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Another Angelic Performance

Another Angelic Performance

As I mentioned last Sunday, angels attend the Palmyra Ward.  Today was another angelic performance as the congregation and choir sang The Spirit of God.

Palmyra is a special place, but during Hill Cumorah Pageant, it becomes more special.  Every night at Hill Cumorah Pageant is an angelic performance too.  The rest of the year, we’re special too.

After church we were going to go for a walk in the Sacred Grove, but Becky was feeling tired and we’ll have other opportunities.  We came home and everyone rested.  (We had a very busy day yesterday too.)

Zucchini Lasagna

For dinner I made zucchini lasagna.  Basically, I slice the zucchini very thin and layer it like you would lasagna pasta.  It’s quite good and not as heavy feeling as pasta.

Elders Falter and Astle came to dinner.  They really liked the lasagna.  We also had mango pudding with fruit on top for dessert.  It was a pretty healthy dinner.  Oh, and we had a tossed salad too.


After the missionaries left we watched a movie about a boy who was born on Mars and when he was a teenager, came to earth.  It was cute, but like many movies like that, farfetched.


We have a couple staying who are from San Francisco, California.  They are riding their bikes from Buffalo to Albany.  I think they were surprised when I knew the area around Twin Peaks.  I asked, “Oh, do you live in Pacific Heights?”  Their eyes got big as if to say, “Oh, you do know the area.”

Dixon Ward

Dixon Ward

Elizabethe and I attended the Dixon Ward today.  Elizabethe’s brother-in-law Dennis is the bishop.  It was fun seeing him function in this calling.

Some people I saw there…

  • John Stone – a kid I knew in high school,
  • Rob Kersey – one of Elizabethe’s cousins,
  • and a whole host of Elizabethe’s relatives.

After church I took a nap, and after the nap we had a Mother’s Day BBQ.  Brad and Marie, Dennis and Dorrie and their girls, JJ and Ge and their family, Brenda and Jeff, and a few others came.

A Good Movie

After the BBQ, Elizabethe and I watched a good movie.  It is A Box of Faith.  While the movie has some superstitious elements, which I didn’t care for, it is a clean G-RATED movie.  Yes, it is G-Rated!!!

The premise is a young girl ends up homeless after her dad is framed.  It goes through her resourcefulness, but under it all, she trusts God will take care of things.  Because of her trust in God, things go directions she can’t control, but it all comes out good.

Plans for Tomorrow

Our plans for tomorrow are to return the rental car, get See’s Candy, and spend some time with Elizabethe’s mom.



Today is Friday the 13th.  Big deal.  I often wonder why people get caught up in superstitions.    Today is no different than any other day when it comes to luck.

Elizabethe and I went and saw Passengers.  What a great movie.  The premise is a space ship loaded with 5,000 passengers and 258 crew members, all in suspended animation, is destined to a new world.  When they arrive they will be woken and they will colonize the new world.  However, something goes wrong when a passenger awakes about 80 years early.  (Hmm…. I wonder if he woke on Friday the 13th???)

It has some great twist and turns.  You’ll also laugh a lot.  There is some funny stuff in the movie.

Gift Certificate

We had a gift certificate for concessions at the movie theatre that expires next week.  It’s pretty crazy how much they charge for  popcorn and a soda.  When you pay $9 a ticket to see a movie, you’d think a soda wouldn’t cost $7, but it does.  It is absolutely crazy.  Thus, our $15 gift certificate didn’t go very far.

Warm to Cold

Yesterday it was warm for January.  It reached the high 50s.  (When I checked it was 58F.)  Today, it is down to 34F currently.  The temperatures are supposed to drop the next couple of days, and then rise again.

No More Dish

We canceled Dish Network.  Like many such services, their rates kept going up.  Instead, we’re giving Hulu a test drive.  The big thing I don’t like about Hulu is you can’t see the episode numbers on TV series, and they are in reverse order (newest first).  While that makes sense in some cases, it is a pain in other cases.  But, we’ll see if it is a viable replacement for Dish Network.


Wrong Fortune Cookie

Wrong Fortune Cookie

Wow, did I get the wrong fortune cookie.  It read, “You enjoy watching competitive sports.”


So, if anyone out there puts their trust in fortunes from fortune cookies… think again.

I personally don’t know anyone who puts their trust in those things.  Most of the time they are more words of wisdom.  I guess this company has decided to make statements about people instead.  Strange they would think that would apply to everyone.

My favorite fortune of all time read, “Eat more Chinese food.”

I felt like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!”

“Ovaltine?  A crummy commercial?” Ralphie says in response.

Love it.  That’s exactly how I felt with “Eat more Chinese food.”  Obviously, someone had a sense of humor at the fortune cookie company.

Favorite Holiday Movie

A Christmas Story is my favorite holiday movie.  It isn’t so much about Christmas as it is growing up in that era.  I remember clinkers in the furnace, snow clothes so bulky you couldn’t get up if you fell, and being told excuses why I couldn’t have a BB gun.  It’s a right-of-passage movie for anyone born in the 40s or 50s.


Speaking of lunch, we got takeout from Happiness Garden (212 E Main Street, Palmyra, New York).  Note to self:  Elizabethe doesn’t like the sauce on the garlic chicken.  I do, but she doesn’t.



Elizabethe and I saw the new Tom Hank’s movie Inferno.  It’s action packed and suspenseful.  The story is based on finding a bio-terrorist’s plot to destroy half the world’s population.

I find over-population plots far-fetched.  Population is self-correcting, and men’s attempt to control it are destructive.    So, from that standpoint, I’m glad they stopped the bad guys.  (And, that’s not a spoiler because had they not stopped the bad guys, nobody would want to watch the movie.)

Best Next Step

I’m selling off some used equipment.   By doing this, I’m having a bit of separation anxiety.  I’ve already sold my 70-200mm f2.8.  The good news is, I have a Fujifilm lens I use instead.

The frustrating part of any sale like this is finding the person who wants what you have for sale.  It’s kind of like when I was looking for an 85mm lens and a friend happened to have one to sell.

So, if you know someone who wants a professional full-frame body and lens to go along, for the price of an entry level camera… well… I’ve got it.  No, it isn’t new, but it delivers better images than the new APS-C cameras of the same brand.

Miss Peregrine

Miss Peregrine

My wife talked me in to seeing Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  We hit the 11:55am showing at the theater in Victor. There were only about 10 of us in the entire theater.  It’s a quirky movie with some good suspense.

Elizabethe read the book (of course).  It was a long time ago, and so she didn’t remember much of the story except the children were peculiar.


Before heading in to the movie we visited the food court at the mall.  I had a very good Philly Cheese Steak sandwich at Charley’s.  I had them put jalapeno ranch dressing on it along with tomatoes and lettuce.  Boy, was it good!

Then, after the movie we went to BJ’s to stock up on a few items.  (Winter is coming.)  I kept eyeing their steaks.  My birthday is coming, and that’s my favorite birthday dinner – steak!  (Ever notice that so much stuff at BJ’s cost about the same?  You can almost add it up in your head when you round up.  $10, $20, $30, $40…

Day is Gone

By the time we got home it was nearly 4pm.  The day is gone.  I just have time to update my blog, check my e-mails and all that stuff.

Route 66

Part of my blog updates were doing some Route 66 posts in advance.  Do you realize the Route 66 theme song has been covered by at least 50 artists?  Yeah, that’s quite a tribute to the love of the song.

Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

Amber and Jennifer’s arrive was perfect timing.  We saw our movie (the Secret Life of Pets), ate lunch at Longhorn, and met them at the mall by the carrousel.  Timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

The Secret Life of Pets is a very funny movie.  Before the movie the theater showed a Minion short.  It was more funny.  It was down-right hilarious.

Lunch at Longhorn was good – as always.  We got the same waitress as last time.  Our waitress, Stephanie, is really good at her job.  The boys enjoyed lunch too.


This is the first time we have taken grandchildren to the Carrousel.  As we left Elizabethe pointed out that we have been wanting to do this ever since we discovered it.

copyright 2016 db walton - Perfect Timing

Having fun on the Carrousel

copyright 2016 db walton - Perfect Timing

Having fun on the Carrousel

copyright 2016 db walton - Perfect Timing

Having fun on the Carrousel

copyright 2016 db walton - Perfect Timing

Having fun on the Carrousel


Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening consisted of going through photo albums and letting the girls take what they want.  The grandchildren had short attention spans so it wasn’t long before we were eating ice cream and getting everyone settled down for bed.

Tested My 55-200mm

Tested My 55-200mm

I tested my 55-200mm this morning by taking it with me as I walked through the Sacred Grove at Sunrise.  This also allowed me to test my new lightweight tripod.

The tripod was a little stressed with a big lens on my X-E1, but it held up to the weight.  It just sags a tad once you let go.  So, you have to over-compensate by aiming high.  It would work a lot better with a smaller/lighter lens.

copyright 2016 db walton - Testing my 55-200mm

Fujifilm X-E1 on Sirui Tripod

In all, it’s a great combination. I kind of like the bright red anodized tripod.  You can’t miss it.

copyright 2016 db walton - testing my 55-200mm

Sacred Grove Just After Sunrise

Elizabethe and I went for the morning showing of the Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles movie.  It was better than I expected.

After the movie we stopped at Taco Bell and that’s when I learned they have discontinued their verde sauce!  That’s right, their delicious verde sauce is no more.  I hope that comes back to haunt them until they bring it back.  How could they do such a thing?   That’s almost as bad as people voting for Hillary?

Testing my tripod was the highlight of the day, however.  I really like this new tripod and can’t wait to take it to Watkins Glen.

Jungle Book

Jungle Book

The Jungle Book was a must-read when I was an eight year old Cub Scout.  It was the inspiration for the program.  And, somewhere around 1967, or so, I saw the cartoon Disney movie.  Today, I saw the live-action/CGI release of the Disney movie.  Excellent!

The little boy who played Mowgli was excellent.  The rest of the characters were computer generated, but the voices were excellent too.  Christopher Walken did an excellent job as King Louie.

(You’ll have to see the movie to hear him sing.)

It is suspenseful enough for adults.  In fact, it might be a little too intense for little children.  There are scenes where the jungle animals attack each other and I could see that being upsetting to a small child.

Other than that, I highly recommend Jungle Book.  It’s not your old kid’s cartoon.

Oh, and yes, it does have some singing in it.  There’s an excellent rendition of Bear Necessities as well as I Want to Be Like You.

It must have been a day for kicking back because later, Elizabethe and I had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Elizabethe is still moving her books from the old shelves to the newly made shelves upstairs.   Now we have some old particle board laminate shelves to get rid of or repurpose.  I’m not sure what we’re going to do with them.



At the end of the day, we went to dinner with some friends.  After dinner, they invited us to their house to watch the movie Stardust.  It was a pretty funny movie.

Prior to watching the movie, we had dinner at Mark’s Pizzeria.  We had a fun time getting to know each other while enjoying pizza.  It’s also fun to sit there and see some of my pictures decorating the dining room.  (Okay, there’s also one of my pictures in the bathroom too.  That makes me chuckle.)

Tomorrow is the start of Daylight Savings Time.  How I wish they would do away with changing the time.  In this modern era, it just seems silly.  When I was a supervisor, I read an article saying a change on hours takes about 2 weeks before employees come back up to speed again.  This was in reference to both changing someone’s shift and the changes between Daylight and Standard times.  But, leave it to Congress to mess with our schedules.

Some more of the parts for my LED strip light arrived today.  Perhaps next week I’ll be able to get this thing built so I can take a few pictures with it.