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Pushing 80

Pushing 80

It’s pushing 80 today.  I mowed the lawn, but first I had to replace a blade.  I remember how excited I was when I bought this tractor.  It has turned out to be a piece of junk.  I will NEVER purchase another Cub Cadet product… and I will never buy from Blazey’s again.

After replacing the blade, I began to mow.  About 1/2 through it, a stick caused the belt to jump off the pulley.  (Yes, that’s another problem with the design of this thing.  It would be so simple to put guides and guards around the belt assembly to prevent this.  At least I know what to look for with my next lawn tractor.  You always learn with the first.)

Poser Poses

I’ve learned how to save poses in Poser.  I started a collection of my own poser poses.  Most of the time spent creating a 3D creation is spent posing your character.  Many of these poses can be reused now that I know how to save them.

Who knows… I might even sell a Poser pose pack.

Posing in Poser is quite difficult to get it right.  When someone’s body is not positioned naturally, we notice.  We notice things like, you can’t bend your fingers certain ways, we hold our hands in certain positions that feel natural, etc.  That’s why it is so important for me to save these poses.

Design Flaw and My Idea

While mowing the lawn yesterday, I had to keep an eye closely on the right-hand side of the deck.  There’s a serious design flaw on my Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor, and I’m not sure how to approach the company about it.

My thoughts are, if I tell them about it, they should be thankful that I pointed it out before someone gets seriously injured and sues them.  And, as a result, they should refund my repair bills from the times when my mower was damaged because of this flaw.

Secondly, I have two fixes that can be implemented independently or together (for added security), and I don’t want to tell them about them unless they are going to acknowledge me as the inventor in the patent.  Or, I could patent it, and then sell the technology to other lawn tractor manufactures that may use similar designs, but then, I don’t know if it is even an issue on anything other than my Cub Cadet.

So, what to do?

As I was taking it real slow on the tractor, I though… I could have an attorney call and explain the situation that his client doesn’t want to be taken advantage of, and they will want to listen before someone gets seriously hurt.  Or, I could play consumer advocate and post photos of the design flaw all over the Internet and see if that draws attention.  Or, I could do nothing and simply sell the Cub Cadet and buy something that isn’t designed that way.

If this were a car, it would have been front page news and a major recall would take place.  People would be bringing their car in to have the parts repaired and replaced at the dealer’s expense.  Unfortunately, I don’t think there are those sorts of protections in place for the owners of lawn tractors.

I sure makes mowing my lawn a pain.

How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck Chuck?

There was no break today.  From about 7:30am until about 9:30pm, I was working in some capacity or another.

I went to mow the lawn in the afternoon and guess what?  I bent a blade.  I noticed after bending the blade that the deck tilts to the right, and it is the right blade that seems to bite the dirt every time.

Thinking the tractor has a defect, I made arrangements for them to pick it up.  I then went to remove the deck so I could move the tractor.  It was then that I discovered the lifter cable had jumped the pulley.  So, I learned I need to check that before attaching the deck in the future.  Owning a lawn tractor can be expensive.

While mowing the lawn, the neighbor called me over to tell me he found a woodchuck hole.  I went to check it out and sure enough, there’s a hole under the wood pile (of course, where else.)

The neighbor loaned me a trap and I bated it with cabbage from the garden.  I figure this little guy is the reason my cabbage is gone.

Sure enough, in a few minutes I had caught this guy…

copyright 2013 db walton

Woodchuck Caught

He wasn’t too happy to be in that cage (you can see the cabbage to the left).  I had a meeting to go to, and he had food, so he would have to wait.

I came back from my meeting and he was laying there like he had given up any hope of getting out.  I picked up the trap and placed it in the trunk of the car.  We were going to go find him a new home.  I managed to find him a home in the woods far away from any house or businesses where it looked like he might enjoy life.  I opened the cage and he reluctantly walked out, and then realizing he was free, he made a scamper into the underbrush.