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Retro 1950s

Retro 1950s

Doing a retro 1950s shoot was quite fun today.  Two young women whom I’ve photographed quite a bit came prepared with clothing that looks like it belongs in the past.  My favorite was this one that is straight out of the camera…

copyright 2017 db walton - Retro 1950s Look

Retro 1950s Look

Or this one that’s a little more 1940ish glamour…

copyright 2017 db walton

1940ish Glamour

Because I had two models, there was little down time.  One would change while the other was in front of the camera.  I took about 375 photos.

copyright 2017 db walton

From the Silver Screen Era

It’s funny how we look back on various eras.  I laugh at the trend to make photographs look old and faded, however, this is not that.  This is black and white at its finest.


SOOC, or straight out of the camera, works well given my camera has built-in B&W film simulations as well as color filter.  The above were shot with Acros film and a green filter.  Well, not really, but the camera simulated the effect of Acros with a green filter.

The top picture in today’s post is SOOC.  No post processing.  You’re looking at what I saw in the viewfinder without any changes. (Of course, it’s nice to work with Angela because she has flawless skin and features.)


Lacking Talent

Lacking Talent

There’s lacking talent, and then there’s lacking ambition.  I used to hate when someone would call me and ask for a reference on a former employee.  I’ve supervised some brilliant minds who had talent, but no ambition (or misguided ambition.)

One can always get ambition.  I believe that talent is innate.  You still have to practice and have ambition, but you either have it, or you don’t.

The old saying, “I can’t carry a tune in a bucket,” is true for some people.  They can’t.  I know; I’ve heard them try.

In my profession as a photographer, I see many who as hard as they try, they can’t figure out what makes a good image.   However, more than photographers, I see wanna-be models jockeying for position in a world overrun by pretty girls who think they can model.  It’s not a lack of ambition, or looks, they are lacking talent.

Damage is Done

While this doesn’t have anything to do with the lack of talent or ambition, but more life choices.  When the damage is done, well, in many cases you can’t undo it.

Here’s the situation…

I’m contacted by a young lady who wants to pose for a romance model cover painting.   A pretty girl dressed in a Victorian style gown, hair blowing, reposed in the arms of some hunk with a torn shirt.  You’ve seen the covers as you walk by that aisle in the grocery store.  Nope, that wasn’t the young lady who contacted me.

The one who contacted me has allowed graffiti artist to cover her body (what’s exposed in everyday attire).   Too many tattoos.  For some reason, I don’t think she gets that in a 19th century southern plantation you’d find a young lady with tattoos covering her neck and arms.

What have we done that this has become so commonplace?

Another Word for Common

Another word for common is vulgar.  Vulgarity extends to more than just cussing, but how one acts and grooms.

I personally don’t think tattoos look good on anyone.  Period.  It’s like graffiti on a Ferrari.  You’ve keyed the car, only in this case, your body.

While I’m Throwing Jabs

The same day I see a picture of a beautiful young lady posed with her new fiance.  She’s dressed casual, but her clothes are neat and her hair and makeup tastefully done.

He, on the other hand, looks like he slept in his shirt, it’s untucked, he hasn’t shaved for at least 4 days, and he obviously lost his comb.

Ladies, here’s the question for you?

Why do you put up with that???

You complain about being objectified, but then you turn around and associate yourself with a slob?

(I know I’m going to take some heat for this one.)

Let’s turn it around…

Supposed the picture was of a guy in a nice suit and tie.  He’s clean shaven, and every hair on his head is in place.  He looks like someone who could walk in to a job interview and before opening his mouth, the boss says, “You’re hired.”

Now, imagine a his fiance.  She’s got bed-head hair, her mascara smeared (because she slept with her makeup on and she hasn’t taken time to clean up today), and her clothes all wrinkled.    She looks like she doesn’t care, but he is just happy to have her.


I’ve NEVER seen an engagement photo where they girl looked like a slob.  Never.  Yet, I’ve seen many where the guy looks like someone you wouldn’t hire… let alone marry.

What have we done that this has become so commonplace?

Old Fashioned

Maybe I’m old fashioned by today’s standards.  I grew a beard once.  I shaved it after I got tired of how differently people treated me.  The same people treated me differently when I had a beard than they did before.  Once I shaved it, they went back to treating me with more respect.

Oh, don’t flatter yourself by saying, “That’s their problem.”

Back to Talent

I’ll take well groomed, ambitious and clean-cut over talent any day.

Natural Light

Natural Light

The First Monday Event’s theme today is natural light.  This is an event held at the Beckwith Mansion on the First Monday of each month.  We had 4 photographers and 2 models.  It worked perfectly.  First Mondays are part of Palmyra Photographic Workshops – the educational part of photography by db walton llc.

We used the Winter Room because if it’s unobstructed windows.  While the windows face south, it wasn’t a problem today because it was overcast.

I had to kick the boiler on so the room would be warm enough for the models.  We also received the utilities bill today.  This winter has been harsh on the pocketbook.

Here’s my friend Rick taking a picture of Cas (one of the models).


copyright 2017 db walton

Rick Photographing Cas

And here’s a picture I took of Cas looking out that same window.

copyright 2017 db walton

Cas Looking Out the Window

Lock Problems

I installed a new lock on one of my rentals today.  This lock was a problem.  I could not get it to lock from the inside or outside.  Consequently, I called Kwikset’s customer support only to be told they would call me back.  (Which they never did.)

I figured it out finally.  The set screw for the handle keeps you from locking the door.  So, in order to lock the door you must secure the handle snugly.

What a pain in the butt.  At least I know for future locks of that style.


Shoot-n-Play 2016

Shoot-n-Play 2016

We had our Shoot-n-Play 2016 today.  It has been a LONG time since I hosted one.  (A shoot-n-play is where models and photographers get together and do a big group shoot.)


Four models, three photographers and a makeup artist converged upon the Beckwith Mansion and Estate.  For 6 hours models posed, photographers photographed, and the makeup artist did hair and makeup.  The results are rewarding.

copyright 2016 db walton

Model Angela and Photographer Paul Bardotz

Palmyra Photographic Workshops

Part of my business, photography by db walton llc, is educating other photographers and models.  Working together in this manner is a learning experience by itself.  Consequently, it is fun too.

Photographers have hired me to teach them about posing.  To do this, we contract with a model.  While it is easier to work with a model, many new models are like working with off-the-street clients.

Mark’s Pizza

Paul Bardotz, the guy I’m going with on Route 66, and I went to Mark’s Pizzeria to video a sample promo.  The promo is about Route 31 and Mark’s Pizzeria, however we will also use this to promote our Route 66 tour.  The hard part will be pulling it together.  I am not a video guy.

Artisan Works with Tiffany

I enjoy art.  I am a very visual person and can be totally captivated by anything that is well crafted or beautiful.  My business tag-line, Capturing Beauty, is what I like to do with my camera.  So, imagine what sensory-overload I feel when in an art gallery.  Imagine how that is multiplied when doing a photo shoot.  Yeah, the ADHD in me takes over.

We wandered around Artisan Works looking for areas, objects of art, and lighting for taking pictures of Tiffany.  She too was captivated by much of the art.

Tiffany in Front of a Painting


For example, the above photo was taking in front of an abstract art piece.  Cool background, eh?

And, if you’ve never been to Artisan Works, let’s just say it is cram-packed with stuff.  They even have an old Corvair.  Yes, I consider Corvairs to be art.  Don’t you?  (And, if you don’t… tisk… we call can’t have an eye for art I guess.)

Tiffany Outside Artisan Works

Even the outside of the building (above) made a cool back drop for our shoot.

By the way, let those Class of 2012 High School seniors know about my studio.  Summer is here, and I am ready to schedule senior high school senior portrait sessions.  Send them to my web site www.dbwalton.com and suggest they call me.  I do have a limit to how many I can do between now and the yearbook deadlines, so have them call me SOON.