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Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ

We discovered a new BBQ place called Texas BBQ.  It is true to form of the service station BBQ joints you find in Texas, however, it is not in an old service station building.  It’s over in the RIT bookstore plaza in Henrietta.

The portions are generous, the food is tasty, and the place is clean. The prices are reasonable too.  I had the 2-meat combo and Elizabethe had their huge, loaded, baked potato plus our 2 drinks and tax came to $30.

Dim Sum After 1pm

I learned in San Francisco’s Chinatown that dim sum is breakfast food.  As the Chinese lady at Dick Lee’s Pastries explained, “Dim sum breakfast food.  Like Chinese donuts.”

We stopped at the Asian Market to see if they had sesame balls.  They were sold out.

Glen’s Off

Glen’s off to California after spending almost a week here.  We had a great time together.  I told him to plan on spending more time the next time he comes here.


We came home and I took a rest.  I got up this morning and experienced a bit of vertigo (twice).  It’s the only time in my life this has happened, so I’m taking things really slow today.  It only happened when I got out of bed.  (First, when I got off the bed, and second whey I took about 6 steps towards the bathroom.  I may have just got up too quickly.)

I’ll be carefully watching my blood pressure and what I eat and drink.  While I think it might be related to my SHL (Sudden Hearing Loss) casual about this stuff.  I was fine the rest of the day, but a little cautious about how quickly I’d stand up.  (And, to think Elizabethe has dealt with this sort of stuff her entire life.)


Six Hour Car Wash

Six Hour Car Wash

It really wasn’t a six hour war wash, but two 3 hour car detailings.  We took both cars for detailing.  Each took about 3 hours.  So, in  a sense it was a six hour car wash.

While waiting for my car, we hit several stores in Henrietta.  We ate lunch at Taco Bell (Elizabethe’s choice), and returned to the car wash just as my car was being completed.

We then had another 3 hours to kill.  As a result, it ran in to dinner time and we ate at DiBella’s (my choice).

Whole Day Affair

It was a whole day affair.  I can’t think of any other way to do it.  It seems silly to drive 40 minutes back home and then have to turn around in an hour to go back.  If we had them start on both cars at the same time we would be restricted to where we can walk.

The wait was worth it.  Both cars look nice inside and out.  Every inch is clean.  They even cleaned inside the wheel wells.

Swiss Gear Bag

I bought a Swiss Gear bag for my big laptop.  It says it holds 17″ laptops (which mine is).

Upon getting home, I immediately tried it out.  The stupid bag will barely fit a 15″ laptop.  Oh, I’m angry at Swiss Gear.  As a result I am returning the bag.  (I measured the inside… 10×15.25 inches.  My laptop’s outer dimensions are 17×11 inches.)

I went on to Amazon and found a bag that had positive reviews and comments about holding 17″ laptops.  I order it.  It was about $50 MORE than the Swiss Gear Bag.  I’m hoping it does the trick.

Frozen Yogurt

For my first task as a church service missionary, I prepared a packet for each of the local church historic sites.  The packet introduces myself, and tells them the types of things I will be doing and how they can help at the various sites.  I took it to each of the sites:  Book of Mormon Publication Site, Hill Cumorah Visitor’s Center and the Welcome Center at the Smith Farm and Sacred Grove.  It felt odd introducing myself as, “Elder Walton”, again.

Someone asked, “Where’s your name tag.”  I had to explain it hasn’t arrived yet.  (Gotta love the U.S. Mail these days.)

Elizabethe and I hit CiCi’s Pizza for lunch.  After lunch, we went to pick up some food items, and as we did, we drove by Jerry’s new frozen yogurt shop.  (Jerry is the owner of Palmyra’s Happiness Garden Chinese Restaurant.)

If you are in Henrietta, his yogurt shop is on Henrietta Road near Jefferson (around the 3300 block).  They have about 20 different flavors and lots of toppings.  And, tomorrow, 9/14/2013, it is all 1/2 off!!!!

Polenta vs Grits

The other day I had the best tasting grits I had ever tasted. (It was when I had dinner at Sticky Lips BBQ in Henrietta. Look back at last Tuesday’s, 7/2/2013, post.) I thought I would see if I could imitate the dish with polenta instead. It just doesn’t taste right. So, don’t substitute polenta for grits.

I fixed pork chops, cheddar cheese polenta, green beans, and a big spinach salad for dinner. We had Sisters Jones and Davis over. To top the pork chops, I made a rhubarb-maple sauce with caramelized onions. I also used the base of the sauce for a bacon dressing on the salad. The sauce was fantastic and I’ll post the recipe under Cooking with Brent.

And, It Still Rains

It’s another rainy day, and it really doesn’t matter because I feel pretty awful.

Elizabethe and I received a postcard offering us two round-trip airfares. The catch is we had to go to a 90-minute presentation. So, we drove all the way to Henrietta for the presentation. I thought we should ask to see the terms and conditions of these so called “free” tickets. We got the terms and conditions and started reading them. Talk about a bunch of red-tape. Plus, they wanted you to pay a bunch of deposits up front, and then apply for reimbursements. There were so many conditions I thought, it isn’t worth 90-minutes of my time. We left.

Since we were down there, we hit CiCi’s for pizza. Where else can two people eat for about $10.

We came home and I crashed. I have to speak at church tomorrow and I don’t want to be hacking and coughing. I could use the rest.

The Cheap Date

I wouldn’t call Cici’s Pizza a great restaurant, but it definitely is a cheap date spot. Elizabethe and I went there for lunch. Two all-you-can-eat lunches cost us under $6 (we had a 2-for-1 coupon, and this month it is only $5). At that price, I couldn’t make pizza from scratch at home.

What I do like about Cici’s is how they treat the customers. I’ve been to three different Cici’s: One in North Carolina, one in Dallas, Texas, and the one recently opened in Henrietta, New York. When you walk through the door, the employees yell, “Welcome to Cici’s!” When you are serving yourself from the pizza buffet, you are told, “If you don’t see what you want, let us know and we’ll make it for you.” And, you might have the manager come to your table and ask if everything is to your satisfaction.

I enjoy businesses that teach their employees to be mindful of the customer and show that they care. One of my favorite restaurants back in California is Zio Fredo’s. The owner often makes his way around the tables to check on his customers. That’s good business sense.


Today it is starting to feel like spring, but my lungs are still telling me to take it easy. It was one of those days that I wish I wasn’t so congested so I could grab my camera and go for a walk.

flowers at Beckwith Mansion

Flowers Coming Up at the Beckwith Mansion

We also received a few guests today. A family from Star Valley, Wyoming, is vacationing in Palmyra the right way. They are staying until next Wednesday. None of this rush-the-sites-in-one-day stuff for them. (And, if you ever come to Palmyra, spend some time here. There’s a LOT to do in this area.)

Before they got here, I went to turn the boiler on and it wouldn’t start. The sticker on the outside said, “Electronic Ignition”. So, I looked in the manual, and the electronic ignition picture looked different than what I have. I looked at the picture of the pilot light style ignition, and it looked identical to mine. Sure enough, my pilot light was out and I had to re-light it.

What a pain.

The pilot light couldn’t have been more inconveniently placed. Not only did I have to get down on the cold concrete floor to get to it, I had to remove some screws and a plate in order to light it. There is a tiny access hole where someone could, if you knew exactly where it was, shove a thin splint through the hole to light it, but you would not be able to see if you got it lit or not.

I managed to bleed the gas line and get the pilot light lit. It took three attempts, but it finally stayed on after the third.

Another Good Meal

Elizabethe and I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday after work.  I have yet to have anything other than a good experience there.  So, I decided to ask to see the manager, and explained to the waitress why.  The manager came over and I gave her my complements and explained that our treatment at the restaurant was a good reflection on her.  She was very appreciative and offered us dessert (which we declined graciously because we were already full.) 

I think too often people are quick to complain about service.  However, it is really good to let people know when they provide good service.  In today’s world, customer service is really a lost art.  So, when you get good service at a store, restaurant, repair shop, where ever it might be, let them know your appreciation.

I had the Asian ribs.  A bit spicy, with a sweet peanut sauce.  Elizabethe went for her Chicken Bella (that’s what she always has.)