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Joyful House

Joyful House

A joyful house is one filled with the laughter of children.  Our guests this weekend brought a lot of laughter and joy to the Beckwith Mansion.

A friend from Pittsburg, California, contacted us about room availability.  Before long, we had booked her nephew’s family for their family tour through the region.

We get a lot of older couples (without children in tow) staying here, but there is something about a house full of children’s giggles and smiles.  It was also fun to walk out in the front yard and seeing children tossing a Frisbee around while mom was taking pictures and dad loading the ice chest for the day’s venture.

Before long, they were off for the day.  Later when they returned, those old enough went to the temple while grandma stayed behind to watch the little ones.  One of them drew a picture and presented it to Elizabethe…


A Letter from a Child

A Letter from a Child

Later I heard the sounds of children in the basement family room having fun playing with the toys.  Their laughter and giggles is quite welcome here at the Beckwith Mansion.

That’s what it is all about… families.

I have a speaking engagement on Monday in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  I’ve got to throw a few things together for it.  It’s not like teaching here at the studio where things are close at hand.  If you don’t pack it, you won’t have it.  So, I’ve got to focus on getting ready.

The Beckwith Mansion is located in the Village of Palmyra, New York, and is classified as a tourist home.  Think of us like a Bed and Breakfast, except we don’t serve meals.  Lodging is affordable and you may use our kitchen to serve your meals.  We are also walking distance from several restaurants in the area.  To make reservations call us at (315) 359-5280.

YouTube is Proof

When I was young, I used to love watching shows that made me laugh so hard it would hurt.  Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, the Pink Panther (both the cartoons and the movies).  You just can’t find good comedy any more.

The proof is on YouTube.

Go to YouTube.  Click on “Popular”, find the first video that appears to be something funny.  What you will find will disgust you, offend you, or be an insult to your intelligence.

Granted, anyone can post stuff on YouTube.  This makes finding good stuff even harder.  So, I ask, why are the “popular” videos such trash?

Example:  Ray William Johnson posts a video of a cat attacking a cat feeder.  The video of the cats is entertaining for a few seconds.  But, the guy narrating (I assume Mr. Johnson), has a potty-mouth and is offensive (makes fun of Jews and middle-easterners).

How did we come so far?

As I clicked on the red box with the X in the upper right corner, closing the browser that once played a YouTube video, some familiar words echoed in my head, “O ye fair ones…”


I decided I needed some uplifting after that.  (Not were they not funny, they were depressingly annoying.)


It is a delightful day here in Palmyra.  Not to hot.  Sunny.  And lots of flowers in bloom.

Now, yesterday I mowed the lawn, and if you missed the video on YouTube (no potty mouths, and Keystone-cop like antics), here’s the link…  http://youtu.be/-DRIBr6vito

After mowing the lawn, there were no dandelions left standing.  Today, not only are there now yellow blossoms, there are new white puffy ones.

How can they go from…


to this…


… in one morning?

I actually like dandelions.  I never understood why mom would kill them.  There is something magical about them.  They also illustrate the saying, “growing like a weed.”  (It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I cut the lawn.)

Dandelion Up Close


There’s a lot of good out there in the world.  You’ll find it outside and not necessarily on YouTube.

I think I’m going to grab my camera and head back out side.