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Modern Revelation

Modern Revelation

Modern revelation is what modern prophets are all about.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is guided by modern day revelation.  This weekend was a perfect example of modern revelation.

On Saturday, two vacancies in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were filled.  I had guessed right on Elder Gong, and Elder Sorres was no surprise either.  These men have been called as special witnesses to Jesus Christ.

Saturday night a change in procedure was announced.  Effective immediately, the High Priests will meet with the Elders’ Quorum, and there will be one presidency over the Elders’ Quorum that can consist of Elders or High Priests.  Only High Priest serving in the Stake Presidency, Stake High Council or Bishoprics or Patriarchs will attend High Priest Quorum meetings.

This is an inspired change and will help in getting things accomplished in the church.

Sunday’s Announcement

Sunday’s announcement was Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching will no longer be called such, but will be called “Ministering”.    I encourage anyone wondering about it to read the talk by Elder Holland.

This too is an inspired change to help usher in the Second Coming.  Other things were announced in association with these two big changed.  They are all exciting.  As a result of both announcements, the next few weeks will see much change.


President Nelson announced 7 new temples.  The big ones are one in Russia and one in Bangalore, India.  India is the one that surprises me.  I didn’t realize we were that close to building a temple in India.

It makes me wonder how close we are to building a temple in some of the Arab Nations.



Huge Congregation

Huge Congregation

We had a huge congregation at church today.  Because last week was stake conference, we had fast & testimony meeting today.  Several busloads of people came to Sacrament Meeting.  I’m not sure of the exact count, but it was close to what we had a stake conference last week I bet.

Greg Amsden gave a great lesson in Priesthood Meeting.  He gave credit for the lesson to Bob Ingold who in turn asked Greg to teach the lesson.  Kudos to both of them.  It was on flattery, and I don’t say this to flatter anyone… just to report the truth.  It was a great lesson.

I hardly had any time before I had to turn around and drive to Batavia for a 1 hour meeting.  1 hour there, 1 hour for the meeting, and 1 hour to drive home was a bit taxing.  As soon as I got home I only had about 15 minutes before the missionaries arrived, and as soon as we were done feeding them, my home teaching companion arrived.  By the time we got done with our home teaching appointment it was about 9pm.  It’s been a long day.

Speaking of missionaries, we fed them balsamic glazed chicken, asparagus, rice pilaf, salad and some delicious bread from Wegman’s.  I tried something new for dessert.  I took canned biscuits, rolled them in cinnamon and sugar and then mixed it with apple pie filling.  I’m calling it a deconstructed apple fritter.

Oh That Hurt

Oh That Hurt

I’ll tell you later why I say, “Oh that hurt”.  But first, let’s start in the morning.

I went to church a little early since it is just me (Elizabethe is visiting her family in California).  I got there and practiced some hymns I haven’t played in a long time.  Also, the hymns we are singing today are not sung very often.

Steve Clark and his mom were our speakers.  I tell you, the more I hear about the Clark boys the more I think, “It is sure a good thing they didn’t grow up around me else we’d all be in trouble.”  I really like Sister Clark.  When you meet her you realize why are sons are such good people.

Chuck Collie taught priesthood meeting.  He’s a fun instructor.  He also brings a basket of candy and passes it around.  Things always go better with chocolate.

After church, I came home and took a nap, ate some lunch, and then went home teaching.   We only had time to visit one family, and then it was back to home.

After eating dinner, I got a call from Heidi asking if I would call Matt and see if he wants a blessing.  I got a hold of Matt and told him I would be over as soon as I found someone to assist me.  I called Jim Hale and he said he could.

Jim came over and I asked if he wanted to drive, wanted me to drive, or if he wanted to walk.  He said walking sounds good to him and we walked over the Matt’s.

After giving Matt a blessing, we began the walk back to the house.  When we got to Church Street, Jim was about to cross and I reached over and pressed the walk-button.  Immediately, the walk sign changed to the little “Walk-man”.  We started to cross with me on the right and Jim on my left.  Shortly after passing the center line, I caught a silver car in my peripheral vision.

The car didn’t slow down and before I could register what was happening, the car hit the side of my knee and sent me flying to the ground.  I remember seeing the under-carriage of the car and thought, “I don’t want to end up under that car”.  I saw the inside of the front tire, the bottom of the license plate bracket, and all I know is that I managed to get out of the way.

As soon as I felt I was out of the way, Jim got hit.  The next thing I know I’m over at the curb looking up at the car and seeing a huge dent on the hood.  I thought, “I couldn’t have done that because I was hit on the other side.”  Then I realized that Jim must have dented the car when the car hit him.

A man standing in the street yelled over asking if I needed help.  I asked him to call 9-1-1.

Nearly immediately the police were there, and in a few seconds, the ambulance.

As they were asking me questions like, “What’s your name?”, and other triage questions, I noticed Jodi Taylor.

“Jodi, Jodi”, I yelled out.

She came over and explained that she saw the ambulance and thought her and Don should stop to see if it was Terry (a boy who lives across the street).  Then, she noticed it was me.

I was so relieved to see them because I was anguishing over how I would get home from the hospital if they took me there.  I asked if they would follow the ambulance to the ER and drive me home.

They came to the ER, and after getting x-rayed and instructions on what to do next, they sent me home.

I need to go to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  They said I need an MRI and to get advice from the orthopedic surgeon.

You never think you are going to be hit as a pedestrian when you use the sidewalks and crosswalks at intersections with lights.  I learned to night that you have to double check for cars even when you have the “walk” light.



Still Catching Up on Blogging

I’m still catching up on blogging about Israel.  I took about 5000 photos, so there’s a lot I can’t post and a lot to say.  I wish I could do it all, but I know I can’t.

We got about 2″ of powder last night.  The nice thing about being so cold is the snow is light and fluffy.  The bad thing is, it doesn’t compact well.  You press it and it just falls apart.  This is the type of snow avalanches are made out of.  Thank goodness it is flat around here.

copyright 2014 db walton

The Beckwith Mansion

copyright 2014 db walton

Main Street Palmyra

I had to run Elizabethe out to the northern end of Rochester to pickup some medication.  The roads were clear, but it was soooo cold it seemed that the heater on the car couldn’t get warm enough.

Anxious to get home and take a nap (I’m still on Israel time), we skipped doing any other errands, and after making a short stop at Arby’s, we headed home.  Currently, my body has adjusted a little, but 8:30pm I want to go to sleep, and 4:30 am I want to get up.  I guess that’s not too bad.  I could still be off by 7 hours.

I went with Dick Green to give a blessing to one of his home teaching families.  We visited for quite a while.  This couple just joined the church last month and are both in their mid-80s.  It was a wonderful visit with some wonderful people.

Home Teaching and Family

I once home taught a family whom I was told will only allow Brother Walton to enter their home.  I remember feeling frustrated that nothing was happening in their lives, but at least they’d talk to me.  It wasn’t until I was released as their home teacher that the husband became active.  I was happy, but at the same time questioned my abilities as a home teacher.  Why didn’t they get active when I was their home teacher?

Back in the mid 1990s, I home taught another family.  I will be the first to admit, I’m not the greatest home teacher.  I struggle with getting out each month and often question whether I’m doing any good.  I don’t believe in just going through the motions, however, yet often times, I feel that is exactly what I’m doing — going through the motions.

Occasionally, I connect with a family I’ve been assigned.  That’s a good feeling, but what is an even better feeling is when a family connects with you.  Even better yet is when you both connect.

And, so it was with this family.  There was a connection.

A few years ago, through social media, I re-connected with this family.  Over the last few years, I’ve been kept abreast of happenings within the family:  divorce, struggling to make needed changes, struggling to get active in the church, re-marriage, being sealed in the temple, daughter deciding to serve a mission and new additions to the family.

You never know what’s going to happen.  I’m just happy I got assigned to home teach her family way back when she was a young mother married to a guy who wasn’t a member of our church.  I thought for sure he’d join the church and the two of them would get active.  Little did I know that marriage wouldn’t last, and neither would her next one.  Little did I know she’d meet a guy who was taking the missionary discussions.  Little did I know he’d join the church, marry her, and take her to the temple and they would be sealed.  Little did I know her daughter would decide to serve a mission.  You just don’t know what is going to happen.

All of this has renewed my faith in home teaching.  I honestly can’t take credit for any of this; I’m just thankful God gave me the opportunity to get to know her and see how her life has been blessed.  And so it is with home teaching:  Sometimes you shouldn’t get caught up in believing you are there to do something.  Just go along for the ride and trust that God will work his miracles.

And, since my home teaching is done for this month, next month when I knock on the door of one of my less-active families, I’ll take hope in knowing that someday I may be hearing about a visit to the temple, or a son or daughter leaving on a mission and I’ll say to myself, “I remember when I used to home teach them.”

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Merry Christmas

From Here to There to There to…

My friend Gary and I gave a blessing to one of men I home teach.  He’s heading to the hospital to have his hip replaced.  I realize people have hips replaced on a regular basis these days, but it is still a scary thought when you think about what they will be replacing.  I hope the blessing brought him peace of mind.

From there, I headed to Rochester.  I found the roads completely closed at NY SR 350 in Macedon.  I later found out someone took out 3 utility poles with their car, and Macedon was without power for several hours.

Our networking meeting (Rochester Referral Network) went well.  A member who is with Meleluca talked about their products.  And, a couple of the members gave me some real nice reviews on their head shots.  One said, “It turned out so nice I feel a little conceded.”

Next stop… Geneva for Finger Lakes Professional Photographers.  We had an outdoor meeting where a couple of members talked about outdoor portrait lighting.   It was windy, and where you could find shelter from the wind, there were mosquitos.  I wish that hadn’t been the case because I was learning a lot and I think the wind and mosquitos cut in to my enthusiasm.

Photographers Shooting the Photographer

Photographers Shooting the Photographer

The drive home was nice because of the big clouds and blue skies.  As I was driving down Stafford Road, I had to stop and take this shot…

Palmyra Temple Spire Over Farm Land

Palmyra Temple Spire Over Farm Land

How many temples do you know that are surrounded by farms?

Those of you who have not been to Palmyra, you may not realize this, but we are in the sticks.  Our little village of less than 4,000 people is where it all began.  So, I had to take this picture to show people this is New York.  That little island off the southeast corner of the state is but a small chunk of land.  This is what the rest of New York is like.

By the time I made it home, I was pretty worn out.

Dinner with the Taylors

Today was a work day. Things have been busy around here. I wish I could find a good intern. I don’t understand the local school’s requiring you have 5 full-time employees in order to have a student intern. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

After work, Elizabethe and I headed to our bishop’s (also our home teacher) house for dinner. We always enjoy visiting with them.