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Pageant 2018 Shift

Pageant 2018 Shift

I fulfilled my Pageant 2018 Shift today.  It was a depressing feeling to not feel my happy self.  I usually enjoy working Pageant security, but with this illness it was everything I could do to endure the 4 hours.

When I got home Elizabethe gave me the painful reminder that I may have to stop volunteering for stuff like this.

I fear how I’m going to handle next week’s photography school.


Since mowing the lawn Monday I have been very sick.  They are doing 6 more blood tests this week.  While some of them will have severe consequences if they turn out positive, at this point, knowing is better than not knowing.

The gal who drew my blood says her mom has been tested on and off for the last 4 years.  That must be heartbreaking to know you’re sick, but have the doctors stymied as to why.  She was telling me people were telling her it is all in her head.  (How cruel.)

I have this to say about it being “all in one’s head”…

My own experience is this:  If it were all in my head, I’d be riding my bicycle 25-40 miles a day, and taking 50 mile trips often.  I’d have the outside of my house painted by now, and I would have done it all by myself.  And, the list would go on.

Nobody wishes these symptoms upon themselves.  Nobody.

Too Much

Too Much

I did way too much today.  Going to church (this includes my duties as organist), fixing dinner for the elders, and then going to Stake Priesthood Meeting (again, being organist) has thoroughly exhausted me. Being ill all week and then doing so much in one day has taken its toll.

I think I’ll sleep in tomorrow.

When the missionaries came over I made burgers and macaroni salad.  The salad had everything from the garden – tomatoes, broccoli, beans, etc.  It was a way of using up a lot of veggies.  Plus, the burger allowed us to use up a big tomato and onion.

Before Stake Priesthood Meeting started, President Clark allowed me to take a group photo.  Using a remote control for my camera, I managed to get a few shots, and here are the best expressions in the bunch…

copyright 2014 db walton

Stake Priesthood Meeting

As they were singing the opening hymn I couldn’t help think that there is not a better group of men in all this region as were gather together tonight.  At my vantage point as organist I could see former mission presidents, bishops (current and past), dozens of return missionaries, future missionaries, new converts, members from pioneer families, friends, future friends, full-time missionaries, temple workers, members of the temple presidency and more.  What a righteous group of men to be associated with.

Our stake presidency talked about the 107th section of the Doctrine and Covenants.  I like what President Clark said when reading about some of the visions and angelic visitations during the Kirtland period.  He said, “I believe these things happened.”  I agree.  I believe that too, and I believe such heavenly manifestations are available to all who seek them.

After our general meeting we had our annual High Priest Quorum Meeting.  President Broadbent taught our lesson, and it was along the lines of what we studied today in our individual quorums and groups.  He talked about the visit of Elijah and the promise made in Malachi.

Stepping back a few hours… early in the day a visitor to priesthood meeting mentioned missionary work in conjunction with temple/family history work.  He asked if there was harm in liking one more than the other.  It was right at the end of the lesson so I didn’t get a chance to comment, but I commented to him in private after the class.

Here’s what I basically said…

The two are connected.  The entire goal of bringing someone in to the gospel is for them to receive the crowning ordinances in the temple so they will have all the necessary ordinances for their salvation and exaltation.

I love that new converts to the church can obtain a limited-use recommend, go to the temple, and start on the work for their ancestors.  I love that families with youth an take their youth to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.  I love that anyone can go on-line and research their ancestors and prepare their work for the temple.  It’s all connected and it all goes back to “turning” the hearts of the children to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers to their children.



I’m not sure what this flu bug is all about, but it is still playing havoc.  I only want liquids.  It is funny how the body craves what it needs.  I spent most of the day… correction… all day sitting up in bed and typing on my laptop interspersed with long naps.  Recovery isn’t as fast as I’d like it to be.

I thought I broke my fever last night, but this evening I got the chills and felt awful again.  On the other side, my brain is racing about all the things I need to do tomorrow.  One half is saying, “It’s okay to get sick”, while the other half is saying, “Work is piling up dude.  You need to get better.”

There is no happy medium.

Tomorrow is a new day.  We’ll see how I feel in the morning.