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Cold Floor

Cold Floor

It dropped in to the 20s last night.  My client complained that I have a cold floor.  I guess the little heater couldn’t keep up last night.

Note to self:  Next time place the heater where the client will stand.  At least that way the floor will be warmer there.

They say we’re supposed to have a cold, but dry week.  Perhaps on Monday I can get the leaves raked.  Right now, most of them are in piles.

Out of Gas

As soon as the shoot was over my big heater ran out of gas.  Time to go swap the cans.  I saw BJ’s has a really good price.

Church Tomorrow

I’m still not adjusted to not being the ward organist.  A couple of times today I found myself wondering what the hymns are for tomorrow.  I had to remind myself not to worry about it.


I just discovered our Roku has a Roku Channel.  It has quite a few free movies.  A few we have not seen, while there are others we haven’t seen in a while and might be worth re-watching.

Getting rid of Dish Network and getting the Roku was the best decision.  It is so much cheaper than all the other options.  Yes, you have to have Internet access, but we’d be paying for Internet either way.



Here it is Friday and I’m drained.  This bug I got has me worn down.  I told Elizabethe our date night will be renting a movie and having Nima’s deliver calzones.

We watched a couple of movies on Amazon.  Nothing spectacular.  One of the movies was about a woman who was sued by a Holocaust denier.  It was a decent movie.  During the movie Elizabethe Googled about the man who sued her.  He is banned in several countries because of his teachings about Hitler and the Holocaust.

I did nothing today except rest.  As a result, I’m anxious about getting things done.  It is a Catch-22.  When I try to rest, I feel anxious because I’m not getting any work done.  When I work, it wears me out and I don’t get better.

What’s a person to do?

The Ideal Camera Bag

I keep searching Amazon and eBay for the ideal camera bag.  Nobody makes it.  I don’t understand why they don’t.

Am I an out-of-the-box thinker?

Perhaps, but here’s the criteria and it isn’t unique to me…

A photographer on the road with his camera wants his bag on the seat where it is easy to access.  Roller bags have to lay flat, and because of this, they take up a lot of space.

When you are rolling it around and need to access it, you must access it by laying it down.  That’s a pain and requires room to do so.

What if there is a roller bag when standing up, you can access it from the top.  AND, when it is laying down you can access it from the front.

I found one, but it is a smaller bag.  I might get it just because it will work when I travel light.

New Postcards

We received 4 new postcard designs today.  The Smith Home and Hale Home in Harmony, Susquehanna River and the Kirtland Temple.

copyright 2017 db walton

Isaac Hale’s Home

Kirtland Temple

Susquehanna River, Harmony

Joseph and Emma’s home in Harmony




Today is Friday the 13th.  Big deal.  I often wonder why people get caught up in superstitions.    Today is no different than any other day when it comes to luck.

Elizabethe and I went and saw Passengers.  What a great movie.  The premise is a space ship loaded with 5,000 passengers and 258 crew members, all in suspended animation, is destined to a new world.  When they arrive they will be woken and they will colonize the new world.  However, something goes wrong when a passenger awakes about 80 years early.  (Hmm…. I wonder if he woke on Friday the 13th???)

It has some great twist and turns.  You’ll also laugh a lot.  There is some funny stuff in the movie.

Gift Certificate

We had a gift certificate for concessions at the movie theatre that expires next week.  It’s pretty crazy how much they charge for  popcorn and a soda.  When you pay $9 a ticket to see a movie, you’d think a soda wouldn’t cost $7, but it does.  It is absolutely crazy.  Thus, our $15 gift certificate didn’t go very far.

Warm to Cold

Yesterday it was warm for January.  It reached the high 50s.  (When I checked it was 58F.)  Today, it is down to 34F currently.  The temperatures are supposed to drop the next couple of days, and then rise again.

No More Dish

We canceled Dish Network.  Like many such services, their rates kept going up.  Instead, we’re giving Hulu a test drive.  The big thing I don’t like about Hulu is you can’t see the episode numbers on TV series, and they are in reverse order (newest first).  While that makes sense in some cases, it is a pain in other cases.  But, we’ll see if it is a viable replacement for Dish Network.




If a staycation is staying at home while taking a vacation, then a Holistay is a day at home during the holiday season.  Today was our Holistay.

We rented two movies to watch.  Elizabethe hadn’t seen Carousell, and neither one of us have seen Jason Bourne.  We watched both.

It has been years since watching Carousell.  I was shocked at the message at the end.  I missed that when I was younger.  Talk about promoting abuse!

That got me thinking about other Rogers and Hammerstein movies.  In most of them, the lead men are jerks.  While I love the musicals, it didn’t hit me until today how twisted their movies are.  Of course, today’s movies are no better, except they promote other forms of abuse and deviancy.


Jason Bourne held true to its roots.  Action packed and suspenseful.  There’s something that draws us to those movies where you don’t know whom to trust.  This is one of them.

I think it was in Fx where one of the characters says, “Trust no one.”

Since I don’t like spoilers, I won’t tell you whom I was disappointed to find out they were one of the bad guys.  You’ll have to watch it for yourself.

In the meantime, don’t mess with Jason Bourne.

Fantastic Movie

Fantastic Movie

Elizabethe and I saw a fantastic movie today.  We went to the 11:40am showing and the theater was PACKED.  (We were the youngest in the audience, but it was PACKED on its opening showing!!!)

The movie is The Second Best Marigold Hotel.  THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE!

Without spoiling anything about the movie, it is one of the first movies I’ve seen in a long time that has a plot and dialog that keeps you engaged.  There is no gratuitous sex or nudity.  It is isn’t a love story, it is SEVERAL love stories all being told simultaneously.   It is funny.  It is enduring.  It is GREAT.

Go see this movie.  Hollywood needs to see ticket sales go through the roof on this movie so they will produce more entertainment like this.

While the movie has some insinuation of sex outside marriage, it is not done in a sexualized manner.  You don’t end up feeling like you’ve just been degraded.  While the movie is aimed at adults, specifically retirement age adults, I think teens and older will enjoy it.

I came out of the movie theatre feeling uplifted and happy.  I haven’t seen a movie that has done that in a long time.  No, I’m not talking about comedic entertainment happy, I’m talking about feeling good about humanity happy.  The movies several story lines and sub-plots all have happy endings.  It’s a movie about the good in humanity and treating people with love and respect.

Go see it!  It’s good.  No, it’s better than good.  It’s GREAT.

Taken 3

Taken 3

For our date, Elizabethe and I went to see the movie Taken 3.  I enjoyed the suspense of the first two, and thought this might be good.

While Taken 3 didn’t have some of the good lines, it did have some good action and suspense.  They left it open for a Taken 4 too.  In fact, I can see his grandchild being the victim in Taken 4.  I’d recommend Taken 3.  It’s not a movie for small children.  There’s a lot of shooting and fighting.  I like Liam Neeson’s character.  He’s a guy who would do anything for his family.

Here’s a tip for saving money…  If you give gift cards, find ones that offer a companion gift card.  For example, we bought about 25 gift cards from McDonalds that came with free sandwich gift cards.  Also, I noticed that some of the restaurants have signs up… Buy a $20 gift card and $5 card.  I mention this because the 25 free sandwich cards have come in handy for other small gifts and a few lunches.

The weather feels like it is warming up today.  After last week’s cold snap, it is nice.  Even though it is warmer, whenever a breeze comes along, it gets cold very quickly.


Going Ape

Going Ape

I’m going ape today.  Yes, I went to see the newest Planet of the Apes movie.  This was an epic thing back in the 70s.  I attended a Planet of the Apes movie marathon at the local drive-in back then.  As a diehard fan, I can’t let these new ones go unseen.  (I admit, I’m one behind, but it is available for rent so I will see it soon.)

It was pretty decent.  Lots of action.

Trivia… did you know in the 2nd movie, the lead character’s name was Brent?

Hill Cumorah Pageant

The pageant’s opening night is tonight.  Elizabethe and I are going twice next week, but not tonight.

I will probably head over to the hill tomorrow before the performance to get some photographs.  I thought about doing that today, but then I thought it will probably be a little hectic tonight and might be better for me to wait until Saturday.


A recent Gallop Poll reports that just 18% of Latter-day Saints are favorable towards President Obama.  I don’t care to say anything about that specifically, but it surprises me when it comes to issues surrounding the commandments that Latter-day Saints would align themselves with anyone who goes against those commandments.  Probably the most critical issues are those dealing with abortion and the sacredness of marriage and family.

God  is very clear on the seriousness of abortion.  God is very clear about the sanctity of marriage and that it should only be between a man and a woman.  So, regardless of what political afflation someone holds, it is a matter of character to support those who allow for the faithful to keep the commandments.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

The Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie.  Think of Ground Hog Day meets any of many space invader movies.  The entire plot is riveting and fast paced, and there are several good laughs.   I applaud Hollywood for coming out with a good, clean movie that the entire family can watch.  (It might be a little intense for small children because of the alien monsters.)

After spending the day looking for a misplaced file on my computer, going to the movies was a nice escape.  Thank goodness it was an engrossing movie too.  It was definitely the best movie I have seen in a long time.

The entire theme of reliving the same day (as in Ground Hog Day) really works well for this space invader movie.  The idea that he keeps coming back to fight the aliens over, and over, and over again, gets to be somewhat funny in places.  I won’t spoil the laughs, but for an intensely dramatic plot, it does get funny in places.


So I read today that the investigation in to the IRS was thwarted because of a computer glitch that whipped out many of the emails sent by Lois Lerner.  How convenient.  Glen Beck recently commented that most Americans would be hard pressed to find someone among their friends who were as corrupt as those involved in politics today.  I read news like this an think of Richard Nixon resigning over a scandal that pales in comparison with the things we’ve seen the last 5 years

Dad Turns 80

Today my dad turns 80 years old.  He’s in great shape for an 80 year old.  I remember years ago him commented that he would probably not see 70.  He pointed out several family members who died quite young.  I retorted saying, “Dad, but they all smoked.”

Well, the fact that he doesn’t smoke or partake of other harmful substances is the reason he’s made it to 80, and today he said he’s looking forward to his 90th.

On my mom’s side, there’s a split.  Her mom’s family is known for heart decease and not making it in to their 80s.  On her dad’s side, they are known to live in to their late 80s and beyond.  One of my grandpa’s sisters lived to be 101.  Grandpa lived to be almost 88.

So, when I average it all together, there’s no telling what longevity I will have.  Personally, if God doesn’t want me hanging around, I’m okay with that, but I’m okay with sticking it out as long has he allows.

Today Elizabethe and I saw a fantastic movie.  We went to the new Muppet Movie.  Talk about funny.  I highly recommend seeing it.

Because we went to a matinée we had time to come home and have dinner.  After dinner, we watched Jack Reacher.  Now, there’s another funny movie.  That movies has Dirty Harry written all over it.  The Jack Reacher character’s lines are so much like Harry Callahan’s.  And, it has a good Steve McQueen style car chase.  Another highly recommended movie.  (Note, there’s a lot of shooting and killing.)

Ribbon Cutting at TSC

I’m not sure how many people know about the new Tractor Supply Store (aka TSC) (http://www.tractorsupply.com) on Route 31.  Today they had their ribbon cutting ceremony with assistance from the Macedon Palmyra Walworth Chamber of Commerce (http://mpwcc.org). (Yes, we have a chamber of commerce and it is alive and doing well.)

Elizabethe and I attended.  It was short and sweet, like a ribbon cutting should be.  Mayor Cramer from the Village of Macedon was there to congratulate the new manager.  The chamber was well attended too as many of the board members were there too.  TSC will be a good addition to the area.

After the ribbon cutting at TSC we headed to Canaltown Cinema to see the new Peabody movie (http://www.canaltowntheater.com).  It’s a cute movie based on the cartoon many of us grew up watching in the 1960s.  Mr. Peabody and his adopted boy, Sherman, travel through time in the Way-back machine.  And, just like the old cartoon, the new one is true to form as they visit Ancient Troy, Italy and Egypt.  It has a cute plot and storyline.  It’s a good family movie.

Speaking of the Chamber of Commerce, specifically MPWCC, we are advancing it forward.  The board is working with the Ad Council to rebrand the chamber so it can be a vital part of this area.  I remember as a kid in Moscow, Idaho, the Chamber of Commerce was the go-to place for people who were new to the area or wanted to know about businesses in the area.  That is where you went for maps and information.

Times have changed a bit.  The MPWCC may not have a brick-and-mortar office where people can come to get maps, but we want to make our on-line resources viable and we want to promote commerce in the area.  Good commerce.  The types of businesses that make you want to shop, work and conduct business locally.

So, please, support us in our efforts.