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Yard Work

Yard Work

Elizabethe has been doing a lot of yard work with the Reynolds boys.  They are hard workers and she’s grateful. They have got a lot of work done.

Lunch at Longhorn

We had lunch at Longhorn today.  Our favorite waitress was off, but the waiter we got was quite attentive to our needs.  It’s always a good experience there. He went overboard and ran all our gift cards and printed statements for each one!

My steak was cooked to perfection.  Thus, It was the best steak I’ve ever had.  That’s one of the reasons I love this place.

New Shoes

Elizabethe needs new shoes.  As a result, we stopped at the shoe store.  Three pairs later, we were ready to go.

We also stopped at Home Depot to look at toilets.  They are all white.  I asked about ordering a black one, and they pointed me to their website.

It’s decision time.

Poser Stuff

My  learning continues in Poser 11.  Today I learned how to save my own character.  The answer was in front of me all the time.  I just didn’t see it.  I will now be creating characters ready for action.  This will save a LOT of time.

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Pirates on the Palmyra Flag Pole



It’s Friday the thirteenth of October.  How funny is that.  For a day when superstitious people are supposed to stay in bed, there are a lot of people on the road.

We went to Longhorn for lunch with our friends Ron and Mary Harris.  The traffic to and from there was horrible.  Horrible for this area, that is.  NY SR 96 near the mall, as a result, was a parking lot.


For the first time I had a dish at Longhorn that I was disappointed with it.  Their brisket nachos is nothing to write home about.  As a result I won’t be ordering that again.  (It also reminded me around midnight with a bad case of reflux.)

What was wrong with it, you ask.  Bland, and too much fats and oils.  It was also sparse on the meat and pico de gallo.    The meat, which takes first billing in the name, was like a garnish.  The same with the pico de gallo.

From now on I order beef.


I’m torn.  I wonder if I should get the Wacom Clintiq monitor.  And, if I do, should I upgrade my desktop.

I’ve got to get rid of old technology too.  It’s starting to pile up.  However, what does someone do with a 100GB disk drive?  Does anyone even use such a dinosaur?

That reminds me!

I should measure my desk to see what fits.  No use getting a monitor you can’t use because you don’t have the space for it.

20 Wonderful Years

20 Wonderful Years

Elizabethe and I have been married 20 wonderful years.  She is the love of my life and supports me in my crazy pursuits.  (Like driving Route 66 for 5 weeks.)

We celebrated with lunch at our favorite restaurant with our favorite waitress.   Stephanie at Longhorn in Victor always treats us well.

Elizabethe ordered her usual.  I had a coupon for a burger, fries and a drink for $10, so I went for the Kobe burger.  (It was GOOD.)  Because it was our anniversary, they brought us dessert (on the house).

Evening at the Temple

We are spending the evening in the temple.  I had a wonderful experience (not suited for posting publically).  The evening was busy, as a result time passed quickly.  It is my last shift before my Route 66 trip.

Other Preparations

Preparing for a 30+ trip is exhausting.  Looking for misplaced items is the bane of my existence.   I search everywhere.  It makes me crazy.

I am missing a pouch that carries 2 batteries.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out where it is.  Looking everywhere, I am ready to give it up.

Wildey Children

Elizabethe watched the 3 Wildey children this morning so their mom could go to the temple.  She excitedly prepared checklists for them.  The children are excited too.

Lunch with Friends

Lunch with Friends

We went on a double date lunch with friends today.  They suggested a Lebanese restaurant, but when we got there, they are closed to observe Good Friday.  We called our friends and informed them, and we went to Longhorn instead.

At Longhorn we got our favorite waitress, Stephanie.  She’s spoiled us as far as waitresses go.  She’s the best.

We sat, talked and ate for 2 hours.  Lunch with them is fun.  (I won’t say who they are because they aren’t ready to announce their engagement yet.)

Studio Clean Up

My romance novel clutters quickly; I find it surprising.  There are things to put away, things to sell, and things to throw away.  It all starts today.

I moved several items to the shed.  Because I don’t use them, they belong in the shed.  My next step is to sell them.

Ready for Romance

I’m ready for romance novel shoots.  The male doll arrived today.  Because I’m cleaning the studio, I won’t have time to do test shots.  Next week I’ll do some.

The male doll is quite buff, as the girls would say.  He looks the roll with six-pack abs, strong pecs, biceps, triceps, and all the other muscles of the body.  This guy goes well with the well-endowed female doll.

Lunch with the Miners

Lunch with the Miners

Elizabethe and I had lunch with the Miners today.  Brent and Karen Miner work in the temple with us.  He is one of the counselors in the temple presidency, and prior to that, he was my shift coordinator.

copyright 2017 db walton

Brent & Karen Miner

We met for lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse in Victor.  We have a favorite waitress there who works on Fridays so we asked to be seated in her section.

Someone assumed we were coming with 20 guests.  (I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion.)  It was just the four of us.

We had some nice conversation and some great food.  It is Elizabethe’s favorite restaurant.  Plus, the chef knows how to cook a steak rare. Unfortunately, many restaurants don’t have a clue as to what rare, medium and well done mean.

We also had a couple of coupons which we shared with the Miners.

Cold Sweep

We have another cold sweep moving in, and it is coupled with high winds.  They have set up a Red Cross emergency shelter in Macedon.  Many homes are without power and that’s not good when the temperatures are dropping in to the teens tonight.  It is also supposed to snow tonight or tomorrow.

Lunch with the Taylors

Lunch with the Taylors

We’re going to have lunch with the Taylors today, but first I have a Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce board meeting.  We’re coming up to our annual meeting and so there are some things that need doing.  We have a couple of new volunteers.  It is nice to have some new people on board.

As soon as the meeting was over we headed to the mall to find a receipt scanner.  We looked at Staples, and it was good that they were out of the one that was on sale.  That caused us to head to Best Buy.

At Best Buy I pulled up a review on receipt scanners.  Number 3 of the top 10 was at Best Buy on sale for $79.  Being rated among the top 3 is impressive.  The one we would have bought at Staples is one of the worst rated scanners.  I’m glad we didn’t get it.  (It’s not even on the top 10 list… more like the bottom 10.)


We also picked up a Roku box.  I didn’t want it sucking up WiFi bandwidth, so I splurged and got the top of the line.  (I’m glad I did.)


When 1 p.m. rolled around, we went to Longhorn to meet up with the Taylors for lunch.  We asked for our favorite waitress, Stephanie.  She was happy to see us and we introduced her to Don and Jodi.

We spent a couple hours talking and eating.  We had a great time.

Setting Up the Roku

When we got home, Elizabethe wanted me to set up the Roku.  The set up was easy.  Removing the Dish TV DVR box was not.

The interface on the Roku is so much better than the interface on our Internet enabled Sony TV.  The TV doesn’t show episode numbers, the Roku does.  The picture is also a lot sharper.

The Roku is very impressive.  It’s only about 5x5x1/2 inches.  This one has fiber optic and HDMI output, as well as CAT-5 and WiFi.  Someone pressed for space could velcro this to the side of their TV if they wanted.

I need to figure out how to mirror my laptop screen.  It says it will do it, but I haven’t tried it yet.

White Paint

White Paint

Once someone has something stuck in their head it is hard for them to let go of the notion.  Such is the case of a small paint transfer of white paint on a lady’s car.  We were walking to the Eastman House from the parking lot when some young lady came up yelling, “Excuse me… excuse me…   you hit my car… excuse me.”

I went back and looked and she claimed my door hit the side of her SUV and scraped the paint off.  I went back to look at her car.  When I opened the door and where my door makes contact with her car was about 1″ away from where the paint transfer was.  My thought was …. no way.  Not wanting to argue with her I gave her our home phone number and told her I would pay to have her car washed and waxed at Sonic because the waxing would remove the little paint transfer.

Here’s the wierd thing… it triggered a PTSD episode.  This is the first time since my accident that something non-life-threatening has triggered it.

When we came out of the Eastman House I asked Elizabethe and Marilyn to both take a look.  Both asked, “Where did the white paint come from?  Your car is dark blue.”

It was then I realized the paint transfer is white paint.  I then decided it is time to take a picture of the “damage”.

copyright 2016 db walton

Paint Transfer

I can understand her being upset, and I can understand her missing the fact the paint transfer is WHITE because I missed the white paint due to my PTSD episode.  I spent the rest of the day playing over and over in my head how to break it to here that my car is dark blue.

Earlier in the Day

Earlier in the day Elizabethe and I helped at the Bishops’ Storehouse.  I worked with Tom Chapman and D.D. Harris.  It was a fun time.  D.D. and I kept relating various comments to songs.  The time passed quickly.


We hit Longhorn to celebrate Marilyn’s and my birthdays.  They honored the coupon for both of us.  This meant leftover dessert.  (Their desserts are pretty generous.)

Ethnic Markets

Ethnic Markets

I love shopping at ethnic markets.  We visit them about once a quarter.  Chinese, Indian and Turkish are the three we visit the most.

Elizabethe and I went on our dinner date at Longhorn this afternoon.  We then went to our three favorite ethnic markets.  Doing this on a Friday night was a mistake.  While it is evidence their patrons work during the week, it is also a zoo at these stores.

I’ll go back to midweek daytime visits!

Chinese Sauces

I’ve got to create recipes for my favorite Chinese sauces.  Some are hard to find when you go back to restock.  While they are expensive, the ethnic stores are still cheaper than Wegman’s, Top’s and other American grocery stores.  Soy sauce is available in a hundred different brands and varieties, however, try finding the same Char Siu sauce as you did 6 months ago.

Most of the time these sauces draw from the same core ingredients:

  • soy sauce
  • bean paste
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • five spice
  • mirin
  • rice vinegar
  • fish sauce
  • sugar
  • red chilis

It’s like baking… it all depends on the proportions.  Anything else is supplemental.   Thus, if I can develop recipes I can make the sauce in a big batch and can it in small jars for future use.

I picked up sauces to restock the pantry, as well as dried mushrooms and pot stickers.  I’m ready for the winter.