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John Tesh

John Tesh

I like the John Tesh show.  When returning home from a late appointment or meeting, he’s often on the air with his Intelligence for Your Life Show.  They research little helpful tidbits and give them between songs.

The other night he was talking about a recent study that reported during the 1st quarter of 2018, those people getting the new jobs were the baby boomers.  He went on to say employers like hiring baby boomers because they work harder and make fewer mistakes.


I can relate to that going back about 20 years.  About 20 years ago I was looking to fill 3 technical job positions.  Most of the young college graduates I interviewed had little to no life skills.

Turning to a co-worker I said, “If this trend doesn’t change, we’re in for a world of hurt in the next 20-30 years.”

We’re in a world of hurt.

A general contractor friend says he can’t find decent workers.  He interviewed a kid who had a bachelor’s degree in construction management, but no work experience.  The young many wanted more that he was worth because he had a degree.  My friend explained to him that he has no experience.

Another friend says he grandson sits and plays video games all day.  When he turned 16 he couldn’t pass his driver’s license test because his peripheral vision hadn’t been honed through going outside activities where you have a 360-degree world coming at you.  His world was 15-degrees in front of his computer looking at a 2D world.

Eagle Scout

From the time I was 11 years old, the most important thing in the world was achieving Eagle Scout.  I had in my mind if I had my Eagle Scout, I could do anything.   It was the one thing at 11 years old where I was right.

Earning those 21 merit badges, the service projects, and Scouting skills that went along with becoming an Eagle Scout gave me the confidence needed for life.    I had to gain experience and knowledge in 21 topics.  My service project required I supervise, manage, and direct a project.  Before I could even start on the project, I had to write a proposal and have it approved.  After the project, I had to write a report and present it to a committee of adults.

Where have we gone wrong?


I completed my first pirate painting today…

copyright 2018 db walton - John Tesh

2018 Pirate Commemorative Painting