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Creative Lighting

Creative Lighting

The theme today of my First Monday Event was Creative Lighting.  We started with one LED bulb and worked our way up to using 4 and various modifiers.  It was fun.  We had 5 photographers and a model.

Our model is a young lady in our ward, Victoria Boulware.  She brought clothes and did her hair to fit the era of the 1940s.  Here are a couple examples from the shoot.

copyright 2017 db walton

1940s Look


copyright 2017 db walton

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

Bank Run

I made a bank run after the workshop.  I like the new ESL ATM machines.  They don’t use envelops.  Chase had this feature years ago.  I’m glad ESL now has it.


Tomorrow is election day.  While it is a minor election, there are a few state propositions on the ballot.  It will be a day when the people of New York decide whether the status quo is good enough, or if they want change.

The big backers of the “No” vote for a Constitutional Convention are the AFL-CIO and ACLU.  To me, that alone screams, “VOTE YES”.  However, there are a lot of people who are union members who follow the union line.  I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Corned Beef Dinner

Corned Beef Dinner

I’ve always bought corned beef brisket, but today’s corned beef dinner was made with a corned beef top round. It’s more lean than brisket and has a finer grain.  It turned out very well.

We fed the sisters again.  Some how the schedule was out of sync.  One of our tenants, Michael, joined us for dinner.

I didn’t need to make dessert.  Someone brought a new pumpkin pie to church to give away.  Elizabethe brought it home and we ate it for dessert.  Surprisingly, it was the best pumpkin pie I ever had.

Photo Session

For my mission assignment, I held a mini-photo-session after church.  I photographed a few young men in the Family History Center.  The Priesthood Department requested this, and as a result, I’m fulfilling the request.

copyright 2017 db walton

Young Men Doing Family History

Excited to help, they did excellent.  The one young man repeatedly said, “I’m a model!”  Cute.

I have photo requests.  This week I need to make some appointments to fill those requests.

Travel Photography Course

I bought a travel photography course.  It was a little disappointing because it mostly talked about light and posing.  While most tourist completely forget about lighting and posing family members, most professionals want to hear about permits and that sort of stuff.

First Temple Shift 2017

First Temple Shift 2017

Today is our first temple shift for 2017.  For a winter night after a holiday, we had enough work to keep us busy.

Earlier Activities

My earlier activities were centered around painting and getting organized for the start of the year.  This included a fix-it trip to one of my rentals, but for the most part, it was office work.

Administration work is about 80% of any business.  The 20% is the stuff the business does.  By that standard, a full-time professional photographer really only spends about 8 hours behind the camera each week.  The rest of the time is behind a desk, phone or computer, or in meetings with people.

The good news is I’m getting responses regarding people to pose for paintings.  I place the value of a painting well over $1,200, yet it surprises me people who ask, “Can I get paid instead?”

I’ve learned there is one advantage of paying someone to pose.  It is this…

When they are done posing, they get paid and that’s the end.  No more dealing with them.  They can go on their way and I can do whatever I want with the pictures.

I guess if I were successful enough I would pay everyone.

Oh, there’s another advantage…

If a paid model wants a copy of the painting at a later date… guess what?  They pay full price.

copyright 2017 db walton

The Little Mermaid

Finished Another

Finished Another

We finished another bookcase.    This makes three out of the seven needed for upstairs.  (I will really be glad when this project is done.)  The construction is quite simple.  2 1x8x8′ , 2 1x8x4′, and 8 1x8x46.5 inch planks and a sheet of 4×8 masonite board.  The rest is done with 1 1/2 inch #6 screws and the staple gun.

I’ve got parts on order for a 24″x24″ LED panel light.  This will be one snazzy light.  The LED portion is supposed to arrive Wednesday, and the light-stand mount on Thursday.  It looks like Friday will be assembly day.

Anyone want to volunteer to be my model while I test it out?

Tomorrow I have a presentation to give to the CSM (Church Service Missionary) Photographers.  I went to put it together and Open Office kept crashing on me.  I saw there was a new update, and so I downloaded and installed it and it didn’t crash after that.

Speaking of Open Office, I have found it to be the best “office suite” there is.  I could never go back to using Microsoft Office (and especially now that MS Office is cloud based).

And, speaking of cloud based software… at the risk of sounding paranoid, in today’s era of espionage (Snowden, Clinton, Patriot Act, etc.), do you really want to put personal data out there on a cloud server?  Remember, rule 1 of Internet privacy:  There is no privacy on the Internet.

A Privacy Warning - Finished Another

A Privacy Warning

It amazes me when people see the above warning, that they would still click the BLUE BUTTON!

Hey folks, what that warning is saying to you is this…

By clicking the above button, we will have access to EVERYTHING you’ve ever posed on Facebook, along with all your hidden data, including your password, and we can use it however we want to use it.  So, please, make our day.  We’re a bunch of bored hackers sitting in some 3rd world country just waiting to get some of your data so we can scam you and your friends.

Remember too, when you log in to that cloud service, the only thing keeping you from your data is the service itself and your password.  And, as long as that service exists, the only thing keeping a hacker from getting to it is your password.

Show and Teach

Show and Teach

I’m a show and teach kind of teacher.  I was attempting to explain to a model how to pose a certain way and so I mirrored what I wanted her to do.  Jokingly I then commented that I should have been a model and added that I have the figure for it.

What she said in response was the sweetest comment.  It was to the effect, “You could be a model.  It’s what’s inside that counts.”

Everyone in the class smiled and I thought this is one of the sweetest professional models I have ever worked with.  While she models professionally, her desire is to become an actress.  It was refreshing to work with a model who is not so into herself that she makes others feel uncomfortable around her.  I hope I get to work with her again.

After the workshop I went to copy the files.  I personally shot 840 images during the workshop.  I think that is a record for a 3-hour workshop.  I’ll definitely be repeating this workshop.

Elizabethe and I drove the model back to Rochester for her to catch her bus back to New York City.  We were both exhausted and so we simply stopped for a burger on the way home.

While driving home Elizabethe asked what I was going to make the missionaries for dinner tomorrow.   I threw out a couple of suggestions which she didn’t think went the salad she wanted to make.  Finally, I said, “Omelets.”  (I figured that was the least amount of work and as tired as I feel, I want to keep things simple.)

Lighting Presentation

Lighting Presentation

For the CSM Photographers I did a lighting presentation today.  I’m having a lot of fun photographing with LED lights.  Who knows… that may become part of my signature look.

Here’s a picture I took of my friend Jack using a light that cost be about $25 from Harbor Freight Tools.  Of course, the secret is… what did I do to get this stunning result!

copyright 2015 db walton

LED Lit Portrait

Well, to find that out, come to my workshop and you’ll learn.

Plus, I have a really fun model scheduled to for the workshop.  (Sorry, my friend Jack isn’t our model.)  I worked with her in NYC and she’s fun, beautiful, and easy to work with.

Here’s a picture of her…

copyright 2015 db walton

Model: Tania

I’m limiting this workshop so anyone who wants to take it should sign up.  Besides, it may be your only opportunity to work with Tania.  Me… you can learn from me most any time.

I’ve also been re-organizing my files.  I’m moving to NAS storage and I’m liking it.  Right now, I have 10TB on the NAS with a removable SATA drive docking station on the network too.  It’s pretty slick.

NYC Model Shoot

NYC Model Shoot

I had a NYC model shoot today.  We rode for about 7 hours via bus to Manhattan, and then did a model shoot from 8:30 to 11:30am.

Everything went very well.  Our model showed up as scheduled and well prepared, the weather cooperated during our shoot, and we got home safely.

The model was this delightful young lady from the Ukraine.  Her English is good, but we did have to define a few words.  However, none of that presented any issues.

As we got in to the shoot we discovered how fun she was to be around.  Here she was with three guys who were all decades older than her, but she laughed at our stupid jokes (used in an attempt to get her to laugh so we could capture the smile), and she joked along with us.

copyright 2015 db walton

In Bryant Park, NYC

Three hours of shooting went by very quickly.   While I think I could have shot for another 2 hours, our model had to go to an audition and my two colleagues were exhausted.

We spent the rest of the afternoon mostly siting around watching people.  We took a break to grab some lunch, and later, some dinner, but for the most part, we sat and watched the people.

As we were sitting there, one of the guys spotted our model.  (This is a couple of hours after our photo shoot.)  So, I ran up behind her as she was walking down the street, and disguising my voice asked, “Miss, are you a model?”

She turned around with a look of shock, saw me, and started to laugh.  She held up her hand and said, ‘High five’, implying that it was a funny thing I just did.  She gave me a big hug, told me about her audition and we said so-long again.

It was a fun day, and it’s back on the bus for the long ride back to Rochester.

By the way, if you, or if you know someone, would like to do a NYC Model Shoot with mentor and trainer, D. Brent Walton, let me know.  More details can be found at http://www.dbwalton.com/store/nyc-mentored-model-shoot/

Heavy Rains Again

Heavy Rains Again

We had heavy rains again.  Wednesday night it was near hurricane conditions.  Today, same thing on and off all afternoon.

We had an extra wet winter that was also extra cold.  We’re now having an extra wet spring.  Things are very green here, but if you come to visit, carry an umbrella.

An amazing thing happened today.  One of my clients arrived when it wasn’t raining.  During the photo session it just poured.  When it was over, the rain had stopped and she was able to walk to her car without getting soaked.  Now, that is serendipitous!

I wasn’t so luck when I drove to the pharmacy.  When it came time to go to my car, the rain was coming down so hard there was about 2″ of standing water on the streets.  It was coming down like CRAZY.

I could really use a test model right now.  I could use someone who doesn’t mind giving up an afternoon so I could do some lighting test shots.  Here’s the caveat, that person has to be drop-dead gorgeous.  Yeah, I can test lights on my mannequin, but when I test them on a live human, I want pictures that both the model and I will be pleased with.

Here’s a sample of what I’m going for…

copyright 2015 db walton

Lighting Testing

I need someone with a good complexion, healthy looking hair, nice facial features, and time.   No modeling experience necessary.  Because it does require a release by NY State Law, they must be over 18 too.

Another Ride

Clay and I have been pretty consistent in riding at 6:45am.  We again headed east on the Erie Canal Trail for our pre-work bicycle ride.  Today was a little warmer than yesterday.

It is lawn mowing day again.  This time I didn’t use the catcher and just directed all the clippings to one section of the lawn.  The last time it took 4 hours with the catcher, and I don’t have 4 hours to spend mowing today.

I’m still working on my book, Little Black Dress – Never Tell Your Daughters They Can’t.  I need more participants, I’ve got a lawyer, paralegal, mayor, model, student, and I could use many more.  If you know impressive women, have them call me.  The photo session takes about 15 minutes.  The more participants I get, the sooner I can publish my book.

D. Brent Walton is a professional photographer.  He is currently photographing women for his next book, Little Black Dress – Never Tell Your Daughters They Can’t.  The book will feature women from all walks of life with short biographic statements.  The book is dedicated to women who make a difference in this world.  You can see Brent’s work at http://www.dbwalton.com