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The Bike Is Here

My exercise bike came today.  The delivery guys actually carried the box in to the basement.  I took the parts out of the box, and it looks like assembly will have to wait.

You can check out the bike here… http://www.epicfit.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_-1_15252_19054_73508_207725

Forgetting about the bicycle, I rushed off to the temple for my evening shift there.  It was a great evening and our friend, Louise, was sealed to her parents.  That was special.

Questions They’ll Never Answer

Today I went to Nancy Pelosi’s web site and read some of what she has posted regarding this health insurance reform bill.  One of the PDF files talked about the costs of health care.

Well, here are some questions I’m sure our Congressmen and President Obama won’t answer, or don’t want us to know the answer.

1.  How much of our tax dollars go to pay medical bills for self-inflicted illnesses?  (i.e. Illnesses caused by chronic smoking, drug and alcohol use.)

2.  How much of our tax dollars provide medical care to those who will not work?  (i.e. Chronic welfare recipients.)

3.  How much of our tax and insurance money goes to pay medical bills for those injured by uninsured and/or drunken motorists?

4.  How much of our tax and insurance money goes to pay the medical bills of those who are in this country illegally?

5.  How much of our tax dollars go to pay for medical care and treatment of those in jail or prison?

We’ve rapidly become a society that shies away from personal responsibility.  It seems to be okay for a person to smoke for 40 years, develop lung cancer, and then expect MediCare to pay for his oxygen tanks and equipment to prolong his life.  Why shouldn’t this person’s insurance company be able to say, “I’m sorry.  This was self-inflicted.  We’re terminating your insurance coverage.”

I guess that is what bothers me the most about what’s before Congress right now. 

Let me compare it to auto insurance.  Auto insurance is required by law.  If I am a really bad driver, my insurance rates go up.  At some point, my insurance gets cancelled, if my license isn’t taken away before then.  Insurance companies are required to carry a certain number of “assigned risk” clients.  They pay a high premium for a minimum amount of insurance.

Why can’t health insurance be the same way?

Of course, you can’t punish someone for inherited illness.  But, start early. 

“Hey kids, if you start smoking you’ll be paying half of your salary towards health insurance by the time you’re 19,” kids could be warned.

Or, “If you ruin your liver with booze, no insurance company will cover a transplant — none.”

Or, “Go ahead and get that tattoo, but your insurance company will drop you like a hot potato if you get hepatitis B.”

Or, “Get an STD and you’ll be paying full price for your medication if you want to get better.”

I know… I’m not very politically correct.