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Then and Now

Then and Now

Posed With Their Copies of the Friend

Then and Now

About 4 years ago I photographed 3 children for the Friend Magazine.  It took them 3 years go publish the pictures, and since these children have grown quite a bit, I thought I’d take a picture of them at the Log Home just like they were in the Friend.  I think it would be fun to photograph them in 10 years and again in 20.

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Log Home

It’s been beautiful weather today.  Elizabethe got some apple trees and we got them in the ground.  It will be nice to have some fruit trees.

Elizabethe came up with an idea that we should turn to crowdsourcing for maintenance on the house.  Of course, we have incentives as “thank you” gifts for those who do.  The URL for the Beckwith Mansion is  http://www.gofundme.com/beckwithmansion.

And, since we’re doing it for the house, let’s spruce up the downtown building too. Here’s the link for it:   http://www.gofundme.com/jarvisbuilding

Flyer Layout

This repertory ailment is finally letting up. I managed to get a lot done today on some flyer layouts. I knocked out three designs. (These flyers are for my photography studio. A couple for brides-to-be, and one for portrait clients. I give portrait clients a “style guide” that tells them what to wear to make the best of their portrait session. You can visit my studio web page at www.dbwalton.com to see samples of my work.)

By about dinner time, I decided I better call it quits. Well, as things would have it, as soon as I slowed down the congestion came back with a vengeance.

Tomorrow is Easter. Fortunately, after church there isn’t a lot going on. The rest will be welcome.

D. Brent Walton is a professional photograph. His studio specializes in weddings, beauty and glamor portraits. His studio is featured in the March 2013 Professional Photographer Magazine, and you can see his work in The Friend Magazine (issues January – April 2013).

More Networking and Backup

Another networking meeting this morning. Today’s speaker was Garry Wolfe.

I’ll start by saying many computer geeks do not impress me. I spent 32 years in the computer industry and can see through a lot of smoke and mirrors. Garry impressed me.

The reason Garry impressed me was he talked about how he will clone a laptop drive (something anyone can do), but then he will test the backup and teach the laptop owner how to swap drives when the main one fails. I realize this is a rather simple thing for a computer-savvy person to do, but the fact of the matter is that many people are intimidated when it comes to messing with their laptop hard drive. And, many people take for granted that their back up works. The very fact that Garry will test the backup says he’s conscientious about his work.

Although Garry didn’t touch upon this, I would like to point out that if it takes a few days for you to backup your hard drive on Carbonite or one of the cloud services (they are slow), it is going to take you a while to get it off. For example, my Roadrunner service has about 3x the download speed as it does the upload speed. So, if it takes 3 days to backup my hard drive, it will take a day to download all that data.

The question is, do you want to wait a whole day when you lose your data?

So, if you carry important data and programs on your laptop, and you want a backup that you can trust, let me know and I’ll put you in contact with Garry.

My next stop was to the town assessors office to contest our 20%+ increase. We had a pleasant meeting and now we wait to see if our assessment is going to be lowered.

As we were leaving, a potential client called and said they have a deadline for next week. They need images for a magazine story and are in a crunch.

His timing was perfect. We went home, grabbed a quick bite for lunch, and then I headed off to their office to meet with them.

D. Brent Walton is a professional photographer, certified by the Professional Photographic Commission, and holds a Photographic Craftsman Degree from the Professional Photographers of America. His work can be seen at http://www.dbwalton.com and http://www.FineArtbyDB.com .

Writing for Publication

Writing for publication is difficult.  I hated writing as a student.  It was my least favorite thing.  Now, I find myself doing this difficult task to get gain.  Why do I punish myself?

I’ve got a couple of articles in the works plus a couple of books.  For the magazine articles, you have to write at about a 6th grade level.  I find that part easy.  The difficult part is getting the story to flow so you don’t confuse the reader.  For the books, it is even harder.  My wife keeps pointing out that I need to “show” not “tell” the readers.  A narrative (tell) is so much easier than painting a picture with words.

I spent most of the day working on one of my articles.  Writing for the newspaper was much easier.  Those articles were short.  A magazine demands more, and it also requires photos to go with the story.  Came the end of the day, I wasn’t quite ready to stop writing because I didn’t want to lose that momentum.

Tonight at the temple was the Tanner’s last Tuesday night.  I’m glad they live close enough that we can still visit and see them.  Next Tuesday, the new presidency will be in place.

Autumn Leaves