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Server Work

Server Work

I built a good career off my knowledge of computers, mathematics and algorithms.  I say, make the server work.  That’s right, make that server work.

Every computer I own has virus checking software.  These days, it is stupid not to have it on a computer.  The problem is, it can really slow down a computer when scanning LOTS of files.

So, I finally put my former career to use.  I realized all of my computers were doing scans on the server.


That’s a good question.  Why was I doing that when the brains of my server are just sitting there doing what servers do — sharing files.  Why shouldn’t the server being doing all the work?

Yes, my server has virus software too, but without getting in to the nitty gritty, it basically takes care of the server’s internal hard drives.  It’s time to make it take care of the NAS drives too.

Setting it Up

Setting it up is easy.  I just told the virus software on the server to scan EVERY drive it can see.  Now, I can tell my laptops and desktops to only scan files it is opening (with the exception of their C: drive.)  This will sure make things a lot faster.


Oh, and an update… it is scanning it’s 2,133,529th file right now.  That’s over 2 million files that my desktop doesn’t need to scan.  Yeah, my computer is already running faster.

Getting Errors

Getting Errors

I was getting errors today when I would try to upload photos to my blog or do updates.  I called GoDaddy and was informed I might have malware on my web site.

(sound of a record scratching goes here!)


Now, I thought the hosting company protected against malware on their server.  What I didn’t realize is they now have malware that goes after web sites.


After about 90 minutes on the phone they told me it had to be escalated and it should get resolved within 72 hours.

It wasn’t resolved when we left to go to the temple, but I checked when we got home and it was resolved.


It was about at this point I started to question my nearly 8,000 subscribers.  Could one of them be the culpert?

I went to delete them, especially the ones from Russia, Greece, and various other eastern hemisphere countries.  20 at a time would take forever!  Then I discovered I could modify how many would display at a time and I set it to the maximum of 999.

Then it gave me an error saying the URL was too like.  (Yes, it set code in the URL for EVERY use.)  I kept knocking it down until I got to 350.  At 350/delete I can do this.  Off I went deleting all of those so-called followers.  I’m not sure this is good, or bad, but it’s done.