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First Monday Flowers

First Monday Flowers

Today is the First Monday Event and 4 friends came over where we stat around and photographed flowers.  This was more of an exercise in doing time exposures with flashlights, but flowers make a great subject.

copyright 2015 db walton

Rose Lit by LEDs

copyright 2015 db walton

Rose Straight-on

The nice things about photographing flowers inside are 1) you don’t have to contend with the wind.  Even the slightest breeze will interfere with your picture, and 2) you can photograph from the comfort of a chair.  No fussing around with trying to get to the right height to shoot the flower.

So, it was a successful First Monday.  I’m enjoying the results of my flower pictures.

Elizabethe and I talked to a lady from Children Awaiting Parents.  They are looking for photographers to voluntarily photograph the children.  This goes right along with an idea I’ve had about starting a non-profit organization that would coordinate with photographers and adoption agencies to provide high quality portraits for the orphans’ file.  While it would be quite an undertaking, it would be a worthy cause.

The lady took us around their office and showed pictures other photographers have done.  She went down the list of the photographers they’ve used, and I didn’t recognize a single one of them.  That aside, I think I can help promote the idea and get some high-quality photographers involved.

LightSaber From Harbor Freight Tools

LightSaber From Harbor Freight Tools

You’ll be able to read more about my LightSaber From Harbor Freight Tools in my photographic blog (http://blog.dbwalton.com  it will be up there on Wednesday next week ).  It’s a story about how $46 worth of equipment from a too store outperforms $1000 of equipment from the camera store.

So, I spent a portion of my day experimenting with this $23 lights (two of them, hence the $46.)  They have hooks on the end so I just hooked them over a horizontal rod in my studio and this is what I got…

copyright 2015 db walton

Self-Portrait Using LED Lights

They are pretty cool, and I love HFT 20% off coupons.  You an see the one stick in the catch-light in my eyes.

Now I just need some willing subjects so I can experiment more.

They say it is supposed to snow tonight.  We still have a lot of snow that hasn’t melted yet.  The good news is, the melt is exposing green grass.  Further good news is that in 2 months I’ll probably be mowing the lawn again.

Elizabethe met with an architect about adding an extension to the bedroom.  I’m anxious about the whole idea, but she really wants a work room off the bedroom, and to be able to turn her current work room in to another guest room with a bathroom.

LED Technology

LED Technology

LED technology has come a long way.  It was the late 70s and I was quite interested in those glowing red plastic domes.  LEDs had just become available to consumer hobbyists.  I started experimenting with them.

I had a difficult time finding the right voltage to operate some of them.  Being an engineering student, I asked my EE professor what I was doing wrong.  Before long, I had a glowing LED.

My professor commented in class about my experimentation as he explained this fairly new technology.  He said, “If any of you could ever invent a blue LED, you’d be instant millionaires.”  He then added that it would be a short hop from a blue LED to a white LED.

He was right.

I was in Lowe’s today and saw an LED work light.  It flipped the on switch and this 1/4″ square LED flooded the area with a bright white light.  It was amazingly bright.

This got my brain thinking about all sorts of low wattage applications (specifically concerning photography.)

If I were building a house today, I’d set up the lighting to be all based on LED lighting.  If I can light a room with 8W of LEDs vs 35W of CFL or 75W of tungsten lights, imagine the savings there.  Now, if we could find a way to fool the laws of physics and create more heat from less Watts… now that would make someone an instant billionaire.

Apartment for Rent

We have an apartment for rent.  Actually, we have two available.

One is a 2nd floor walk-up and rents for $600/month.  It is a two bedroom, one bath.  Non-smoking.  Convenient to the bus stop, restaurants and stores.

The other is a 2nd floor walk-up and rents for $650/month.  It is a studio with a private bathroom and walk-in closet.  It includes Internet access.

No pets for either one.  If interested, include your name, phone number and best time to reach you in a comment.  (Comment’s won’t appear to the public if inquiring about the apartments.)


Coldest Day So Far

Today was the coldest day thus far.  It was 19F outside when I go up.  No snow today.  Just cold and windy. 

The wind had blown snow onto the driveway in spots, so instead of doing my walk, I shoveled what little snow there was off the driveway, and then sprinkled calcium-chloride all over it. 

Because of the lower temperatures, you could see where people had walked the night before.  Their foot prints had turned to white icy patches on the black asphalt. 

I shoveled the cobblestone walkway to the back door too.  I know those people raised here probably think I’m nuts, but I really don’t like ice buildup on the walk-way and driveway.  Aside from that, I don’t mind shoveling snow.  I find it cathartic. 

The drive in to Rochester this morning wasn’t bad.  The sky was quite pretty with the silhouette of trees against it. 

I-490 Near Brighton, New York


Elizabethe wants to decorate for Christmas tomorrow.  I do enjoy seeing other people’s Christmas decorations, but I really don’t like putting them up, and I dislike taking them down even more.  Stringing wires is too much like work, and of all the things I have to do when working, stringing wires is my least favorite. 

I suggested we get a weather-proof LCD projector, mount it in the big maple tree and aim it at the house.  I’ll create a slide show of colored dots and patterns that will project on the house and it will look like we have lights. 

That idea got vetoed. 

What about little sticky dots that consist of an LED and battery.  You just stick them where you want light.  Surely, with LED and battery technology being where it is today they could come up with a little dot that would stay lit for days.  In fact, add a little sensor so that it is only on when it is dark.  You could space them as close or as far away as you want.  You could arrange them in any shape you want, and you wouldn’t have to worry about what to do with those gangly wires.Or, could they come up with a glow-in-the-dark paint that would charge up during the day, and glow for the first several hours after sundown.  You could paint little dots on the house.  After Christmas, just take some touch-up paint to cover them up for the rest of the year.  (I’d rather paint than string wires.  And, I’ve already said how much I dislike house painting.)

Capture fire-flies… never mind.

There must be an easier way to do Christmas lights.