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Riced Potatoes

Riced Potatoes

I like my potatoes riced.  Riced potatoes involves pushing it through a grid.  It comes out looking like rice.

The first time I had them was in Sweden.  While it’s just a texture thing, I sure like them better than mashed or baked.  So, as you may have guessed, I made riced potatoes to go along with our salmon today.

History Continued

The Thunderbird Drive-In provided much entertainment.  We didn’t have VCRs or DVDs in those days.  If you wanted to see a movie, you went to the theatre or the drive-in.  In our case, the drive-in was across Quinn Road.

I’d go out into the barley field with my dad’s binoculars and watch the cartoons.  I couldn’t hear them, and often wished I could somehow pipe the sound over to the field.

As a family, we’d go to the drive-in every so often.  There was a playground there and I would spend my time at the playground until the ads started.

Dinners at Grandma’s

Sunday dinners were often at grandma’s.  Most of the time it was pork or beef roast.  While grandpa had his background in butchering, the roasts were usually well done.  It wasn’t until later that I discovered a medium cooked roast was much more tasty… and tender.

They had a garden and snap peas, rhubarb, apricots, gooseberries, chokecherries, carrots and onions were the main crops I remember.  Grandpa loved his apricot tree and it grew HUGE apricots.

Most of the fruit ended up as preserves.  Grandma was the best jam and jelly maker ever.  She was also an excellent bread maker and the combination of her bread with her homemade jams and jellies was superb.


I didn’t have many friends out where we lived.  There were two girls who lived next door — Karen and Lisa, but no boys in the area.  That’s probably another reason I liked going to Grandma’s.  There were a couple of boys in the neighborhood that were my age.

Even then, it was hit-n-miss at Grandma’s.  When I couldn’t find a boy may age to play with, I was of on an adventure.

Once, I was at the park and a bus pulled up.  I got on the bus and spent a day with a bunch of older kids at a park near the mountains.  When I came home that night, I was greeted by some very upset grandparents and my mom.  At the time, I didn’t see what the big deal was, but as an adult, I can see where that would have been one scary day for them.

Peach Jalapeno

Peach Jalapeno

I opened a jar of peach jalapeno jam and expected a bit of a burn.  Nope.  It tastes like peaches with a very mild hint of jalapeno.  I guess the next time I make it I need to add a lot more jalapenos.

Facebook to me, in many ways, is a necessary evil.  I call it an “evil” because of how the site is managed.  One day things work great, the next day Facebook management decides to do things differently.  Also, the way it was started is pretty sexist, and some of that frat-boy mentality has carried over in to its management style.

So, I posted a post on my business page.  I thought I’d click on the “boost” button.  I did, and the default was to boost the post to people all over the world.  So, I clicked on the change link and told it Palmyra, New York, ages 13-65+, or something like that.  It came back and said my post would make it to 17,000 people.


Hold on.

There are not 17,000 people living in the 14522 Zip Code.

So, who are these additional 10,000 people they plan to reach?

Are there that many people on Facebook who claim the live in Palmyra, New York?

Or, do they mean certain people will be lucky enough to see my post 2 or 3 times?

Well, I didn’t “boost” my post.  I saw it as a waste of money since I can’t trust the results.  Now, had they said my post would reach 3,000 or even 1,700 people I might have been tempted.  But, to reach more people than my target audience is a bit fishy.

Perhaps they use the same method that the election folks in Chicago use?

Are there 10,000 people buried in Palmyra?

Hmmm…. this is interesting.



Making Jam

Making Jam

Making jam is one of those qualities I love in my wife.  She loves to can and preserve and nothing is better canned than jam.

Tops had berries on sell today so we bought some, I picked some rhubarb, and Elizabethe made some blackberry-raspberry-rhubarb jam.  I just had a taste.  That rhubarb really accentuates the berry flavors.

I read where in Ferguson, Missouri, there are riots and looting after the shooting of a black teen by a police man.  If that isn’t a reason to be prepared.  It amazes me at how the slightest upset can cause economic turmoil on a local level.  Imagine what it would be like if it were national?

Just walking through the yard I noticed 3 edible weeds.  Two of them have a spinach-like taste.  If I can’t get greens at Wegman’s, for whatever reason, I’ll be foraging in my lawn.


I read this afternoon that the actor/comedian Robin William committed suicide.  The news release said he had dealt with rehab for addictions earlier in the year and had been suffering from depression.  I’m sad for his family.  Depression is such a horrible thing to deal with, and to have a loved one’s life end as a result makes it even more horrific.

Our medical world has only recently started to understand depression, some of the causes, and the effects.  Please, if you or a loved one suffer from depression, please get help and get educated regarding depression.  For me personally, knowing a little about the cause helps me better deal with it.

It appears we lost a great comedic mind to depression to today.  I have no doubt his depression is what drove his comedy.  It’s hard to explain, but there is something about creating something others enjoy and love that helps relieve the sting of depression.  There is irony in the clown that paints on a face with a big teardrop, and then goes around trying to make people laugh.  Perhaps there was more of Robin Williams in Patch Adam’s character than we will ever know.

Here’s a video of Williams in an interview with Johnny Carson about the movies Awakenings.

Perhaps in his, and other depression-related deaths, it can serve as a reminder that depression is a serious mental illness.  It is one that deserves attention, but most importantly, love and care.

Peaches, Pickles and Pot Roast

A church member had a surplus of peaches and dropped off three 500 pound containers of peaches.  I was surprised at how quickly they went.  That’s a lot of peach jam.

We fed the elders tonight.  I made a pot roast with potatoes and onions.  The last time I did this, the meat (purchased at Walmart) was tough and stringy.  This time, I bought the meat at Wegman’s and it was very tender.  (I don’t believe Walmart’s commercials about their meats or produce.  For the same price or cheaper, you can get better quality at Wegman’s.)

I had picked a watermelon from the garden hoping it would be ripe.  It wasn’t fully red inside and not very sweet.  (It tasted okay, just not what one would expect.)  Part of the problem might be that we haven’t had a lot of sun light – just a lot of rain.  So, Elizabethe is going to turn the rind in to watermelon pickles.

Cucumbers and Jam

I spent a couple of hours on the phone with T-Mobile today.  They never could resolve the issue with why they call a disconnected number when trying to reach me.  However, I finally talked to a Josh who informed me of a way around this that would be close to the same amount, and perhaps a dollar or two cheaper per month.  What a hassle.

After my weekly trip to the grocery store, and after getting groceries put away, I decided to cook something.  We have lots of cucumbers, so I decided I was going to make cucumber-lime-basil jam.  It’s a bit of an experiment, but the three flavors go well together.

Cucumbers and Limes Go Together

At first, it wasn’t jelling.  So, I dumped it back in a pan and boiled it longer.  I think I got it now.  (Had to boil it for 20 minutes.)

The flavor is heavenly.  I’ve never tasted a jam like this.  I think I’m on to something here.

Next, I modified it to be cucumber-lime-jalapeno.  It taste a little more earthy, with a slight, very slight, kick.  Both would be great with cream cheese on a cracker, or mixed with a fresh fruit salad.