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Pack for the Trip

Pack for the Trip

Today I pack for the trip. Tomorrow we leave for Maine and all points in between.  I’ve never been to any of these places so it should be an adventure.

When packing for a trip it is always a good idea to use some sort of check list.  Since I’ve been packing for trips ever since I was 12 years old (Scout camping trips at that age), I occasionally get lulled in to security thinking I can get it all without a check list.  I hope this is not the case for this trip because, yes, you’ve got it, I didn’t use a check list.

After attending my networking meeting in Rochester, I headed to Wegman’s to get some provisions for the tip.  For this, I had a list.  Tortillas for wraps, sodas to drink, crackers and cheese to snack on, etc.  I didn’t get any produce because we have produce galore from our garden and I’m sure we’ll take something.

The rest of the day was spent getting things ready.  Now, for a photographer, this means charging all the batteries, formatting all of the memory cards, cleaning lenses, packing the camera bag so you can get to everything, etc.  This also means anguishing over the equipment you wish you had for those pictures you think you might get.  I know of no other profession that goes through that type of anxiety before a trip.

Wide angle lens – check
Telephoto lens – check
Medium format digital camera – nope – need more money
Filters – check

And the list goes on…

I think I’m ready for the trip.  Only tomorrow will tell.


Adirondacks with Temple Missionaries

Elizabethe and I went with the temple missionaries to Old Forge.  We drove to Utica where we caught a train up the mountains to Old Forge.  Once there,  some of us took the ski lift to the top of the mountain where we had a wonderful view.

The train ride took about 90 minutes and they had an open baggage car where you could take unobstructed pictures out the open door.

Here’s a few pictures from the day…

copyright 2013 db walton

A Train Full of Missionaries

copyright 2013 db walton

Elder and Sister Donaldson on the Chair Lift

copyright 2013 db walton

Autumn Colors and Rapids

copyright 2013 db walton

Autumn Colors

copyright 2013 db walton

Lake Behind the Trees