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International Sunday

International Sunday

It must be International Sunday.  We had visitors from Hong Kong, South Africa, Philippines, Guatemala, Columbia, Canada, and a few others (which I can’t remember).   It is proof we are a world-wide church.  It is also proof that Palmyra is a destination location for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Greg and I went home teaching to the Bakers.  We had a nice visit.  Sarah was just called to work in the Primary.


Dinner tonight is taco salad.  I had leftover chicken breasts and chopped them up for meat.  We added everything we could think of that belongs in a taco salad — peppers, onions, corn, beans, lettuce, cheese, olives, corn chips, and more.

I also made jalapeno poppers.  For dessert I made flan.  I figure flan goes with Mexican food.

Sister Edmonds and Ingersoll came to dinner.  We also invited Maureen to eat with us.

Last Sunday when the elders were here, they taught the Plan of Salvation.  We were challenged to teach it back to the sister missionaries, which we did.

I started off saying, “There was in the place where we lived…  Oops!  Wrong discussion.”

The sisters had a look of surprise, but then they realized I was joking around.  I got serious and presented the Plan of Salvation.