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Riced Potatoes

Riced Potatoes

I like my potatoes riced.  Riced potatoes involves pushing it through a grid.  It comes out looking like rice.

The first time I had them was in Sweden.  While it’s just a texture thing, I sure like them better than mashed or baked.  So, as you may have guessed, I made riced potatoes to go along with our salmon today.

History Continued

The Thunderbird Drive-In provided much entertainment.  We didn’t have VCRs or DVDs in those days.  If you wanted to see a movie, you went to the theatre or the drive-in.  In our case, the drive-in was across Quinn Road.

I’d go out into the barley field with my dad’s binoculars and watch the cartoons.  I couldn’t hear them, and often wished I could somehow pipe the sound over to the field.

As a family, we’d go to the drive-in every so often.  There was a playground there and I would spend my time at the playground until the ads started.

Dinners at Grandma’s

Sunday dinners were often at grandma’s.  Most of the time it was pork or beef roast.  While grandpa had his background in butchering, the roasts were usually well done.  It wasn’t until later that I discovered a medium cooked roast was much more tasty… and tender.

They had a garden and snap peas, rhubarb, apricots, gooseberries, chokecherries, carrots and onions were the main crops I remember.  Grandpa loved his apricot tree and it grew HUGE apricots.

Most of the fruit ended up as preserves.  Grandma was the best jam and jelly maker ever.  She was also an excellent bread maker and the combination of her bread with her homemade jams and jellies was superb.


I didn’t have many friends out where we lived.  There were two girls who lived next door — Karen and Lisa, but no boys in the area.  That’s probably another reason I liked going to Grandma’s.  There were a couple of boys in the neighborhood that were my age.

Even then, it was hit-n-miss at Grandma’s.  When I couldn’t find a boy may age to play with, I was of on an adventure.

Once, I was at the park and a bus pulled up.  I got on the bus and spent a day with a bunch of older kids at a park near the mountains.  When I came home that night, I was greeted by some very upset grandparents and my mom.  At the time, I didn’t see what the big deal was, but as an adult, I can see where that would have been one scary day for them.

Home Canning

Home Canning

Home canning is a wonderful thing.  I stood looking at some of our canned jams and jellies and immediately had a desire to toast a bagel, open a jar of pepper jelly, and have a snack.

This was not until I had sat a few jars on my light table to photograph them.  Jellies have an amazing color.  Other canned foods, like beans and carrots, have these amazing textures and patterns.

By now you may have guessed that the Create LDS Photo Challenge is Self-Reliance.  Canning is just a small part of self-reliance.  There are many other aspects of self-reliance like managing debt, learning to repair and maintain a home, gardening, and more.

Tuesday’s Meeting

Our Tuesday’s meeting was a review of photos that had been submitted and a discussion about search words.   We now have about 160 CSM Photographers.


It was snowing this morning.  We got about an inch again.


The temple tonight we had two good sessions.  In spite of the cold and snow we had enough people that we had about 15-16 people in each session.

Several of us shared a laugh or two about Elizabethe and I running in to all of those temple missionaries at the movies on Monday.  We all agreed that Star Wars VII is a good movie.

Social Media

I have some new rules for social media.  These are them…

  1. Post something evil and I unfollow you.  This means porn, cussing (even implied like using a couple of letters to represent the word followed by symbols – example:  this would become th12, but using a cuss word).
  2. Troll me because you don’t like my opinion and I will unfriend you AND block you.


Interesting Stores in the Area

Today Elizabethe and I headed out to find the Helavagood Cheese Store.  We found it on NYSR 104 just NE of Sodus.  It is a small country store with cheese (of course), jams and jellies for the most part.  We picked up some sharp cheddar, swiss and Munster cheeses.

From there we stopped at Overbaker’s drive in.  This place has been open since 1932.  They make burgers and shakes.  The place was really busy for being the middle of nowhere.  I’ve made an observation about burgers out here.  In the west, a “good” burger is thick, juicy and loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, catsup, mustard and mayo.  Out here, a “good” burger is considered a big thin patty, cheese, grilled onions on a hard-roll.  I guess it is all what you are used to, but I still prefer the west coast style of burgers.

After lunch, we found Lagoner Farms Store.  This is like of like a smaller version of Sauders without the Mennonite girls.  It has Jake and Amos brand stuff, as well as local jams and jellies.  They also have bulk candies and snakes repackaged, produce, a deli counter, but they also have an ice cream counter and homemade soups.  And, it is a little closer than Sauders.

A store like this would go over very well in the Village of Palmyra.  If done right, it could make enough money during pageant to pay the bills for the rest of the year.  And, locals would appreciate having something like this.  I know just the place for it too:  directly across the street from the E.B. Grandin Building so people leaving the building can see it and say, “Hey, let’s go check that place out!”

Clouds and Sauder’s

I managed to get some work done on the kitchen floor.  I finally got the mop boards up, and installed the threshold between the hall and the sitting room.  The muggy heat made the task exhausting.

Dramatic Clouds

Before leaving to go to Sauder’s, I stopped to take photos of these clouds.  They were cool and dramatic.  (You’ll find these clouds available on LensCandy.com as royalty-free textures!!! http://www.LensCandy.com )

On the way to Sauder’s, Paul and I stopped at a produce store on the 5 & 20.  They had quite a selection of jams, jellies and salsa.  They also had cheese (expensive cheese).

After shopping at Sauder’s I managed to grab a few shots before heading home.

Rocking Chair at Sauder’s

Star Shaped Hole

Gazebos at Sauder’s

When I got home, I made some cucmber-apple jam.  I’m surprised more people don’t make cucumber jams and jellies.  Cucumber has a great taste in jam.  After making a batch of cucumber-apple, I made a batch of cucumber-peach.

Homemade Apple Cucumber Jam