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ESL Event

ESL Event

Elizabethe and I attended an ESL event tonight at the George Eastman House.  John Lynch, Executive Vice President of ESL Investment Services talked about the state of the economy, factors that affect the GDP and forecasts.  It was quite educational.

After the event they put on quite the spread with a couple of carving stations and grazing stations.  The food was great.

As we left they gave each of us a parting gift… a bottle of wine.

Okay, I appreciate their generosity, but I wonder if they understand how many people don’t drink wine.  Thus, I’ll write them a thank you note and recommend next time they also have sparkling cider for those who don’t drink.

Gearing Up

We hit a few stores as we are gearing up for our 3 months without grocery shopping.  We hit the Indian, Turkish and Asian markets.  (Produce is much cheaper there.)

The Asian market has a nice bakery.  I picked up a couple of pork buns for lunch.

Since we were in Henrietta we used our Harbor Freight Tools coupons.  I got a few storage items.  One is for my little X-E1 camera so I can keep it in the car without worry of it getting damaged.


Ethnic Markets

Ethnic Markets

I love shopping at ethnic markets.  We visit them about once a quarter.  Chinese, Indian and Turkish are the three we visit the most.

Elizabethe and I went on our dinner date at Longhorn this afternoon.  We then went to our three favorite ethnic markets.  Doing this on a Friday night was a mistake.  While it is evidence their patrons work during the week, it is also a zoo at these stores.

I’ll go back to midweek daytime visits!

Chinese Sauces

I’ve got to create recipes for my favorite Chinese sauces.  Some are hard to find when you go back to restock.  While they are expensive, the ethnic stores are still cheaper than Wegman’s, Top’s and other American grocery stores.  Soy sauce is available in a hundred different brands and varieties, however, try finding the same Char Siu sauce as you did 6 months ago.

Most of the time these sauces draw from the same core ingredients:

  • soy sauce
  • bean paste
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • five spice
  • mirin
  • rice vinegar
  • fish sauce
  • sugar
  • red chilis

It’s like baking… it all depends on the proportions.  Anything else is supplemental.   Thus, if I can develop recipes I can make the sauce in a big batch and can it in small jars for future use.

I picked up sauces to restock the pantry, as well as dried mushrooms and pot stickers.  I’m ready for the winter.



Curried Pork

Curried Pork

I don’t think you will find curried pork on any Indian restaurant menus, but I decided to give it a go.

Taking the pork cut in to bite sized pieces (a lesson from Chinese cooking), I seasoned them with curry, soy sauce, and then dredged them in cornstarch.  A quick wok fry in some hot coconut oil and then a roll in some sauce I made, I had a curried version of sweet-n-sour pork.

The sauce was left over chutneys from the fridge plus a little orange marmalade left in a jar.  Again, not very Indian, nor could you call it Chinese food, but it tasted yummy.

The sister missionaries had been taking bets about what we were going to serve them.  One said, “rice”, and the other said, “curry”, so they were both right.  I got a kick out of their excitement.

In Sacrament Meeting Bishop Taylor announced that next week he would be released.  Looks like we will have a new bishopric AND stake presidency in the weeks to come.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in a ward where both were changed so closely together.  A new bishop the first week in May, and a new Stake President the first week in June.  This will be interesting.

The temperatures are down to the 40s again.  This weather has been so weird lately.  Tomorrow it’s looking like another cloudy day and they are predicting rain at this point.

I’m also looking forward to the open house at the Grandin Building tomorrow.  It should be fun.


Tub and Fixtures

Tub and Fixtures

Why can’t you just go buy a tub with all of the fixtures?  Buying a tub and fixtures is as bad as ordering a new car.  I didn’t realize how many decisions there are to be made.

First, you select the tub.  Do you want a top cap?  Do you want a one piece or sections?

Next, there’s the door.  You have to select the glass, the hinges, and all the hardware.

Then there’s the spigot, valves, shower head, drain and all of the plumbing related hardware.

Finally, you have to have someone install it and do all the plumbing.  By the time you’re done… well, let’s just say you’ve spent a fair amount of money.

My photoshoot went well this morning.  It was a small insurance office and their staff.  One of the agents also wanted headshots.

We also hit the Indian store, the Turkish store and the Asian store while we were in that part of town.  Produce is so much less money there, and the quality is quite good.  Also, coconut milk was 99 cents a can at the Asian market.  That’s about 1/3rd the price as the grocery store.  I’m thinking I might come down here every other week just for produce.  I might eat more veggies that way.

All of the parts but one are here for my 4′ strip light.  I started soldering the wires.  The switches I ordered are pretty low quality.  I won’t order that type again.  I’m on the look out for some nice SPST rocker switches that are small, sturdy and round.


Early Walk

Early Walk

I took an early walk with the New York Rochester Missionaries this morning.  We went from the Smith Home to Hill Cumorah in commemoration of the anniversary of Joseph’s trips to Hill Cumorah.

copyright 2015 db walton

Hill Cumorah and NYRM Missionaries

It was on September 22nd that Joseph Smith first visited the hill.  There he was met by Moroni, a resurrected being, who gave him instructions regarding the stone box Joseph had just unearthed.  He was instructed to return annually on this date until such time that he could obtain the plates.  (Read the rest here (click here).

After returning every year for four years, Moroni again met Joseph at the hill and delivered in to Joseph Smith’s hands the gold plates, the breast plate and other artifacts with a charge that he was to do all in his power to protect the plates from falling in to the wrong hands.  Soon, he commenced translating the plates.  The result of that translation is the Book of Mormon.

It was a fun walk, but some of the missionaries thought it was a race and ran.  Aye, yi, yi.  I simply walked at my pace.

After my Tuesday meeting, I headed to Harbor Freight Tools and picked up another “light saber”.  They are on sale and I have a coupon.

While I was down that way, I stopped at the Turkish store, the Indian store, and two Asian markets.  We’re stocked for the winter.  Food storage taste much better if you have all the right seasonings.