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Day Two 2017

Day Two 2017

It’s day two 2017 and I already feel like we’re deep in to the new year.  I’m not sure why, but I’m looking at this year and thinking… it’s almost gone.  They do say time flies faster as you get older, but this is ridiculous.

First Monday

Being the first Monday of the month, I hosted the First Monday Event.  We watched some training videos.  The first one was lame.  The gal kept flat lighting her subjects when she had this beautiful window light.  The second one was much better;the two photographers knew what they were doing.  Seeing both videos side-by-side was good.

Office Work

I spent the rest of the day in my office.  It’s time to organize stuff.  I need to make time in the next 4 weeks to collect all my tax information and submit it.  How I wish we could file taxes once every 5 years.  This is silly doing it every year.  I bet it would save the government money since it would be 80% less processing each year.

My office work took me into the evening.  I finally stopped after it got dark outside.  There is more work to do, and I wish I had more time.

Studio LED Lights

Studio LED Lights

The other day, Spencer helped me rewire and install new studio LED lights in my studio.  He did the ladder work, and I did the minutia sitting at the table.

Today, I walked out there, and turned them on just to bask in the light.  I’m very pleased with out they turned out.  It is all made from parts bought in the electrical department a Lowe’s.  Each light strip has 4 sockets with pull-chains and a 3-prong outlet.  I can actually get the wiring OFF the floor in the studio and suspend the power cords from the ceiling.

copyright 2015 db walton

House Lighting in the Studio

(Please note:  While my studio fully endorses BayPhoto (the bags in the picture), we do not endorse or recommend SmugMug.)

Haha… in the photo you can see the soon-to-be-replaced florescent fixture.

My grandson came out in the studio and I showed him what his dad and I accomplished.  He looked at the old lights and said, “But, Grandpa, those old lights are cool.”

“Fine, you can have them… if your parents say it is okay,”  I said in response.

The new lights are brighter and make the place look so much better.  Plus, the old ones hung down so much I was always hitting them and that worried me I would break one of those 48″ florescent tubes.

While the 2nd fixture is up, it still needs to be wired in to the sockets.  In the mean time, the next time Spencer gets some time we’ll at least pull the old fixture down.  And, in spite of my offer, I think they are going to end up at ALPCO Recycling.


Lighting Presentation

Lighting Presentation

For the CSM Photographers I did a lighting presentation today.  I’m having a lot of fun photographing with LED lights.  Who knows… that may become part of my signature look.

Here’s a picture I took of my friend Jack using a light that cost be about $25 from Harbor Freight Tools.  Of course, the secret is… what did I do to get this stunning result!

copyright 2015 db walton

LED Lit Portrait

Well, to find that out, come to my workshop and you’ll learn.

Plus, I have a really fun model scheduled to for the workshop.  (Sorry, my friend Jack isn’t our model.)  I worked with her in NYC and she’s fun, beautiful, and easy to work with.

Here’s a picture of her…

copyright 2015 db walton

Model: Tania

I’m limiting this workshop so anyone who wants to take it should sign up.  Besides, it may be your only opportunity to work with Tania.  Me… you can learn from me most any time.

I’ve also been re-organizing my files.  I’m moving to NAS storage and I’m liking it.  Right now, I have 10TB on the NAS with a removable SATA drive docking station on the network too.  It’s pretty slick.

Task-filled Tuesday

Task-filled Tuesday

Today was a task-filled Tuesday.  It seems I was go, go, go all day and yet I didn’t really go anywhere.  Technology means we can be kept busy while  not leaving our chair.

Our missionary meeting was today and it was the first time in 3 weeks.  The conference call went smoothly and they talked about what is necessary if we want to extend our volunteer service.  They didn’t explain, and also pointed out they do not know why this is, but we can only serve for 3 years, and then we have to re-volunteer again.

Many of the parts for my grab-n-go photography kit arrived today.  There I saw trying to figure out how to cut the foam inserts to the carrying case.  Quickly I discovered this stuff dulls scissors and knives quickly.  You’d think that gray foam would cut easily.  Well, at first it does, and then it slowly dulls the blade and it starts to tear.

Finally, I got all the individual slots cut out and then it was time to go to the temple.

As they have lately, they gave me things to do where I can sit mostly.  Frankly, I’m getting tired of doing a lot of sitting.

When we got home, I checked my case again.  I’m so proud of how it looks.  It holds 3 speedlights, 3 batteries, 3 remotes and a charger, a filter kit and a couple of power cords.

Now, for the light stands and the big case.  They are supposed to arrive by Saturday.!


Getting Ready for Workshop 2013

I spent most of the day getting ready for teaching a workshop next week.  The workshop is 4 days and consists of lighting, posing, retouching and presentation of images.  I will be teaching three students.  That’s a nice size because we can pair up for working on the assignments and I can rotate through the group as we do.

Elizabethe and I had dinner with our friend Louise last night.  She moved to Clyde a while back.  (She was in Lyons.)  We had a nice visit and she told us of her future plans and ambitions.

I spent the afternoon doing an engagement sessions for a couple.  They are getting married next October, but wanted their announcement photos taken this October.  It was a fun shoot and we did it all at the park down by the lock.

Super Monday Spring 2013

Twice a year the Professional Photographers of America have Super Monday.  This is a day set aside for the education of professional and aspiring professional photographers.  I, again, volunteered to teach a class this day.

The class was Studio Lighting A-Z.  I had 5 students, and we had a great time.

One of the students was from Pleasanton, California.  And, although we didn’t personally know each other in California, we knew of each other.  She was actively involved in PPGBA (Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area), and I was involved with NCPP (Northern California Professional Photographers, which, by the way, split off from PPGBA back in the late 1990s.)

Lighting is one of those things that separates the men from the boys, as they say.  Anyone can take a picture using flat lighting, but dimensional lighting takes knowing what you’re doing.  And, so, that is why I decided to teach this class.

I was beat by the time I got done.  Teaching is demanding, but rewarding.


Super Monday Preparations

Monday is PPA’s Super Monday, and I’m teaching again. This time, Studio Lighting A-Z. So, I thought I’d get ready.

Thanks to Gray Betty, I was about to get some illustrative (eel-LUST-tra-tiv) shots for my students.

Broad Light Rembrandt

Broad Light Rembrandt

Pretty much the entire day was spent on getting ready, and I still don’t feel ready.

I will be having them set up the studio for various styles of lighting, as well as teaching them about the equipment, the theories, and science behind studio lighting.

Someone the other day said they met a graduate from a local university who had their Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Photography. When they mentioned something about lighting, the student had no clue what they were talking about. He wondered what in the world they were taught in college.

I still stand by my convictions that anyone wanting to go in to photography as a career should get a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Marketing or Accounting. The “art” part can be developed after college, but the stuff learned in college with those degrees will help them more. After all, working in photography is about 90% business administration, sales, marketing and accounting, and 10% art.

Setting Things Back Up

After spring cleaning a studio it is necessary to set things back up. Backdrops had to go back up. Lights had to be set back up. Because things have been uncluttered, it was easier to set things up.

Elizabethe has been at the coverlet museum at a book sale all day. She has a table there and is selling her quilling and my postcards and photos. I took my lunch break and walked down there.

Came evening time, I attended Frank Gines’ memorial service. There were a lot of people there. It was nice to see so many people there to honor Frank.

Lumber Choices

The first time I ever purchased lumber, I returned home and my dad was upset that so many pieces were warped. After that, I learned that just because they sell it, it doesn’t mean it is good. Today I went to buy some 1x2s. Out of about 20 pieces, only about 2 were any good. The others were like cork screws or like bows (as is bow and arrow).

I’ve started research for my book on NY SR 31. I ate at a hotdog stand along 31. I’ll save any comments and/or pictures for the book.

My evening was spent at a SmugMug meeting. My friend Ron was the presenter and he talked about lighting. He did a really good job explaining the technical aspects.

A One-on-One-on-One Workshop

I originally thought of a name for a workshop I offer, but I quickly changed it because people might get the wrong idea about me.    I then thought we often talk about one-on-one training, but what if you have three people involved:  an instructor (me), a student, and a model?

Thus, I came up with One-on-One-on-One.

We had our first one of the 2013 year with a new model I’ve found.  She did a great job, and I think the student got some great images as a result of his instruction.  I snuck in and took a couple of photos.

Morgan in Training Class

Morgan in Training Class

I like having fun when I teach people.  Learning should be fun and full of discovery.  I remember the first time I put baking soda in vinegar, it was amazing.  Well, imagine the first time you take a photograph that “wows” you, and you ask yourself, ‘I took that?’, and you reconfirmed, “I TOOK THAT!”

My workshops are reasonably priced.  In fact, sometimes, I think I should charge more, but then I remind myself that when it comes to teaching, I should charge what I need to keep the place running.  (And, that assumes I meet a certain quota of students each month.  If I don’t, I’ll probably have to raise my prices.  Funny how that works.)

Today’s workshop was about studio lighting.  We started with a one-light set up, then two lights, then three, and finally a 4 light high-key setup.  (Even if you don’t have studio lights, this is a fun workshop.)

If you are interested in taking a workshop, visit http://www.palmyra-ny.com for the list.  If you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t being offered, it just means I don’t have it on the schedule.  When it comes to one-on-one, or one-on-one-on-one training, I schedule those on an as-needed basis.

D.  Brent Walton is a Certified Professional Photographer and principal instructor at Palmyra Photographic Workshops.  You can see his work at www.dbwalton.com and www.FineArtbyDB.com.