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Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin

My interest shifted away from Chris Keniston to Evan McMullin for President.  Even is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, worked for the C.I.A. and a BYU graduate.  He is running as an independent.

Evan is Johnny-come-lately, but his popularity is rapidly gaining.

What I Like

What I like is he is a true conservative (in the political sense).  Trump, Clinton and Johnson are as liberal as they come politically.  Johnson and Trump have a few fiscally conservative ideas, however I can’t trust them.  Clinton is liberal both fiscally and politically.

Trump carries baggage  from the past.  It makes you wonder if those past behaviors are because of character flaws.  Johnson is morally bankrupt – drug use and living-in-sin (as we used to say).  Clinton is off the deep-end when it comes to scandals.  I’ve never in my life seen a candidate so scandal ridden.

Right now, McMullin seems to be the only candidate beyond reproach.


Tonight’s temple shift was enjoyable.  Some of the missionaries have already left, and others are about to leave.  Going to the temple is a refreshing break from the political scandals and bad stuff going on in the world.

That’s another thing…

I like a candidate whom I know goes to the temple.  While people can lie to their bishop and stake president to get a recommend, most do not.  Most are good, honorable, honest people.  I know Romney is such a man, but he isn’t running, and I believe McMullin to be such a man.


Missionary Teams

Missionary Teams

They are going to be forming missionary teams for our photography mission.  I won’t say a whole lot more about it except it is exciting it has grown to the extent that responsibilities need to be spread out.  More to come.

I posted a meme that was attributed to Ezra Taft Benson without checking things out.  (That’s a big faux pas for me.)  While he may not have made the statement, it was in keeping with the teachings in Alma chapter 10. It is also inline with things President Benson said.

It is really disturbing when people say, “If you vote for so-and-so, you’re just wasting your vote.”  Such comments fall in to the category of following the crowd.  The only time a vote is wasted is when you don’t vote, or invalidate your ballot by not following instructions.  Heck, by that logic, you might as well see who is at the top of the polls and vote for them.

Reuters shows Clinton leading with about a 10% lead.  That’s HUGE.  While, I really don’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House, with that kind of lead Trump doesn’t stand a chance.  That’s completely scary.  Yet there are those on both sides who say one or the other is the lesser than two evils.  I wonder if all of those folks were to vote 3rd party, would it make a big difference?  I bet it would, but they are too chicken to vote 3rd party because they have convinced themselves they will be throwing their vote away.

Then, some of the polls only provide options for Clinton, Sanders and Trump — they totally neglect to add the other party candidates.  With that type of polling, it has one goal and it is to discourage people from voting outside the two-party system.  What if Gary Johnson was thrown in to that same poll?  Would that skew the numbers?  We don’t know because they aren’t asking.


We had a nice evening at the temple.  This time of year things are busy.  While it wasn’t super busy, we had a good number of guests tonight.

Pageant 2016

Hill Cumorah Pageant 2016 is around the corner.  Sign-up lists are out for volunteer help for parking and security.  They are also scheduling shifts for the temple’s pageant schedule.