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Florida is Cooler

Florida is Cooler

Today the weather map for the USA shows Florida is cooler than most other places.  That’s a switch.  This heatwave has hit the entire lower 48 states.  It’s miserable.

I decided to do a salad for dinner with tuna sandwiches instead of cooking.  It’s just too hot.  I bet the sister missionaries were thankful we didn’t bake lasagna for dinner.  (Elizabethe is!)

Ice cream for dinner, again because it is too hot.

Not a Good Day

It’s not a good day health wise.  Yesterday I experienced a sudden loss of strength in my fingers.  Coupled with the other symptoms I searched for what it could be.  The first thing that popped up was ALS.  Oh, I hope it isn’t that.  Reading that just compounded my already existing stress.

Drug Trial

Elizabethe is in a drug trial program.  It’s an already existing drug that has a side effect of weight loss.  They are testing to see if it is effective as a weight loss.  So far, it has taken away her appetite.  I joked that she’ll lose weight, but I’ll gain what she loses because I’ll have to eat her leftovers too.

Actually, that’s not going to happen.  Whatever it is that I have is making me less hungry than before.



I think flossing is one of those things nobody in their right mind likes to do, but we’re told we must if we want to have good dental health.  A former dentist once told me, “You don’t have to floss all of your teeth,” and when I looked at him with surprise he added, “only the ones you want to keep.”

So, why didn’t God create some healthy bacteria that would live in your mouth and keep your teeth clean and healthy?

You’ve got it.  I hate to floss, but during the last 6 months I’ve done a pretty decent job of remembering.

I had my six month check up today and when it came time to spit it didn’t look as gross as past check ups.  No blood. (Which, I’ve been told the more you bleed, the more it is an indication you haven’t flossed enough between checkups.)  The hygienist only suggested I let the floss scrape the sides of my teeth more.

The temple had a few guests tonight.  It was a nice evening, but it would sure be nice to see more people on a Tuesday night.


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Palmyra Temple at Night

When I came out of the temple, it was a bit cold. The temperatures have really dropped. They say tomorrow night they will be down to the high 30s. Brrrr…

After that, they go back up and we’ll be back to the 70s before you know it.

Wayne County Fair

Wayne County Fair

The Wayne County Fair continues.  I did my booth time at the MPWCC booth today.  I spent most of my time thinking about, “How do you get people to stop at your booth?”

It’s a fair question.  (Get it… fair … never mind… it’s a pun.)

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Wayne County Fair

A Chamber of Commerce booth could, and should, be a pivotal booth at a county fair.  So, I got thinking about my time at fairs.  (I’m no stranger to county and state fairs.)  Here’s some things that cause me to stop at a booth.

  1. People are walking, so your booth should be standing height.  If you are low and sitting, their eyes are above your booth.  Raise the booth so it is a standing, walk-up booth.  Not a sitting, stoop-over booth.  If people in the booth need to sit, provide bar stools so they can take the weight off their feet, but still be at standing height.
  2. If you represent a company or organization, the colors should correspond with the company or organization brand and logo.  Could you imagine a McDonald’s that wasn’t yellow, red and white?
  3. Have a draw.  Have a reason for people to stop.  That draw might be a free tote bag to carry your fair booty, a flashing LED pin, free candy, etc.  (I’ve noticed, the latter, free candy, not to be that big of a draw at fairs because of all the junk food people are already consuming.)
  4. Make it a game.  Everyone loves a game, especially if they have the chance to win something.  Rather than giving away your swag, make them win it.  It is okay if everyone is a winner, but people are more likely to hang on to something they “won” over something that was just “given” to them.
  5. Have a theme or gimmick.  People remember catchy themes and gimmicks.  One of the most memorable fair booths for me, was back in the mid 70s at the California State Fair, there was a booth that had a gold bullion.  It was on a felt pedestal.  They had a sign that read, “If you can pick the gold bullion up with one hand, you can keep it.”  They knew it was impossible (the bar weighed a couple of hundred pounds if memory serves me right), yet they had people lining up at their booth to try.  While people were standing in line, their booth sales force was working the line.  They had a captive audience.

I met a man who was born and raised in Palmyra.  He said he’s been here for 81 years.  We had a delightful conversation.  I asked if he knew Palmyra Bean, Willard Bean’s daughter. He said he did and they lived in the neighboring farm just to the south of the Smith Farm.  He said over the years, there have been times the church has let them farm the Smith Farm land.

The conversation reminded me as to how close we are historically to our past.  What I mean is we aren’t that far removed from certain historic events.  To me, that’s one of the exciting things about family history and genealogy.  Here are some examples from my own life…

  • My grandfather was born in 1879.  That means he lived during the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, etc.  People connection – he knew Teddy Roosevelt.  I knew and spent time with my grandfather before he died in 1967.  My connection to Teddy and the Rough Riders and the Spanish American War.
  • My dad, as a teenager in the 1940s, owned a Model-A Ford Pickup truck.  My dad’s still alive.  Connection – My dad owned a Model-A back when they weren’t considered relics.  My connection to a very classic automobile – the Model A.
  • When I was a teen, my dad bought Willy Mountbatten’s 1939 Rolls Royce Silver Wrath II.  Connection – We owned a car that was Lord Montbatten’s staff car during WWII.  My connection to WWII.

Those are just a few examples.  So, when I meet someone who has a connection to some historic event or figure, I feel a sense of… I’m not sure how to put this in words… but kind of a closeness, but in a matter of time.  100 years ago was nothing.  200 years ago wasn’t that long ago.  Thus, these connections seem to close the gap of time.


While walking around at the fair, I saw a booth that had a banner that said, “The Health Benefits of Coffee”.

Are we so stupid in our modern society to think bad stuff can be good?

Like the scripture warns, “Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Like most things, I’m sure a small amount of coffee occasionally won’t cause lasting harm.  But, like cigarettes, coffee used regularly is dangerous and bad for your health!  Gal stones, colon cancer (and other cancers), high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and a variety of stomach ailments, as well as stained teeth and very bad breath.

What next year?  The heath benefits of smoking?

Beans and Rice

It’s funny that my wife is perfectly satisfied with beans and rice as a meal.  To me, that’s a lot of carbohydrates.  Give me some beef any day.

Sisters Jones and Rippstein came to dinner tonight and I fixed, yes, you guessed it, beans and rice.  I did add some chicken to the beans for more protein.  (Chicken breast has 38g of protein per serving and 0g carbs.  Beans are 45g carbs and 15g protein.  Also, chicken breasts have no glycemic load.)

In all, it was a quiet day.

Obama Care Overview

I attended my networking meeting and the presentation was an Obama Care overview.  Let’s see, if I heard this correctly…

  • Everyone will have medical insurance except for those who don’t pay for it.  If you don’t pay for it, you won’t have it and you’ll be fined at the end of the year.
  • In New York, you will pay the state, and the state will pay the insurance provider of your choice.  If the state is late, your coverage will be cancelled and you won’t have insurance.
  • If you purchase your insurance between the 1st and the 15th you will be without coverage until the 1st of the following month.  If you purchase between the 16th and the end-of-the-month, you will be without insurance until the 1st of the 2nd month following your enrollment.

So, everyone will be covered except those who don’t pay (because they can’t afford it), and those who are waiting for their coverage to kick in, and those whose payments were late.

How is that different?

Ah, it’s different because you won’t pay your medical insurance directly any more, instead you’ll pay the state and the state, when they get around to it, will pay the insurance company.  In the mean time, your payment may not post on time and you’ll have a lapse in your coverage.

We also won’t find out exactly how much this will cost until 10/1/2013 when the “exchange” opens.  Want to bet the Internet servers at the state grind to a halt on 10/1/2013?


Speaking of crazy things, today Facebook changed their terms of use.  They unilaterally decided that images uploaded to Facebook can be used anyway they see fit.  It is such a drastic move that ASMP sent out a warning to all their members.  As a result, I’ve yanked all my photos off Facebook.

What is going on with companies?

Adobe decides to go to a subscription base for Photoshop.  SmugMug moves from a photo sales site to a photo sharing site, and now Facebook does this.  Are the inmates running these asylums?

I think it is a problem that goes back to a lack of social interaction (face-to-face) among the Y-Generation.  And, now that they are coming in to their prime and taking on management roles in these companies, they are making … yeah, I’ll say it… stupid decisions.

A few years ago, I predicted Facebook’s demise.  It’s coming, it is just a matter of the bigger fish coming along to eat them.

D. Brent Walton, author

D. Brent Walton, author


Age and Fatigue

I’ve been paying close attention lately to my physical activity and diet and its relationship to fatigue. My conclusion is it is neither… it is age. Well, that’s not entirely true. Ever since I was diagnosed as being hypoglycemic (back in the early 1980s), I do notice that certain foods make me irritable and tired. But, I just can’t keep the pace that I used to.

Perhaps I just need to take a power-nap in the middle of each day. Back when I was riding my bike to work I used to take my lunches, ride to the park, and lay on the lawn and take a nap. Now that I’m riding my bike in the mornings, perhaps I need to go back to a similar routine.

Stress plays a big factor too. Being one’s own boss may sound glamour, and I know a lot of MML people use that to entice people to join their throngs. Don’t fall for it. Being your own boss can be one of the most stressful things you will ever encounter. Stress causes fatigue, and if you want to feel tired all of the time, yeah, be your own boss.

You see, when you work for a big company, things will get done if you get sick, or take vacation. When you are your own boss, things don’t get done unless you do them.

Hire someone?

First, before you can hire someone, you have to be making enough money to afford payroll taxes, disability insurance, and other fees associated with hiring an employee. Then, you have to find someone you can trust with your livelihood, train them, and hope they do a good job.

Wow. Thanks for letting me talk this out. Age plays a factor, but stress… yup, that’s a big factor in the fatigue I’m experiencing.

The Truth About Self-Employment

Being self-employed is hard work.  Anyone who thinks it isn’t, is fooling themselves.  It’s hard, demanding, and requires a lot of attention to detail.

My day started off very early with my annual trip to the dentist.  Immediately after that, I was on the road to attend a networking meeting.  From there, I had no down time before I had to drive to Geneva for a professional photographers’ meeting.  By the time I got home from that, it was well in to the evening.  My wife had already had dinner, and the last I recall eating was when I grabbed a bagel after my dentist appointment.

That’s about what every day is like, 6 days a week.  (I do not do business on Sunday. )

What happens to the self-employed when they don’t work hard?

They join the ranks of the 80% that go out of business in the 1st year.

April Fools and First Monday

My day started with a First Monday Event at Yellow Mills Restaurant. We had a good turn out 7 people. This monthly event is starting to gain some momentum. (Visit Palmyra Photographic Workshops (www.palmyra-ny.com) for more information.)

I came back to the studio and worked on e-mails and studio office stuff that needed to get done.  By 3:30pm I was ready to call it quits.  I’m still struggling with this respiratory stuff.  It just sucks the energy out of me.

Last Day of Winter 2013

On this last day of winter the ground was covered with about an inch of slush. It was wet, heavy slush that is nearly impossible to shovel.

So, I get to my dermatology appointment this morning to learn that I was an hour late. I don’t know if something got screwed up in my phone due to day-light savings time, or if I entered it as 9:45 instead of 8:45 am. They were nice and saw me anyway.

The doctor put me on some sort of topical cream that is like chemo for the skin. I’ll look like I have the measles for 3-4 days once I start it. They did remove all the cancer, but all the other little spots on my forehead and temples are pre-cancerous.

He gave me a coupon for the treatment. Holy cow! This stuff cost around $300. I think I’m more upset about the cost than having to go through this treatment.

We had a nice evening at the temple. There were a lot of people from our ward in the first sessions. It was good night.

Networking and a Massage

I attended the Rochester Referral Network meeting today. This is part of my new marketing plan and it is working better than any other I’ve employed in the past. Face it, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, etc., are great services on-line, but the return on investment is just not there. Nothing beats face-to-face contact when it comes to marketing your business. (http://business.dbwalton.com)

After that, I had an appointment for a massage. This is my second time seeing this massage therapist. The first time, I felt great for days until I mowed the lawn. While mowing the lawn, I hit a hole and the jolt made all those back muscles tense. This time, she gave me some exercises to do.

I’ll say this, the actual process of a therapeutic massage is not a pleasant one. Or, at least not in my case. Holding a very heavy camera for extended periods of time has resulted in some really tight muscles that pull my scapula forward. As a result, she worked the muscles that were tightening and pulling the shoulder forward. OUCH!

The old saying, “No pain, no gain,” is fully applicable here. Even though it hurt, the movement in my shoulder is greatly improved. It is now up to me to do my part and remember to do my exercises to help prevent future problems.