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Springtime Blizzard

Springtime Blizzard

It is the strangest weather I’ve ever seen.  Here it is April 20th, and the lawn is covered in white… yes, snow.  Last night, it looked like a blizzard for a while.  It is indeed strange to have a springtime blizzard like this.

We left the house early for my annual prostate exam.  (What a way to start a day.  Elizabethe was asking what it involved and so I gave her the perverse details.)  We got there, got in and out quickly and headed to Henrietta to do some shopping.

Harbor Freight Tools

I think I’m going to stop going to Harbor Freight Tools.  I bought Elizabethe a light for Christmas, and with the flu and everything else that happened at the first of the year, I’m just now getting around to returning it.

They wouldn’t take it back, even though it is still in the box, because it has been longer than 90-days.  For me, that’s enough to say I’m through shopping there.  Besides, Amazon is more convenient.


We had a coupon for a kabob place.  Elizabethe read the reviews and they said the food was good, especially their french fries, but the service is slow.  Well, they nailed it 100%.  It took quite a while to get our food, and the french fries were very good — even without catsup.

In their defense, everything was very fresh.  I can put up with slow when I know my meal was cooked after I ordered it.  It comes across as a fast-food place, but in reality, it’s sit-down restaurant quality.

ESL Event

ESL Event

Elizabethe and I attended an ESL event tonight at the George Eastman House.  John Lynch, Executive Vice President of ESL Investment Services talked about the state of the economy, factors that affect the GDP and forecasts.  It was quite educational.

After the event they put on quite the spread with a couple of carving stations and grazing stations.  The food was great.

As we left they gave each of us a parting gift… a bottle of wine.

Okay, I appreciate their generosity, but I wonder if they understand how many people don’t drink wine.  Thus, I’ll write them a thank you note and recommend next time they also have sparkling cider for those who don’t drink.

Gearing Up

We hit a few stores as we are gearing up for our 3 months without grocery shopping.  We hit the Indian, Turkish and Asian markets.  (Produce is much cheaper there.)

The Asian market has a nice bakery.  I picked up a couple of pork buns for lunch.

Since we were in Henrietta we used our Harbor Freight Tools coupons.  I got a few storage items.  One is for my little X-E1 camera so I can keep it in the car without worry of it getting damaged.


Temple Date

Temple Date

We had a temple date today.  Elizabethe suggested we do it in the evening and then go to dinner.  I suggested we go in the morning and then go to lunch.  We did the latter.

After our temple date we used our Applebee’s gift card.  We’ve been there twice now, and I am not impressed.  The food tastes good, but the service is poor and the atmosphere is a 2 out of 10 point scale.  Next time I get a gift card for Applebee’s I’ll pass it on to someone who really likes the place.

I guess why I don’t like Applebee’s is… it’s a bar.  To call it a restaurant is a stretch.  The place is a bar and I don’t like bars.

Harbor Freight Tools

Our next stop was Harbor Freight Tools to use some coupons.  I ended up getting several boxes of screw assortments.  They are much cheaper than Lowe’s and they come with a nice organizer.  I also got a new sprayer as I can’t seem to fix the tow-behind sprayer.

Another thing I found was a nice assortment of electric screwdriver tips.  I have lots of tiny short ones, but they are too short and the chuck gets too close to the screw head.  This is not good when working in tight places.  These are about 2.5 inches long and are color coded.

LightSaber From Harbor Freight Tools

LightSaber From Harbor Freight Tools

You’ll be able to read more about my LightSaber From Harbor Freight Tools in my photographic blog (http://blog.dbwalton.com  it will be up there on Wednesday next week ).  It’s a story about how $46 worth of equipment from a too store outperforms $1000 of equipment from the camera store.

So, I spent a portion of my day experimenting with this $23 lights (two of them, hence the $46.)  They have hooks on the end so I just hooked them over a horizontal rod in my studio and this is what I got…

copyright 2015 db walton

Self-Portrait Using LED Lights

They are pretty cool, and I love HFT 20% off coupons.  You an see the one stick in the catch-light in my eyes.

Now I just need some willing subjects so I can experiment more.

They say it is supposed to snow tonight.  We still have a lot of snow that hasn’t melted yet.  The good news is, the melt is exposing green grass.  Further good news is that in 2 months I’ll probably be mowing the lawn again.

Elizabethe met with an architect about adding an extension to the bedroom.  I’m anxious about the whole idea, but she really wants a work room off the bedroom, and to be able to turn her current work room in to another guest room with a bathroom.

Coldest in 40 Years

Coldest in 40 Years

I was listing to the TV news weather and the forecaster said this has been the coldest in 40 years.  This artic burst is taking its toll.  We’re not getting huge amounts of snow, but cold temperatures that keep the snow from melting and keep it light, fluffy and accumulating.

I accepted an assignment to venture off within 3 miles of my home and take 25 pictures.  The assignment is due by Sunday, and so I figure I better get the images done today.

It was a perfect day for the pictures, it was just a little cold.  At one point, with the wind-chill factor it was -15 degrees.  Because it was sunny, you don’t realize how cold it is until you step in the shade or a breeze hits you in the face.  It is cold.


copyright 2015 db walton

Smith Log Home as it May Have Been in the Early 1800s

copyright 2015 db walton

Stafford Road (old section)

copyright 2015 db walton

Entrance to the Sacred Grove

Some brave souls ventured out in this cold to see the apartment.  The roads were covered with ice.  At this temperature, salt doesn’t work.  It will take a bit more warming before the salt can melt the ice.  Or, put it this way, at this temperature, salt water freezes.

Weather like this makes people shun Palmyra during the winter months.  But, it is very important to remember the Smiths came to Palmyra during a cold spell.  They arrived in Palmyra and the world experienced what was known as “the year without a summer” and “1800 and froze to death”.

Walking through the grove in the winter snow is quite an experience.  You can see so much more when the trees are barren.  Of course, you have to go back in the summer once the leaves have come out.  (Which typically happens around Memorial Day in late spring.)  You can’t really appreciate what Joseph Smith and his family went through without experiencing a day like today.

Harbor Freight Tools and CiCi’s

Elizabethe and I headed to CiCi’s Pizza for lunch.  They are having their special again where if you buy a $25 gift card, you get a free buffet.  And, since we eat there a couple of times a year, why not.

From there, we went to Harbor Freight Tools to use some coupons and also so I could use the gift card I received at Christmas time.  I bought this cool LED light that is about 3′ long, rechargeable and is about like the light a certain photography equipment manufacture makes and sells for about $500.  The difference is this one, with my coupon, only cost about $25.  Wow.  Imagine what 20 of these could do.