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City of David

City of David

The City of David was a district just south of Jerusalem.  When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in the 1st Century, they left no stone unturned, and the City of David was buried in Rubble.

It is important to note that the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. was bad.  The entire old city was razed, which fulfilled prophecy (Matt.24:1-8).  What we see today is not what existed at meridian of time.  In fact, some modern archaeologist question if the Dome of the Rock is actually on the Temple Mount!  They say it was more towards the City of David.  (Now, that is interesting because that would mean the temple could be built without disturbing any of the Islamic sites.  However, it would also mean the Western Wall was not part of Solomon’s Temple.)

We visited the excavation of the City of David today.  This modern excavation, in time, will answer many questions.

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View of Old Jerusalem in the Rain

The railing you see in the picture above are walkways.  To the center left, the slope down is the ancient City of David.  To the right of center is the Dome of the Rock.

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City of David

The visitors’ center at the City of David is quite nice.  John and Linda took time to take pictures of the carving on the wall.

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City of David Gift Shop

We were waiting for Matt and Becca in the gift shop.  It was cold and rainy outside.  The one young lady (the blond) was from San Antonio, Texas.  She explained dreidels usually say, “Something Important Happened There.”  The ones sold in the City of David say (in Hebrew), “Something Important Happened Here.”

The Tunnel

Hezekiah built a tunnel under the City of David. Today you can walk that tunnel.  Actually, there are two tunnels, one for the water, the other for access by people.  We walked the dry one.

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In Hezekiah’s Tunnel

The water from the tunnel empties in to the Pool of Shiloam (or Siloam).  This pool is where those going to the temple would stop and wash.  Today, it is an archeological discovery (discovered in 2004).  As a result of this discovery, we can now visit the very steps where Jesus healed the blind man.

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Matt and Becca at the Steps Where Jesus Healed the Blind Man

It is a special place to be in this tunnel (above).  Because of the destruction of Jerusalem, these steps would have been outdoors in Jesus’ time.  However, today they in this reinforced tunnel where they are still working on uncovering what the Roman’s covered in 70 A.D.

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Walking Where Jesus Walked

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Looking Down the Stairs

Earlier Today

I neglected to mention my breakfast.  Here’s an example of breakfast at the Abraham Hostel:  milk, salad, yogurt, bread, jam, hard boiled eggs and an orange.

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It’s okay for a few days, but if you’re staying long term it can get a bit boring.

On the way to the car, in a puddle of water, Linda found a glove she lost.  She was so excited to find it… as you can see (below).

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Linda Found Her Glove!

We stopped at Omar so I could purchase a carving of Jesus for Elder and Sister Riggs (you can see it on the 2nd shelf above Brent Top’s elbow.)  And, I ran in to Brent Top.  It’s funny because Omar and I were just talking about him the other day, and … here he is.

I asked him to point to his business card on Omar’s shelf.

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Brent L. Top at Omar’s

For lunch we stopped at a convenience store.  The weather got nasty and we picked up some stuff to eat at the hostel.

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Convenience Store Lunch

Dinner was at the hostel.  They put on a Shabbat Dinner every Friday night.  It’s a nice time and you always meet new people.  We sat by a couple.  He was German and she was Russian.

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Our Table at the Shabbat Dinner

John volunteered to do the blessing on the wine.

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Shabbat Dinner Blessing the Wine

Ah, dinner.  Not a lot of protien, but I survived.

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Shabbat Dinner

Tomorrow is church.  Shabbat has started.

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Singing is Mandatory

Tom Chapman

Tom Chapman

My dear friend Tom Chapman has gone on to his next estate. I learned today that he passed away last night. Tom and I would go to lunch on Wednesdays and he’d talk about Guantanamo Bay and being a Navy Seabee.  In addition, he’d talk about his adventures with other mutual friends like Bart Dahneke and more.
The people at Burger King and Subway (our regular stops) got to know Tom too. They’d tease him asking if he wanted onions (which Tom hated with a passion). Tom would laugh and say, “You put onions on my sandwich and I’m outta here.” Then he’d walk to the door pretending to leave.  And even up to the end, he enjoyed a good, roast beef sandwich or a Burger King Whopper.
Looking back, we started our Wednesday lunches back in April last year. Tom’s dementia was increasingly getting worse. Myself and a few others started taking him to lunch so his sweet wife, Mary, could get a break. I enjoyed spending time with him. Yes, because of the dementia he’d repeat stories, but that was okay with me.  As a result I could see how happy it made him to be able to tell someone about himself and his past experiences.
One day when I came to get Tom Chapman to take him to lunch, his wife met me at the door and told me Tom had been having a bad day. When she fetched him, I could tell he was a bit on the grumpy side. Mary reminded him that he likes going to lunch with me, and then she said, “He always does better after going to lunch with you.” That in itself was it’s own reward.


Tom got in the car and as we drove down the driveway, he said, “I got some bad news today.” I acknowledge his comment, and he continued, “Do you know what my wife said to me?”
I had no idea what he was leading up to, so I encouraged him to go on.
“She told me I have Alzheimer’s. Do you know what that is?” he asked.
I told him I knew what it was, and we talked about his feelings about knowing what it might mean for the future.  Because of this he said his biggest fear was that there might come a time that he would hurt his wife. I could tell that possibility was tearing him put inside. By the end of our lunch together, we seemed to have pushed past the news of his Alzheimer’s and on to happier topics. That was the first, last and only time he brought it up in conversation. (I think he truly forgot about it.)
Tom taught me a lot about gratitude. Tom would take a bite of his sandwich, burger, or a cookie, or even a sip of lemonade and he’d just savor it. I can hear him saying, “Mmmm, this is a good sandwich”, and it was like the best sandwich he ever had. He’d express is appreciation to the workers at the restaurant, and he’d always tell me what a good time he had.
It’s been a wonderful 15 months getting to know this kind and faithful brother.
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Tom and Vis

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Tom and Sister Jones


Lunch with the Miners

Lunch with the Miners

Elizabethe and I had lunch with the Miners today.  Brent and Karen Miner work in the temple with us.  He is one of the counselors in the temple presidency, and prior to that, he was my shift coordinator.

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Brent & Karen Miner

We met for lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse in Victor.  We have a favorite waitress there who works on Fridays so we asked to be seated in her section.

Someone assumed we were coming with 20 guests.  (I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion.)  It was just the four of us.

We had some nice conversation and some great food.  It is Elizabethe’s favorite restaurant.  Plus, the chef knows how to cook a steak rare. Unfortunately, many restaurants don’t have a clue as to what rare, medium and well done mean.

We also had a couple of coupons which we shared with the Miners.

Cold Sweep

We have another cold sweep moving in, and it is coupled with high winds.  They have set up a Red Cross emergency shelter in Macedon.  Many homes are without power and that’s not good when the temperatures are dropping in to the teens tonight.  It is also supposed to snow tonight or tomorrow.



Oh, it is so silly to hear about the celebrities who are boycotting the inauguration.  Who cares?  If you are a Democrat, stay home.  If you’re a Republican, go.  Don’t make it an issue.

Along that line, Pat Luke, President of PPSNYS, swore me in as President of FLPPSNY tonight.  We had a great meeting.

Lunch With Tom

Lunch with Tom today was nice.  We had lunch at Subway.  After lunch I asked the owner if I could get a photo of him and Tom.

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My Sandwich Today

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Tom and Vis

There wasn’t much time after lunch before I had to leave.  You don’t want to be late on your first day as president of an organization.  That would not be cool.

FLPP Meeting

The FLPP meeting went very well.  We had a new member and many of the old timers.

Because we had no speaker, we were able to get input from everyone.  I’m glad Al is my 1st VP.  He’s got some great ideas and knows some good contacts.


I stopped at Byrne Dairy on the way home.  There’s a new one in Magee, NY, just before you enter the thruway.  The make shakes from hand scooped ice cream.

Drive Home

The Drive Home

The drive home went smoothly.  We had nice weather and made good time.  With bathroom stops and a gasoline stop, it is a 4 hour drive.

We stopped at the Cuba Cheese Shop in Cuba, New York.  I love that place.  They sell a blue cheese that is amazingly good.  I especially like it on a slice of apple or with a grape.  That was my lunch on our way home.

Our motel last night had some noisy guests.  I was very close to calling the police when they quieted down.

They also had a “continental breakfast” that with the exception of the fresh waffles, left something to be desired.  Zero protein.  That left me hankering for some protein on our way home.  We made a quick stop for a breakfast sandwich.

Bathroom Door

The upstairs bathroom door came loose again.  The last time this happened I put larger screws in the hinges.  This time, that is not an option.  The door frame appears to be made of soft wood like cedar or redwood.  It just wasn’t made to support this weight.

I drilled out the screw holes and glued some hardwood dowels in the holes.  The question is, “Will the glue hold?”  Tomorrow I’ll drill pilot holes and screw the hinges securely to the dowels.

Wet Leaves

Wet Leaves

Wet leaves don’t suck up very well.  With the reports of rain, mowing the lawn is top priority today.  The leaves are wet and are clogging the chute.  As a result, I only vacuumed part of the lawn.

The grass is green, which is an improvement.  This summer was so dry I worried the grass would completely die.

It took me all morning and part of the afternoon to cut the grass.  You can’t drive fast when things are wet.  The deck can clog up and stop the blade completely.

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Wet Leaves


For a big yard, a ride-on mower is the only way to go.  There are a lot of flaws with current mower styles.  We’re stuck with the paradigm of reel or rotary mowers.  I’d love it if someone could think outside the box.  Here’s my wishlist…

  • damage-free blade
  • ability to mow at higher speeds
  • zero-turn radius
  • clog-proof grass and leaf collection
  • dumping grass/leaves without getting off the mower
  • vacuum without mowing (i.e. ability to vacuum a driveway)
  • beltless

Chinese for Lunch

After mowing the lawn, I crave a hearty lunch.  We went to Happiness Garden and got our monthly Chinese for lunch.

It is time to try something different.  I ordered beef in garlic sauce.  It is quite good.  I will figure out how to make garlic sauce.  It’s sweet and savory.



Three Meals

Three Meals

I’ll get three meals out of my meat pizza from last night.  Today’s dinner was leftover pizza, and I had pizza leftover.  It looks like lunch tomorrow.

As I get older I’m eating less.  I get full sooner.  I can now see why some restaurants let seniors order kids’ meals.  We don’t eat as much.

Chamber Stuff

I spent the day working on chamber stuff.  The website needed updates, holiday dinner invitations needed ordering, and e-mails needed sending.  It’s a good thing I had the time to do it.

It rained all day and consequently I couldn’t do much outdoors.  At times it poured.  If I’m going to be indoors, at least I have something to do.


Shane Schumann Construction fixed the leak over the kitchen.  He says it should hold until we re-roof.  I’m glad that one is fixed.

The basement still takes on water when it rains hard.  It isn’t hurting anything because it goes right in to the drain.  The sump pump takes it from there.  It’s my understanding that’s pretty normal, but I still don’t like it.

If we had the money, I’d trench the entire foundation and take measures to seal it.

Heat Continues

Heat Continues

Heat continues in this part of New York.  This is the driest we’ve ever seen it, and the hottest too.  The lawn is dry, and the weeds are turning brown (I guess that’s good.)

After my client photo shoot, Natalie, the boys and I took Tom for lunch at Subways.  Tom gets a kick out of the boys and is always thankful for our lunch visits.

Our next stop was Wegman’s where we picked up a huge pork butt roast.  We took it home and I put it in the smoker for 3 hours.   This was after I put a dry rub on it.

The roast turned out very juicy and flavorful.  It had a good 1″ deep smoke ring.  I’ve never had a smoke ring go that deep in that short of time.  Elizabethe commented that it tastes like ham.  Mission accomplished!

By the time I was done smoking the pork and fixing dinner, I was exhausted.  The evening plans quickly changed to calling it quits for the day.

Pageant 2017

It’s time to start talking about Hill Cumorah Pageant 2017.  Folks, lodging is rare here so get your reservations made early!  At the Beckwith Mansion we are taking reservations.  You have two choices:  1) a discounted rate, but not refundable, or 2) a refundable rate at a higher price.  You choose, but remember, if you choose option 1, your payment is non-refundable.

24×24 Arrived

24×24 Arrived

My 24×24 arrived.  What’s that?  It’s a 2 foot by 2 foot light panel I plan to turn in to a studio light.  Awesome, eh?

This thing is only about 1/4″ thick and plastic on the front, aluminum everywhere else.  It didn’t come with a plug and the power supply is separate.  I can think of a lot of uses for something like this.

  • a faux window where it is always daylight outside
  • a ceiling tile light (that’s what it is meant to be)
  • a softbox for a studio (my plan)
  • a huge desk light
  • a light table

The rest of the parts are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Around lunchtime, I took a friend to lunch.  He’s suffering with dementia and this would give his wife a break from her caretaking duties.

We drove to lunch and on the way he told me stories of his past.  For him, I think this gives him comfort in that he can remember those details.

Later I learned it is best to not ask specific questions like, “When’s your birthday?”

Questions like that appeared to be embarassing to him if he couldn’t answer them.  I could tell when I asked a question like that because his brow would furrow and he’d think for a while and then say, “I don’t know.”  But, questions like, “What do you like to eat?” were more easily answered and didn’t cause him consternation.

He did tell me a few times he didn’t like onions, and so that became the laughing point of the day.  Something would come up and one of us would say, “As long as it doesn’t have onions,” and we would both laugh.

I learned a lot about Tom.  I learned he was a SeaBee in the Navy.  He owned a Piper Cherokee and was a pilot.  He worked for General Motors in Rochester.  He loves bass fishing and camping in the 1000 Islands.  He is good friends of Bob Beavers, Bart Dahneke and Gary Morse, and he as a son and daughter.

It was a good time.  Tom’s a kind, gentle person, and I hope as his dementia worsens with time he stays that way.

Date at Wegman’s

Date at Wegman’s

Elizabethe and I decided we would do our date at Wegman’s.  Taking a late lunch/early dinner assured us less of a crowd and a quiet place to sit.

I had a hankering for sushi, and Elizabethe hit the hot meals.  She got what she liked, and I got sushi and nigiri.  We found a table in the dinning room, and there enjoyed our meals.

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Wegman’s Nigiri

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Wegman’s Sushi

The real bonus was they have WiFi there too.  Elizabethe commented on what a great place to eat, relax and get caught up on e-mail.  As I work on my Get It Done on 31 ™ project, I may take advantage of Wegman’s as stops along the way to rest, eat and upload images.

For dessert, we hit Wendy’s for a frosty.  Nothing like soft-serve ice cream in a cup.

We have managed to complete two book shelves now.  We’ll be asking the Church Service Missionaries to come carry them upstairs.  These are TWO 8×4 foot bookcases.  They are huge!  I’ve got 5 more to build.

We decided not to paint or finish them.  We may at some later date, but for now, they will just be unfinished “white wood”  (whatever “white wood” is).