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Recalcitrant – it’s the best word I can come up with to describe it. I’m talking about the Fast and Testimony Meeting participant who ignores all previous pleas from the bishopric to keep it short and restrict comments to brief statements of beliefs.    I’m ultra sensitive to this, I know.

And, perhaps recalcitrant is a little harsh.  However, we don’t really have a word in the English language (that I know of) that describes someone who ignores instructions.

I once heard a talk that said valid words during a testimony are, “I know… “, “I believe…”, and “I hope…”.  They went on to mention a few phrases that should never be used, such as, “I exhort you… “, “You/We should… “, as well as telling jokes or long stories.

During one of these dissertations I admit my mind drifted someplace else.   Just before I did, Elizabethe leaned over and said, “We’re three for three,” in reference to some ramblings from the podium.


I imagined myself in a Fast and Testimony Meeting where a bishop asked that person who would come to the pulpit, because of the great number of people, would give one statement about what they know or believe.  He wanted them to keep things VERY short.

I sat there thinking, “Hmmm… I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  Or, I know Heavenly Father loves all of us.  I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God….  Which one do I say?”

In my little daydream  it hit me.  Just get up and say the one you feel the strongest about.  The others will probably be said by someone else.

Just thinking about it helped me feel better about how the meeting was going.  As a result, I may just do that one of these Fast Sundays.  I may just stand up and give one sentence.


In honor of the U.S.A. recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel I made shawarma for the missionaries.  My hummus turned out very well and Elizabethe even liked it!

Home Canning

Home Canning

Home canning is a wonderful thing.  I stood looking at some of our canned jams and jellies and immediately had a desire to toast a bagel, open a jar of pepper jelly, and have a snack.

This was not until I had sat a few jars on my light table to photograph them.  Jellies have an amazing color.  Other canned foods, like beans and carrots, have these amazing textures and patterns.

By now you may have guessed that the Create LDS Photo Challenge is Self-Reliance.  Canning is just a small part of self-reliance.  There are many other aspects of self-reliance like managing debt, learning to repair and maintain a home, gardening, and more.

Tuesday’s Meeting

Our Tuesday’s meeting was a review of photos that had been submitted and a discussion about search words.   We now have about 160 CSM Photographers.


It was snowing this morning.  We got about an inch again.


The temple tonight we had two good sessions.  In spite of the cold and snow we had enough people that we had about 15-16 people in each session.

Several of us shared a laugh or two about Elizabethe and I running in to all of those temple missionaries at the movies on Monday.  We all agreed that Star Wars VII is a good movie.

Social Media

I have some new rules for social media.  These are them…

  1. Post something evil and I unfollow you.  This means porn, cussing (even implied like using a couple of letters to represent the word followed by symbols – example:  this would become th12, but using a cuss word).
  2. Troll me because you don’t like my opinion and I will unfriend you AND block you.


Male Voices

Male Voices

Male voices raised in song becomes one of the most powerful sounds known to man.  I love the soundtrack to Hunt for Red October.  But, even more, I love the sound produced when the men in Priesthood meeting sing out loud and strong.

Evidently our bishop does too.  He mentioned after the opening hymn in Priesthood Meeting that he wishes the men would sing like that when seated with their wives and children in Sacrament Meeting.  I would have to agree with him on that.

I recall one time during a General Priesthood Meeting, during the intermediate hymn, thinking that if I were with an invading army, and heard my foes singing like that, I would tuck-tail and run.  So it is with the devil.  I don’t think he is able to abide a body of priesthood holders united in song.

If you watched the above video, then you know exactly what I mean.

Stuffing Waffles

I made stuffing waffles.  At first, I thought I really goofed up by adding too much water.  So, after the bread sat for an hour I drained off the excess, but it was still too wet.  So, I added some rice flour and pancake mix.  The results were amazingly good!!!

We topped them with mashed potatoes and some chicken in chicken gravy.  Everyone at dinner liked them.  I will definitely repeat this dish.

Missionary Sunday

Missionary Sunday

It is a missionary Sunday today.  The mission president and one of his counselors spoke in Sacrament meeting, we had a combined Priesthood/Relief Society missionary meeting, and Elizabethe and I fed the sister missionaries.

Because Tuesday is Saint Patrick’s Day, we had corned beef for dinner today.  Elizabethe calls it New England Boiled Dinner.  To me, it is just corned beef and all the traditional cooked vegetables that go along with it.

While talking to the missionaries, the topic of last year’s movie the Saratov Approach.  So, after the missionaries left, and we cleaned up in the kitchen, we retired to the bedroom.  Once there, I suggested we see if Amazon Prime has the movie as I had never seen it.

They did, and so we watched the movie.  IT IS GOOD.

Being a return missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I found this movie to be riveting.  I found myself asking, “What would I have done?”  “Could I have handled a situation like that when I was 20 years old?”

If you have not seen the movie, you’ve got to watch it.

Elizabethe says the version we watched had a couple of scenes removed from it.  That’s too bad.  I would have liked to have seen the scenes she described.   In fact, they would have helped bridge the story.  Without them, there is a gap that leaves you wondering why they backed off from their plans to attack their kidnapper.

SPOILER ALERT:  Anyway you look at it, it is a good movie and story of courage, faith and dedication.  With every excuse in the world, nobody would have ever faulted these two young men if they would have gone home after their ordeal.  Yet, they chose to stick it out for their two years.

Wednesday Routine

Wednesday Routine

The Wednesday routine is to update my blogs, check e-mail, and head to my Rochester networking meeting.  That’s the routine.

My Wednesday Rochester Referral Network meeting was kind of a State of the Group meeting instead of a speaker.  There was some good ideas discussed.  Both networking groups I belong to are good groups.

While today had some sunshine, it was very cold.  Most of the day it was in the single digits.  The radio said we are on track for having the coldest winter ever in recorded history.  That’s cold.

I wonder if that means we are going to have the hottest summer in recorded history?

I hope not.  That’s one of the things I like about Western New York, a hot summer day is 90.  I don’t like 3-digit summer days.  The time I was driving across Lake Havasue and my thermometer read 123 was too hot.  I thought the rubber was going to melt off my rims.

I cleaned up the studio.  I don’t know if it is the cold — bitter cold — or normal, but there were a LOT of dead bugs laying around in the studio.  I swept the floor and most of what was there were dead bugs.  Ladybugs, beetles, hornets, and spiders were in the pile of dirt I swept up.


No Time To Rest

This was one of those days that there was no time to rest.  Work was one meeting after another and padded with phone calls and e-mails demanding my attention.  Once work was over, I had to print some forms for Elizabethe so a potential renter could fill them out.  Then it was off to speak at the Smug Mug User Group meeting.

I think I remember eating lunch, but I know I didn’t have time to grab dinner.  Let me see… Oh, there was an old chocolate bar in the console of my car.  Does that count for dinner?

The SmugMug presentation had a rough start as I forgot the power cord for my laptop.  Thinking my battery would give me enough power, I booted my laptop.  Once Windows came up, the power meter said, “4% battery power left – shutting down.”


Fortunately I had the good sense to put my presentation notes on a USB drive.  And, someone else had their laptop there.  Using the other user’s laptop, I was able to have my visual aids. 

I talked to the group about setting prices and different pricing strategies.  It went well in spite of my laptop.  (I also realize that bargain battery I bought a few months ago wasn’t that great of a bargain.  There’s no way it should have been that low under normal conditions.)