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Lightning and Night Photography

Last night Paul and I went to Seabreeze Park where they had RIT/Nikon’s annual Big Shot.  This is a cool concept where they get LOTS of people…

Big Shot Gathering

… all armed with flashlights…

Picture Taking Crew

… while the a few photographers take a time exposure of the park being lit by all those people with flashlights.  Here’s a link to the page if you want to get a view of the results…   http://www.rit.edu/cias/bigshot/

Now, I was not one of those guys on the tower.  (bummer)  But, I did bring my camera, and here are some images of that I got.  (By the way, if any of you readers in the Palmyra area would like a class on doing this and other night shot techniques, let me know.)

Kids Playing with Glow Sticks

Painting with the Camera

More Camera Painting

After dropping Paul at home, I decided to pull of the side of the road and get some photos of last night’s lightning storm.  It was spectacular.


I wish I could schedule a class on shooting lightning, but it is hard to plan for such an event.

Today, I’ve got to take the Brent-mobile to get an oil change, and I’ll be taking it a bit easier today.  But, I’m sure I’ll take some more photos.