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Yard Work

Yard Work

Elizabethe has been doing a lot of yard work with the Reynolds boys.  They are hard workers and she’s grateful. They have got a lot of work done.

Lunch at Longhorn

We had lunch at Longhorn today.  Our favorite waitress was off, but the waiter we got was quite attentive to our needs.  It’s always a good experience there. He went overboard and ran all our gift cards and printed statements for each one!

My steak was cooked to perfection.  Thus, It was the best steak I’ve ever had.  That’s one of the reasons I love this place.

New Shoes

Elizabethe needs new shoes.  As a result, we stopped at the shoe store.  Three pairs later, we were ready to go.

We also stopped at Home Depot to look at toilets.  They are all white.  I asked about ordering a black one, and they pointed me to their website.

It’s decision time.

Poser Stuff

My  learning continues in Poser 11.  Today I learned how to save my own character.  The answer was in front of me all the time.  I just didn’t see it.  I will now be creating characters ready for action.  This will save a LOT of time.

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Pirates on the Palmyra Flag Pole

Hauling Gear

Hauling Gear

My quest today – find something for hauling gear.  Photography bags are just so expensive.  Suitcases aren’t built for heavy stuff.  I’m going to Lowe’s and Home Depot to see what they have.


Lowe’s has a Stanley stacking toolbox for $80.  It’s all strapped together so I can’t look at it, so I’m off to Home Depot.

Home Depot

Under their brand of Husky, they had the same tool box set for $80.  Both stores only had one in stock, so I’m taking this one.  They also had an add-on unit, so I got it too.   As a result, I have a 4-box unit that should hold lots of photography equipment.

Organizing It

When I got home Elizabethe said she would help me organize it.  I’m glad because I would have made a mess of things.  As a result, I let her do it and she had fun doing it.

Elizabethe managed to get everything I wanted in it, and there’s still some empty space.  It’s a beast.  It stands over 3′ tall, but now there is a place for everything.

Labeling It

The next step is to label everything.  We put tape labels on each section.  Now, if something is missing, I know what is missing.  And, if I’m putting stuff away, I know where to put it.

Let’s see how long this lasts.


My concerns are it is so big (and now heavy) that it will be difficult transporting it places.  In the studio, it should work just fine.

Tavern Cleaning

Tavern Cleaning

Today is tavern cleaning day.  Yes, we have a tavern in our house.  No, we don’t drink.  It came with the house and it is one very cool room.

I’m teaching a painting workshop next Tuesday and so I thought I better get it cleaned.  Elizabethe helped by putting things away.  I vacuumed and cleaned the cobwebs.  It is a mess, but not for long.


Last week we went to BJ’s.  I saw a dehumidifier for around $170.  I went back to get it today and it had been replaced by… get this… Christmas Decorations!

What in the world?

I bought a gallon of Moldex last month.  Again… not in stock.

I went to Home Depot.  The same dehumidifier cost nearly $300.  (This is twice now that Home Depot has been outrageously priced.)

Guess what?

I went home and ordered a dehumidifier on-line.  Stores wonder why they are loosing foot-traffic business.

On-line Shopping

We do more and more on-line shopping.  It’s cheaper.  It is delivered to the house, and that saves on gasoline.  Plus, they tell you if it is in stock.

Remember the old Yellow Page slogan?

Let your fingers do the walking.

I’m letting my fingers do the shopping.  My frustration today was unnecessary.  I just need to shop from home via my computer!

IRS Calling

IRS Calling

It’s the IRS calling.  Yeah, right.  A mechanical sounding voice with an Indian accent calling to tell me I’m in serious trouble with the IRS.  Like I believe that.  The message says to call (410) 698-8401.

I call the number and the guy who answers, answers the phone, “Internal Revenue Service.”

I tell him I received a message to call this number.  He then says, “I’m sorry, this is my private cell phone, you’ve got the wrong number.”

I then said something to the effect, “When I called, you answered the phone saying, ‘Internal Revenue Service’, and this is the phone number I was given in the message.”

He snaps back, “No I didn’t and you must have mis-dialed.”

“Impossible,” I said, “I simply hit the call-back button the phone did the rest.”

So, I hang up.

Next Call

I call him back again.  (Oh, and each time I’m calling from a caller-ID blocked number.)  This time he answers the phone, “IRS Investigations Department.”

“Can you help me,” I asked, “I was told to call this number to settle a problem with the IRS.”

He proceeded to ask me a bunch of personal questions to which I gave bogus answers knowing full well this guy isn’t with the IRS.  When he asked for a zip code, I gave him 44043.  He placed me on hold and came back and said, “Are you sure that’s your zip code?  I show that zip code being in California.”

That’s when I lost it and started laughing.  I said, “You moron.  California zip codes start with a nine.”

He hung up.

Next Call

I called him back and decided to go Liam Neeson on him.

He says, “I’m not afraid of anyone in the U.S.A.”

AHH!  He admits he isn’t in the USA.

I’ve blocked his number.

Toilet Tank Rebuild

I rebuilt the toilet tank today.  Plumbing is #1 on my hate-to-do list.  But, I did it anyway.

I go to Lowe’s to get some silicone grease, and they are ALL OUT.  What plumbing department runs out of silicone grease?  This is twice now in the last month Lowe’s has let me down.  I did purchase a 2″ wrench for that big spudnut on the bottom of the tank.  $15.95!!!

My next stop is Home Depot where they not only had silicone grease in abundance, but 2″ spudnut wrenches for $7.95.

I took the $15.95 one back to Lowe’s.  When asked why I was returning it, I told the lady, “It’s 1/2 that price at Home Depot.”

She responded, “That’s not cool.”




I went to buy some LED lights for the house today I could not find 5000K or 5500K for the size I wanted.  All I found were 3200K.  3200K is a lousy temperature of light.

We are so used to tungsten lighting in our homes we tend to think that orangish glow is what we need.  On the contrary, it is a lousy temperature for lighting because it is (a) hard on the eyes and (b) leads to depression in some people.  Recently, my wife was prescribed 5000K (or higher) lights to help with insomnia.  When you start getting below 5000K those melatonin and Vitamin D producing cells don’t produce the necessary hormones for good sleep patterns and serotonin in the brain.

Frustrated, I came home and I wrote Lowe’s about the lack of 5000K lighting.  I also let them know I would be going to Home Depot tomorrow morning to get the lights I want.  I wonder if I will ever hear from them.

What do people buy 3200K lights?   Tradition!

I remember back in the 70s when offices started switching out 2700K fluorescent tubes for 4000-6500K tubes because of all the bad press about how the flicker and color issues.  Soon, 4000K (which is a tad bit better than 3200K, but not much) became the norm.

Ideally, halogen is a good choice but they burn very hot, creating a fire hazard.  Halogen has a great Color Rendering Index (CRI).  (That’s how well you can see different colors under that type of light.)  While they are still 3200K, they are brighter making your brain think they are whiter.  For me, the bad outweighs the good when it comes to halogen for the house.  (And, they burn out sooner.)

LED lights vary in their CRI, so I tend to look for ones that have a higher CRI.  (A CRI of 100 is perfect.)

So, I will have to wait for tomorrow before I replace those bulbs in the tavern room.  (The tavern room is where I hold my photographic workshops.)