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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

When Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman on T.V. I never watched the show.  It struck me as silly and juvenile.  Hearing good things about the new Wonder Woman movie, I decided to take Elizabethe to see it.

Here are my observations…

  • Gal Gardot makes for a pretty super hero
  • The whole premise of an island full of women with no men strikes me as silly, but hey, it’s based of mythology
  • There’s an anti-marriage message in one scene.  It’s sad.  The guy could have said, “Marriage works when the husband and wife work at it.”… But no, they had to make it sound like marriage is bad.
  • It does illustrate that man has agency, but misses the reason why.

Food Court

After the movie we hit the food court at the mall.  It hit me that is one place you can come in with a drink from somewhere else and not be told you can’t bring outside food inside.  So, my $7.50 drink from the movie accompanied my lunch.

The food court is also nice because Elizabethe can get what she wants, and I can get what I want.  We don’t have to worry about going to a fast food place that doesn’t have what one of us wants.

Empty Nester Marriage

Empty Nester Marriage

When you think of an empty nester marriage do you think of two people getting on each other’s nerves?  Or, do you think of two people who get to spend their time together when they want?  I tend to think of the latter.

Being empty nesters Elizabethe and I enjoy spending time together.  At the same time, we enjoy visits from family as it does get lonely (as a couple).

So, this morning, we laid in bed laughing at the thought of what has transpired this weekend.  We, an empty nester couple, having taken in my daughter’s family of four, were laughing about their being gone for the weekend and us enjoying a quiet morning in bed.

And, if my daughter is reading this, we LOVE having you, your husband and two children around.  We just love it.   However, we found the lack of a knock on the door this morning kind of amusing from the sense that it brought us back to the days when children were at home and parents long for that weekend get-away.  So, in an odd sense, we enjoyed the weekend alone.

We are also missing our grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law.  When the move out into their own house, we will miss them.  We are also glad they that will live so close.

Today was an office-bound day processing images from the workshop.  I’ve discovered my web site will only allow a certain number of files in an upload session.  As a result of not knowing this, I had to go back and find out which files copied and which ones did not.

There was also a small order to process and somehow, Java got all confused.  I attempted to reinstall the latest Java, but it still didn’t work and so a reboot interrupted my uploading.  It made for a long afternoon.


This guy calls asking, “May I talk to the person in charge of your credit card processing?”

I abruptly said, “No you may not.”

I’m not sure why I haven’t thought about this in the past.  It worked brilliantly.  The guy was speechless as he said, “Uh… okay.”

I’ll have to remember that for future telemarketing callers.