great color rendition.

copyright 2017 db walton

Three Tulips

Elizabethe asked for a picture of the garden, so here it is…

copyright 2017 db walton

Tire Garden

Grass Clippings

Elizabethe wanted the grass clippings dumped on the berm east of the back driveway.  As a result, it has a heavy coating of fresh grass clippings.  Our goal is to get more potatoes.  We hope they will grow inside the clippings… and grow large!

copyright 2017 db walton

Potato Berm

A couple of years ago we got about 100 pounds of potatoes.  I’d be happy if we do that again, but it would also be nice to pull more than that.  Some of our russets got quite large.  The blue potatoes didn’t do as well.


By the time I got done I was beat.  Getting on and off the tractor to empty the grass is a lot of work.  As a result, I’m totally beat.

Wet Leaves

Wet Leaves

Wet leaves don’t suck up very well.  With the reports of rain, mowing the lawn is top priority today.  The leaves are wet and are clogging the chute.  As a result, I only vacuumed part of the lawn.

The grass is green, which is an improvement.  This summer was so dry I worried the grass would completely die.

It took me all morning and part of the afternoon to cut the grass.  You can’t drive fast when things are wet.  The deck can clog up and stop the blade completely.

copyright 2016 db walton

Wet Leaves


For a big yard, a ride-on mower is the only way to go.  There are a lot of flaws with current mower styles.  We’re stuck with the paradigm of reel or rotary mowers.  I’d love it if someone could think outside the box.  Here’s my wishlist…

  • damage-free blade
  • ability to mow at higher speeds
  • zero-turn radius
  • clog-proof grass and leaf collection
  • dumping grass/leaves without getting off the mower
  • vacuum without mowing (i.e. ability to vacuum a driveway)
  • beltless

Chinese for Lunch

After mowing the lawn, I crave a hearty lunch.  We went to Happiness Garden and got our monthly Chinese for lunch.

It is time to try something different.  I ordered beef in garlic sauce.  It is quite good.  I will figure out how to make garlic sauce.  It’s sweet and savory.



Dead Grass

Dead Grass

Dead grass in your lawn looks ugly, but because we get so much rain (usually), we don’t have anyway to water our front lawn.  The rains from the last few days perked up some of the grass, but there are big spots of dead grass.

Mowing the lawn went quickly today.  It’s the first time I’ve mowed it in weeks.  The air is muggy and damp helping keep the dust to a minimum.

Starting my day with my networking meeting, I spent most of the day catching up on e-mails.  Once I was done there, I mowed the lawn.  After that, Elizabethe and I grabbed dinner at Happiness Garden.

Renewal Time

It is time to renew my temple recommend.  Once done the rest of the evening was spent relaxing with my wife.

Route 66 Planning

I’m going to do it in 2017.  I’m going to drive from Chicago to Santa Monica, California, via Route 66 (or what is left of it.)  I’ve recruited a friend to come along.  We are brainstorming ideas for sponsorship and a strategy.

Going on this trip is one of those things I can finally do.  Driving through parts of history is a dream.

First Cutting

First Cutting

It’s the first cutting of the year, and that’s always a challenge.  Will the lawn mower start?  Do I have gasoline?  What’s laying on the lawn that I should pick up first?  These are all valid questions.

Pulling the wagon behind me I walked the yard looking for things that could damage the mower.  I founds some large pieces of trash (yeah, living on Main Street people think they can throw trash in your front yard… including other people’s yard clippings.)  Most of what I found were downed branches.

While driving the mower around I realized we didn’t get all the leaves picked up last fall.  This resulted in a lot of dust from the dried leaves.  Nasty, nose clogging, dust.

Some parts of the lawn were overgrown with grass while other parts were dry and the grass looked dormant.  I’m thinking it is time to invest in an aeroratoer for the tractor.  And, since I used the grass catcher we had a lot of dried leaves and a few bags of green clippings.  That’s how the first cutting this year went.

After mowing the lawn I heard the news that Prince (a popular rock star in the 1980s) died.  I’m not sure what possess people to elevate drug addicted celebrities to the status of hero when they die.  While I was never a fan of his music, and I feel bad for his family and friends, they guy was pretty low on the moral scale.  And, his girlfriend, Vanity, who passed away a couple of months ago as a big drug-addict too.  Nah, I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon and say how great the guy was.  He was a drug-addicted shock-artist sadly to say.

Membership Store

Membership Store

I was off to our local membership store this morning.  BJ’s is kind of like Costco for your Westerners.  While you can find great deals, you also spend a lot.

It seems everything is either $9.97, $19.97 or something else close to a multiple of $10.  So, if you get 10 items, you’re already spending $100 or more.  It’s not like you can grab a candy bar at the check out.  Instead, you have to grab an entire box of candy bars for $9.97.

Well, about $180 later I’m loading the car with all those boxes.  At first I was shocked at the total, and then I got thinking… $20 here… $20 there… $10 here… and you’re not looking at a lot of boxes.  In fact, $48 of that was for toilet paper.  (yeah…. nearly $50 on toilet paper… Elizabethe said we need to stock up.)

There was a lot I wanted to do when I got home from shopping, but top of the list was something I had to do… mow the lawn.  I managed to get it cut using the grass catcher.  The last few times I had not because of my shoulder, but this time I was needed and I figured I’d try to take it extra easy.  If figure if it hurt too much, I’d stop using the catcher.  It turns out emptying it wasn’t one of those things that caused issues.

After it was cut, I was covered with grass and itchy so I hit the shower.  By then, it was time to fix dinner, and after dinner, a movie with two of my grandchildren.

I managed to get a lot done today.

No Mowing Today

No Mowing Today

No mowing today.  By the time I could start, it started raining.  So, problem solved.  It has to wait until tomorrow.

Today was another very busy day starting with my early morning breakfast networking meeting.  I turned in 3 referrals today!  Three!  Now, if you’re a business owner, wouldn’t you like work being sent your way?

If so, you should consider joining our group.  Leave me a message and I’ll tell you how.

The road to recovering from my accident has been a long painful one.  Last night I had the worst headache of my life.  Even when I had the sinus infections as a teenager they were not this painful.  I woke around 3:30am and I thought the back of my head was being pulled open by the short-hairs.

It was a Catch-22.  The more it hurt, the more I stressed about it making it hurt more.  Finally, I suggested Elizabethe massage my neck.  That helped a LOT.  Once I relaxed I was about to go back to sleep.

Last night has left me drained and so after dinner I was ready to call it a day.  I’m actually glad I wasn’t able to mow the lawn because I just don’t think I have the strength.

I Know It Is Friday

I Know It Is Friday

Yesterday I thought it was Friday.  Today I KNOW it is FRIDAY.

The first thing I did was I mowed the lawn.   I did it without the grass catcher because the last time it was too much for me to handle and I was exhausted that night and the next day.

There were LOTs of dandelions in the lawn. The flowers look great, but those white pompoms don’t, so I chopped them off before they got to that point.  (Saturday update:  The neighbor sent me a text message saying her husband wants to know how I do it.  My lawn has no dandelions.  I told her it’s simple.  I mow my lawn.  Her husband is probably rolling his eyes.  LOL)

As I got done, the crowning jewel is the crabapple trees are in bloom!  Yes, how nice it looks with the fresh cut lawn and pink flowers in the trees… just look…

copyright 2015 db walton

Crabapple in Bloom and Fresh Cut Lawn

The maple trees are finally getting leaves, and it is starting to look like spring.

copyright 2015 db walton

Crabapple Blooms

I then went to work on client work.  Stupid Lightroom decided to take over an hour to load the catalog.  Adobe’s quality control has just gone downhill since LR4 was released.  They keep sending me request to join the Creative Cloud.  Why would I do that when they are producing inferior products now?

If you read closely most software licensing agreements indemnify the software company when things like this happen.  But, I wonder if a class-action suit is in order.  They are up to Lightroom 5.7 which has some serious bugs, but they have already released Lightroom 6.  Surely I will not pay to update from a broken program to a new release.  What assurance do I have that the problems have been fixed?

Shame on Adobe.

Sucking Leaves

Sucking Leaves

I woke to the sound of sucking leaves.  I heard this noise out back, and I wasn’t able to go check it out, so I sent Elizabethe to check.  It turns out things were dry enough that they guys we asked to do our leaves were outside working.  They had their leaf blowers and lawn mowers running full-tilt.

There is kind of an unnerving feeling when people do work you usually do.  Perhaps I’m a bit of a control freak and I need to learn to be less of one.  My biggest fear was… What if they run over the cable and cut it.  Then, I won’t have Internet access!!!  (Yeah, I’ve got to call Time Warner about that.)

We bought a B.J.’s membership.  $40 for 14 months.  It sounded like a good deal.  Nearly $200 later… yeah… it’s still a good deal.  We managed to get a few food items to carry us through the winter, as well as a good price on batteries and a couple of hams.

I got to drive around in one of those electric carts.  Those things can turn on a time.  I wish they would go faster, but I understand that would be a safety issue.



Leaves and Mowing

Leaves and Mowing

When you combine leaves and mowing you end up with a full grass catcher and you empty it often.  Such was the case today when I mowed the lawn.  1.8 acres and lots of stopping to empty chopped leaves and grass.

One difference between leaves and grass is that grass chops and is more compact.  Leaves don’t chop as much and leaves a lighter mixture in the grass catcher.  Even when you empty it, because of the fluff of the leaves it can blow around still.

I got all done and stepped back to take a look at my plush green carpet of grass only to see it was already covered with leaves again.  Ugh.  Elizabethe asked, “Did you think the leaves weren’t going to fall?”  Well, of course not, but at least wait until I get cleaned up.

The grass is quite dry and I’m hoping we get a good rain storm to green it up.  Some parts are looking kind of brown which is unusual for around here.  It is looking like a California lawn.

I spent the rest of the day catching up on my blog entries for the time I was gone.