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Darn Electronics

Darn Electronics

We have become so dependent on these darn electronics, when they fail, they get us in trouble.  I missed a meeting today because I fat-fingered it in to my calendar.  Oh, I hate when that happens.

These darn electronics are not nearly as reliable as the old pen and paper, yet, we’ve grown conditioned to use them instead.  It is more than fat-fingering.  It’s having them mysteriously disappear from your electronic calendar.  That has happened more than one time.  (I think it has to do with the trend for applications to synchronize with “the cloud”.  Personally, I wish there was a button that says, “I don’t use the cloud.”

The Cloud

The cloud has its place, but not for personal data.  Yeah, it might be convenient to see your calendar on your phone and PC, but when the cloud fails you… what do you get?  A missed appointment!

Like I said, it isn’t the first time.  I caught one last week.  I put it on my calendar over 10 days ago.  After I put it there, I double checked.  It was there.  Then, last week, it was GONE.

I really hate cloud services.


I thought they would reorganize the Elder’s Quorum today.  The released the High Priest Group Leadership, and the reorganization will take place on the 29th.

Best Fast Meeting

We had the best Fast and Testimony Meeting ever.  There were only two people who veered from testimony bearing.  (One, I don’t think will ever get it.)  The rest were really good.

Interesting Comment

Interesting Comment

Someone made an interesting comment in Sunday School today.  It was regarding something a general authority of the church said recently, and to the effect that the world is evil enough for the second coming of Jesus Christ, but the saints need to be more righteous.  My left-brain says the balance of evil vs good is leaning more towards the evil and there needs to be more of a balance first.  While, my heart asks, “Is my own personal worthiness contributing to a delay in the Savior’s return?”

It’s a thought worth pondering.

It was my turn to teach the High Priest Group today.  Our lesson was on raising righteous children.  Given most of the men in the class have already raised their children and are now dealing with grandchildren, it was a good discussion.

Still fighting this cough, I went straight to bed after church and slept for a couple of hours.  If this keeps up, I’m contacting the doctor tomorrow.

At first, the sister missionaries had an appointment that conflicted with their dinner appointment.  They called and said their appointment cancelled on them.

I made some Chinese BBQ ribs, rice, zucchini and Asian salad for dinner.  But, the real treat was dessert.  I’ve been in a mood for some sort of waffle dessert.   I made waffles with sesame seeds and pecans and topped them with a ginger peach topping and a scoop of ice cream.  It was VERY tasty!


An acquaintance sent me a message today regarding the webcast of her wedding.  I won’t be watching it, or any webcast wedding for that matter.  In fact, I find the entire entertainment factor of weddings disturbing.  Yes, I can see the value of a webcast for a distant family member or close friend, but an open webcast to the general public… no thanks.

To each their own, as we used to say.

In many ways, the older I get, the more tolerant I am of certain childish and playful practices.  On the other hand, the older I get, the more I see the sacredness of other traditions.  Weddings are one of them.  I could go on about how I find it very distasteful and disrespectful of cake-fights at the cake-cutting portion of a wedding reception, or drunken attendants making fools of themselves in front of the rest of the guests.  Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but there was a lot less divorce back in the day when weddings were happy quiet affairs followed by some cake and punch and the throwing of some rice.

Why Keep Journals?

While preparing my lesson for the High Priest Group, I noticed that Joseph Fielding Smith served a mission to England the same time my Grandpa Knowles did.  From what I remember of my grandpa’s journal, he didn’t mention much, and I wonder if he mentions having served with “Elder Smith”?

My blog gets printed every year, and this is my journal.  (And, I will admit that there are some more sacred things I should probably record else where… for that, I should probably repent.)

My lesson went well.  I mean, it’s really hard to give a lesson about the chronology of one’s life and to mess it up.  Seriously.

I made some split pea soup for the sisters.  I figured it was a fitting meal for the cold snap we’re in.

I also made a “go” decision for tomorrow.  I’m praying everything will be okay for our trip to NYC.

A Funny Typo

We had a stake priesthood meeting followed by our stake high priest meeting.  Someone showed me a typo in the e-mail announcing the meeting.  It said we would have a “Stale High Priest Meeting.”

With all the jokes about old men in the high priest group, I thought that was cute.

Sisters Butters and Killen  came over for dinner.  I braised one of the smoked pork shoulders, and then pulled the pork.  This pork was so tender you could spread it on toast like butter.  Drizzled with some BBQ sauce, this was the most tender pulled pork I have ever created.

The pork shoulder was smoked for about 7 hours.  It was then tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and stored at 34F until this morning.  I then put it in the crock pot and it cooked for a good 5 hours before I removed it and started pulling it apart.