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Chill N Grill

Chill N Grill

Today is the first day of spring.  Furthermore, it is the day Chill N Grill opens.  Yes, there is snow on the ground and you can get ice cream at Chill N Grill.

copyright 2017 db walton

Yes, They Are Open!

Elizabethe and I have missed their opening day until today.  We dropped in for ice cream.

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That’s a Small!

I know in the past their opening day has been warmer, but this storm was a freak storm.  We weren’t the only ones buying ice cream when it is 44F outside.  They had a steady in flux of customers.  I’m sure they will be busy tonight.

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Chill N Grill


It is silliness when people post unscientific stuff on Facebook especially when they, themselves, can’t tell you the difference between an anion and a cation.  Such is the case with an argument on a friend’s timeline.

The article posted was good, but when a man with an advanced degree commented on the subject – he being a subject matter expert on the subject – a lady jumped in and called him some foul names.  (Perhaps she is angry that he made it through 7+ years of college and she barely made it through high school.  Who knows.)

Because of the heightened awareness, I saw someone else posting links to stupid stuff (that’s what I call it.)  Elizabethe knows the person better than I do and she basically said the person wasn’t very bright.  That explains a lot.

A lot of websites have stuff like this garbage at the bottom…

Fake News

Fake News

When I see it I close the window.  What legitimate site has this sort of stuff?


I’ve noticed many of these sites talk about erroneous things like, “Diet soda can make you fat”, or, “These 5 foods will kill you”, or on the political side, “Hillary said this and then gets destroyed”, or “Trump claimed this, but this guy put him in his place”, etc.  It’s all garbage.

It really isn’t so silly.  One of the magazines I read… I think it was Forbes… talked about how the Internet is making people stupid.  Let’s suppose someone claims diet soda can make you fat.  Do they really understand what causes weight gain?  And, if they did, then how does zero calories cause someone to gain weight?  The point is, it doesn’t.

Another one claimed a device can cut your electric bill by simply plugging it in to a wall socket.  Uh… no.   You there is no magic device that when plugged in to a socket will reduce your electrical usage.

That’s the type of lunacy these sites spew.

I’ve learned by sad experience there is no use trying to educate these people.  You have to feel bad for them because one of these days they are going to take some herbal cure for having poisoned themselves with some holistic drug and they are going to die.  Actually, it probably happens more than we think.

Figuring Out

Figuring Out

We are figuring out how Jennifer is going to get home.  Spencer arrived this morning and he is going to sit with Jennifer while we go to church.

Today was ward conference.  We heard from our new stake president and received instructions in Sunday School and Priesthood in combined meetings.

After church we were still figuring out what to do about Jennifer and family.  We ate lunch and then I took a short nap.

Israel Dinner

I made an Israel Dinner for the family and the sister missionaries.  We invited our house guest, Maureen, to join us too.

After dinner I showed a slideshow of Israel to the family.  It would sure be wonderful to be able to take the entire family to Israel.  While the tiny grandchildren are too young, the older children would enjoy the culture and learning.

Ice Cream

I meant to make ice cream last night, but the time got away from me.  We ate store bought ice cream for dessert.  I’ll make it for tomorrow.

Figured it Out

It sounds like they figured it out.  Spencer has to work this week, but Amber will drive their truck home on Saturday and Spencer will take Amber to the airport Sunday morning.

I like it when a plan comes together.

Jennifer is going to see Dr. Alexander in the morning.  They will be able to tell her how long she should keep her leg elevated and how to care for her ankle while it heals.




First Night

First Night

Tonight will be our first night in the new bedroom.  The bedroom isn’t actually “new”; it is only new to Elizabethe and me.  Tonight we will sleep in it for the first time.

I moved a few things after the networking meeting this morning.  Disassembling the bed is a tedious process, but I got it done.  Of course, when you disassemble something, you have to put it back together.

Once that was done Elizabethe and I made the bed.  Once it was made, I tested it.  It felt like it was leaning towards my side of the bed.  This is odd because it didn’t feel like that in the other room, and I’m using the same side of the mattress as before.  The real test will be if I fall out of bed in the middle of the night.

Historic Palmyra Ice Cream Social

Having completed as much work as we are going to get done today, Elizabethe and I went to the Historic Palmyra Ice Cream Social.  I was expecting to see several missionaries there, but there weren’t.  However, about the time we were ready to leave 4 temple missionaries arrived.

Last year, it was just the opposite.  It seemed last year was nothing but missionaries.  This year, they attracted a different crowd.


Light Modifiers

Light Modifiers

What are light modifiers?  They are things photographers use to “modify” the light on a flash.  In reality, aside from changing the color, the only other critical aspect of a light modifier is to make the light bigger or smaller.

Somehow I got put in charge of FLPP’s meeting again. Our project was to make light modifiers.  We made little snoots (for concentrating the light)  and big light boxes (to make the light bigger).

copyright 2016 db walton - light modifiers

Making the Homemade Modifier

copyright 2016 db walton - light modifiers

Without the Homemade Modifier

copyright 2016 db walton - light modifiers

With the Homemade Modifier

Compare these two photos of Monroe.  Notice the first one has a harsh shadow around his shirt collar.  The second one the shadow is more soft.  Soft shadows also have an impact on the face.  Wrinkles and character lines are less pronounced.

Photographer Humor

Here’s a funny pun that I used in my networking group last week…

I want to thank Gary for doing providing a sample of his framing.  Recently, I shot a family.  Gary framed them, and I didn’t get charged.

Let that sink in.

Ice Cream Near Thruway

I was surprised to see the Bryne Dairy Store open near the Thruway off-ramp. I got gas before going to the meeting; on the way home I decided to try their milk shakes.  It’s at a great location.  While there is another convenience store across the street, this one sells Bryne Dairy ice cream.

It is a nice convenience store with an outside window for ordering shakes, cones and sundaes.  They just opened that morning, so the young lady is still learning.  That aside, it was a great milkshake.



Day After Pioneer Day

Day After Pioneer Day

It is the day after Pioneer Day, and we’re going to celebrate it with ice cream.  The ward is having an ice cream social tonight in honor of the Pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley.

I got an early start on the lawn, but only got about 1/2 the front lawn mowed when there was a cloud burst.  By the time I got inside, I was soaked.  I then waited a couple of hours for it to clear and dry a bit before finishing the lawn.

Mowing the lawn is hard work even with a tractor.  I can’t imaging trying to do the entire lawn with a push mower, or even a self-propelled walk-behind.  It’s just too big.

Being away from social media (for the most part) this last week is like a vacation from TV.  You come back to it and you realize how moronic much of it is.  I swear, people put their brains in park when they enter the world of social media, and I’m embarrassed to say I may have fallen in to that trap too.  It’s really time to set a time limit on looking at that stuff.

I think it is really sad when a politician comments about a bill and doesn’t bother looking at the voting records.  That’s an example of the brain-in-park I see on Facebook that just drives me nuts.  Add to that stupid quizzes and memes.  I saw one today that had “pople”.  What is “pople”…. oh, “people”.    It’s not like my spelling is the greatest, but when you’re trying to make a point with a meme, at least spell-check your words.

Well, the ice cream social was nice, but I was worn out after mowing the lawn.  So, we stuck around long enough to grab a bowl of ice cream and then we headed home for the evening.

Vermont to Maine

Vermont to Maine

Today we are driving form Vermont to Maine.  We will pass through New Hampshire which it will be interesting to see if it is as different than Vermont.

As we were getting ready to leave, I noticed a map that had an ad for the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream plant.  That will be a lunch-time stop.

We headed back to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Site for some more photos.  It was foggy and I was a little concerned about getting some of the photos I still needed, but the fog eventually burned off.  Before it did, I got this shot…


copyright 2014 db walton

Rays of Light on the old Smith Property

This was near one of the ginseng plants.  Joseph Smith, Senior, had gone in to business raising ginseng.  The idea was to export it to China and get rich.  Well, it didn’t happen.  He was ripped off by a business partner leaving him some $1,800 in debt.  They managed to pay off the debt and left Vermont with nothing.

Our next stop was Ben & Jerry’s.

copyright 2014 db walton

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

We decided to avoid the tour.  There was quite a crowd and we were just there for the ice cream anyway.  Elizabethe got a cone with some chocolate hazel nut ice cream (haze something) and I got a sundae with 5-layer coconut ice cream topped with hot caramel and walnuts.  Now, that’s a lunch.

As we drove towards Maine, we drove through Montpelier.  Yup, that’s the capital, but you’d never know it unless you spotted this beautiful building…

copyright 2014 db walton

Montpelier, Vermont

I say you’d never know it because the town has less than 8,000 people.  We’re talking a SMALL town.  This makes Montpelier the smallest state capital in the U.S.A.

Like I said, I found Vermont a bit strange.  You have all of that forest, but I did not see a single logging truck the entire time we were in Vermont.  It is extremely rocky and mountainous, which might have something to do with the difficulty of logging there.  It is a beautiful state this time of year.  One last comment, if you think people in the deep south talk funny, visit Vermont.

We continued on through New Hampshire.  There, things seemed more of what we are used to.  There were more businesses and places to eat, however, I was holding out for some Maine lobster.

As we entered Maine, we drove through the town of Fryeburg.  This caught Elizabethe off guard because her father was born in Fryeburg and she thought it was on the other end of the state.

Eventually we made it to her relative’s home where we would spend the night.  He welcomed us in, showed us to our room.  It’s been a long day.



The MPWCC (Macedon Palmyra Walworth Chamber of Commerce – www.mpwcc.org ) had its monthly Business After Hours at Oopsie Daisies in Macedon.  The owner, Chelsea DePoint, is a chamber board member, and she is also involved in two other business organizations with me.  Chelsea has really turned this store space in to quite the boutique – it’s spacious and offers quite a selection of gift items (in addition to being a florist.)

Oopsie Daisies - copyright 2014 db walton

Chelsea DePoint – Owner of Oopsie Daisies

The Business After Hours had quite an attendance.  It is nice to see so many local business people taking interest in our local businesses.  Local businesses build the economy more efficiently than non-locally owned businesses.

Prior to attending the Business After Hours, Elizabethe and I went to Les Thomas’ viewing.  It was so nice to see such a community outpouring of support.  Our former mayor was there, the police chief and sergeant was there, and lots of people came by to express their condolences to Joan and her family.  I’ve only known Les since 2006.  Some of these people have known less for decades.  Les Thomas will be missed.

On our way to the Business After Hours, I remembered that Chill-n-Grill is now open.  So, we went in for a small ice cream cone.  Even the small was too much.  I was stuffed.

I talked to the store owner, Jeff, who said, “We don’t sell ice cream; we sell smiles.”



Season Mixup

Today is August 1st and I think the seasons got mixed up.  It was damp, and chilly for part of the day.  It then started to warm up but then it rained like crazy.

Today was the studio’s Head Shot Days.  If you don’t know what that is, once a month we offer a head shot for $37.04 (plus tax).  It is delivered as digital files for those who want something for LinkedIn, Facebook, or their web site.  Today’s was actually July’s.  The August one will be at the end of the month.


I consider myself a connoisseur of ice cream.  I’ll eat cheap ice cream, but only as a last resort.  For me, there are three things I consider in ice cream:  texture, taste and richness.

A couple of years ago I wrote how I won’t buy Dryer’s (Edy’s in the east) anymore because they led the  move to the 1.5 quart container of ice cream.  When I wrote them and voiced my displeasure, they claimed they did it to save money on packaging.  (Which doesn’t make sense because if that were the real reason, they would have gone to a square container.)

I refuse to call frozen custard (like French vanilla “ice cream”, which is actually a custard).  I also refuse to call ice milk (like the garbage Breyer’s sells) ice cream.  I don’t know if there is a government standard about the amount of cream content, but stuff like Breyer’s does not deserve to be called ice cream.  It’s the stuff my parents used to by in the 60s and it was clearly marked on the package, “Ice Milk”.

Many years ago my family gave me a copy of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Book.  With some practice, I got to the point where I could make a premium ice cream that would rival anything you could by in those expensive small pint containers.  It took a lot of convincing to convince my mother-in-law that I actually made the caramel cashew ice cream we served her.  It did not contain milk (with the exception of some sweetened condensed milk) or eggs.

If it weren’t so time consuming and expensive, I’d always make my own ice cream.

Ice Cream Social at Church

I had a shoot today, but spent most of the day catching up on stuff because I was in class all week.  I could really use an assistant, but I don’t have the volume to justify it.  Even a commissioned sales representative would help.  (Someone could make some good pocket money.)

We had an ice cream social at church.  The high priest group leadership did the dishing.  We had about 100 people there.  It was a nice evening.