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A Pirate Life

A Pirate Life

“A Pirate life for me…”  Ah, yes, it is Pirate Weekend in Palmyra.  The village is full of people saying, “Arrrr”, and wearing eyepatches.  This is one of my favorite activities and traditions in Palmyra.

I love our small town and this is one of the many things I love about it.  It is simply a fun weekend that started last night with the movie Goonies being shown in the park.


copyright 2015 db walton

Pirates on Parade

The bed races are my favorite.  I was a little disappointed that there were only two entrants this year.

copyright 2015 db walton

Bed Races 2015

The Stormin’ Mormons met with some trouble when they blew a tire.  They were moving so fast you could smell the rubber burning (I’m not foolin’).

copyright 2015 db walton

Blown Tire


By the way, I’m available as a consulting-engineer for future bed makers.  When it comes to wheels this former bike-builder/mechanic knows a few things that can help your bed get the edge on the competition.  There will be a catch.  Your bed will have to bear some sponsorship logos.  Oh, and just because I provide you with building advice, I’m not responsible for the execute of the plans or your race-day performance.

It was a fun day, and if you’d like to see all of the pictures, you can check them out at www.dbwalton.com and use the password ahoymate (all lowercase, no space).

A New Coat for Moroni

I learned today that the Moroni on the temple was replaced.  They swapped him with one that had a new gold leaf coat.  The old one is now going to be re-coated and placed on another temple.  I kind of wish I would have known so I could have covered it for my missionary assignment.  But, I guess it will take some time before all the local members and church departments know what my mission is all about.

Elizabethe and I met our son-in-law, Jason, at his hotel this morning for breakfast.  He’s in Rochester speaking to some retirees about their Medicare options.  He said he got to choose where to meet so he picked Rochester so he could see us.  (Amber picked a choice husband.)  We had a nice conversation before he had to move on to go to his speaking engagement.

In our missionary meeting today my questions about BYU logos and military uniforms were answered.  Yes, I can show BYU logos, but not any non-church college or university.  Yes, I can photograph people in military uniforms.   I know there are going to be some Ute fans that are disappointed, but the church doesn’t own the U’s trademarks because it isn’t a church-owned school.