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Refugee Health Fair

Refugee Health Fair

A group of students and staff from BYU’s Nursing Department put on a Refugee Health Fair in Rochester today.  Elizabethe and I went to help out.  It was a small group, but useful and fun.

The students worked with the parents and children and taught them about good eating habits, foods, and hygiene.  We were there to help the kids  do some coloring.  (They were supposed to color on a plate the food proportions for the food groups.)

After the health fair we stopped to eat at Root 31.  (You can see my review here:  http://getitdoneon31.biz/root-31-cafe/ )  Elizabethe really liked her veggie quesadilla.  It’s a nice little cafe.

Wegman’s was our next stop to get groceries for next week.  They are STILL working on the Perinton Wegman’s.  They keep expanding and growing.  The thing will be huge when they are finished.  In the meantime you have to figure out where they moved stuff since the last visit.

I was surprised when I found sharp cheddar cheese at $2.50/pound.  It wasn’t long ago that the same was a good deal at $4/pound.  I’m not sure what’s driving the cost of cheese down, but I like it.  (The price, that is… but I also like sharp cheddar cheese.)