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Zoe Baptized

Zoe Baptized

Zoe was baptized today.  She was so excited.  Her grin went from ear to ear.

Rebecca and Steve commented the attendance was more than they expected.  The little room was packed to capacity.  Zoe asked me and her Grandpa Martin to talk.  Russ Martin talked about baptism, and I talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost.

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Their Happy Family


Before the baptism we met them for lunch at a diner named Kirby G.  I had a brisket burger.  It was a lean beef patty topped with slices of brisket.  Best burger ever.  As a result, I’ll want to return when we visit Atlanta.

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Zoe and Avery at Kirby G’s

Open House

They had an open house for Zoe after the baptism.  Some of Steve’s family showed up, as well as some friends.  The full-time missionaries were also there.

I enjoyed talking to the elders about missions and stuff.  The elders were telling me they are going away from tablets and just using smartphones now.  (Just wait for the next technology and they’ll be carrying something different.  Technology changes too quickly.)


We stopped and picked up a snack at Chick-Fil-A.  I wish we had one here in Palmyra.  Elizabethe was reading they are #1 where ever they have a location.  That’s impressive.

The Trip There

We arrived her yesterday afternoon.  We had dinner at Rebecca’s with the Sister Missionaries.

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The Gang Friday Night After Dinner

Bent Blade

Bent Blade

This is the first bent blade since switching to the heavy duty blades.  A brick hidden in the leaves caused the bend.  I’m so frustrated.

The good news is in spite of a bent blade, I have much of the leaves picked up.  We will hire someone to do the rest.  I’ve had it with that mower this year.

Elizabethe is on the hunt for a new bag.  She wants one that is narrow and will fit under an airline seat.  She’s very particular.

We looked at Best Buy, Staples, BJ’s and we even looked at tool bags at Home Depot.  Best Buy hardly carries anything in a roller bag.  Staples, the choices are a little better, and BJ’s is always hit-n-miss with those type of things.

Gift Cards

We are also hunting for gift cards for grandchildren and children.  Because we have so many to purchase, we are looking for special offers.  For example, buy $50 worth of gift cards and get a $5 gift card free.

The Hunt Goes On

The hunt goes on after we get home.  Elizabethe is looking on-line for a suitable bag.

I know my experience with finding the right camera bag was difficult.  I ended up paying about $300 for a bag that is really only worth $150 max.  Why?  Because it was the ONLY brand/model I could find.



Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

It is Thanksgiving 2016!  We’re heading to Jennifer’s and Spencer’s in Pennsylvania.  We drove straight through. We made two stops for gas, and using the bathroom.  It takes about 4 hours.

We arrived around 3 p.m.   Spencer was tending to the prime rib, and Jennifer the other fixings.

Dinner was wonderful – prime rib, potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise sauce.  For dessert we had the two pies Elizabethe and I made, as well as pumpkin pie and fried ice cream.  Definitely over indulgence, but I’m not complaining.

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Grandchildren Acting Silly

After dinner we took pictures of my granddaughter in her baptismal dress.  It was drizzling, cold and dark, but I managed.

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Her Baptismal Dress

Because their house is being remodeled, we headed to a motel about 45 minutes north of their place.  We are spending the night here and leaving in the morning.

Empty Nest Again

Empty Nest Again

We have an empty nest again.  I took Natalie and her sons to the airport.  Of course, I cried.

The last few weeks have been wonderful.  It is nice getting to know my grandchildren better.  We did some fun activities.  Now I’m hoping my son-in-law gets a job at a big airline company so they can fly out here whenever they want.

Picking Up

While picking up around the house we have discovered a lot of things left by our children and grandchildren. While they left various food items in the refrigerator, we are also finding socks, shirts, sippy cups, toys and more.

I’m sure we’ll find more months down the road too.

Back to Work

It is time to get back to work.  I have retouching to do, emails to answer, and other work related task.  They were put on the back-burner while we had family visiting.

Here is one of the pictures I took of my granddaughter in film noir style.  Her mom wanted it to look like and old aged photo, so pardon the effect applied.

copyright 2016 db walton - Empty Nest Again

Film Noir Look


I also have paying client photos I’m working on too.  My work this week is cut out for me.

Figuring Out

Figuring Out

We are figuring out how Jennifer is going to get home.  Spencer arrived this morning and he is going to sit with Jennifer while we go to church.

Today was ward conference.  We heard from our new stake president and received instructions in Sunday School and Priesthood in combined meetings.

After church we were still figuring out what to do about Jennifer and family.  We ate lunch and then I took a short nap.

Israel Dinner

I made an Israel Dinner for the family and the sister missionaries.  We invited our house guest, Maureen, to join us too.

After dinner I showed a slideshow of Israel to the family.  It would sure be wonderful to be able to take the entire family to Israel.  While the tiny grandchildren are too young, the older children would enjoy the culture and learning.

Ice Cream

I meant to make ice cream last night, but the time got away from me.  We ate store bought ice cream for dessert.  I’ll make it for tomorrow.

Figured it Out

It sounds like they figured it out.  Spencer has to work this week, but Amber will drive their truck home on Saturday and Spencer will take Amber to the airport Sunday morning.

I like it when a plan comes together.

Jennifer is going to see Dr. Alexander in the morning.  They will be able to tell her how long she should keep her leg elevated and how to care for her ankle while it heals.




Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

It is Thanksgiving 2015 and I have a lot to be thankful for.  While my gratitude extends beyond this list, first and foremost, I’m thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves me, my wife who is my best friend and eternal companion, my children and grandchildren who bring me joy beyond measure and all the bounty God has blessed me with.

Elizabethe and I have great plans for the day.  Today we are going to do absolutely nothing.  Yup, you heard me.  We are just going to lay around and be lazy.  No fancy meal.  No going anywhere.  We’re just going to enjoy each other’s company all day.

I did pick up my phone and noticed I had nearly 100 new e-mails.


Am I getting that many e-mails of gratitude on this day of Thanksgiving?

I looked and sure enough, they were all Black Friday invitations.  I saw them as invitations to “opt out” of their e-mail campaign.  I despise the entire “Black Friday” sales thing.  I dislike getting all of these emails too.

We bing-watched one of Elizabethe’s favorite TV shows that had recorded on the DVR.  After a couple of episodes we both commented on how unrealistic the entire show is.  I think the highlight of the TV watching was BYU TV’s Joan of Arc.  What a wonderful documentary.  I highly recommend it.

After a while, I got bored and picked up my phone and looked at Facebook.  Big mistake.

What is it about people that makes them turn to stupidity when they get on social media?

For example, one person was posting about how Christopher Columbus started Thanksgiving… huh?  Another posted an absurd list of companies that with a little research (i.e. typing the claim into Google)  would show them the list is making erroneous claims.  And those two examples don’t even begin to touch on some of the political claims.

At one point in the day I started to laugh.  Elizabethe asked what was so funny.  I looked at the clock and said, “It’s after 5pm and it is getting dark and we’ve done absolutely nothing today.  We haven’t got a single thing accomplished.”

In her sweet and loving way, she assured me that she’s enjoyed just spending the day together talking and … doing nothing.

So, I put my phone away and realized I was bored with doing nothing and suggested to Elizabethe we call it a day.

Empty Nester Marriage

Empty Nester Marriage

When you think of an empty nester marriage do you think of two people getting on each other’s nerves?  Or, do you think of two people who get to spend their time together when they want?  I tend to think of the latter.

Being empty nesters Elizabethe and I enjoy spending time together.  At the same time, we enjoy visits from family as it does get lonely (as a couple).

So, this morning, we laid in bed laughing at the thought of what has transpired this weekend.  We, an empty nester couple, having taken in my daughter’s family of four, were laughing about their being gone for the weekend and us enjoying a quiet morning in bed.

And, if my daughter is reading this, we LOVE having you, your husband and two children around.  We just love it.   However, we found the lack of a knock on the door this morning kind of amusing from the sense that it brought us back to the days when children were at home and parents long for that weekend get-away.  So, in an odd sense, we enjoyed the weekend alone.

We are also missing our grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law.  When the move out into their own house, we will miss them.  We are also glad they that will live so close.

Today was an office-bound day processing images from the workshop.  I’ve discovered my web site will only allow a certain number of files in an upload session.  As a result of not knowing this, I had to go back and find out which files copied and which ones did not.

There was also a small order to process and somehow, Java got all confused.  I attempted to reinstall the latest Java, but it still didn’t work and so a reboot interrupted my uploading.  It made for a long afternoon.


This guy calls asking, “May I talk to the person in charge of your credit card processing?”

I abruptly said, “No you may not.”

I’m not sure why I haven’t thought about this in the past.  It worked brilliantly.  The guy was speechless as he said, “Uh… okay.”

I’ll have to remember that for future telemarketing callers.

Personality Differences

Personality Differences

Just a little about the personality differences between my grandson and my granddaughter.  Both are in Primary and I was asked to substitute for the pianist.

My granddaughter was straight across from the piano and pretty much acted like I wasn’t even in the room.  I even attempted to raise my eyebrows when I thought she was looking my direction and I got no response.

When the senior primary came in, my grandson sat in about the same location where my granddaughter was sitting in junior primary.  His first remarks were, “Hey, there’s my grandpa.”  Several times he commented and glanced over and smiled.

Yes, there is a world of difference between these two siblings.  I love them both, but boy, are they sure different.

We returned to the church building tonight for a fireside with Elder Bennett.  He’s quite a character.   He said some very useful things that I need to implement in my life.  It was great being there to hear him share his comments.

The fireside was for the temple workers and served as a goodbye to the out-going Temple Presidency – Presidents and Sisters Brighton, Broadbent and Cahoon.  Elder and Sister Bennett also talked, and we had a wonderful musical number by Elder Nielsen (from Sacrament0).

We didn’t stick around because Spencer had prepared a standing rib roast and they were holding dinner until we got home.  Oh, that roast was so good.  It is nice having a second person in the house that appreciates good beef.

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Palmyra Temple

Kiosk Preview

Kiosk Preview

We had a kiosk preview today.  They are currently remodeling the Church History Museum.  One of the features will be an interactive kiosk featuring my photos.  Once open, you’ll have to visit Salt Lake City and tour the museum.  (The museum is located across the street from Temple Square next to the Family History Center.)


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Nathaniel at Temple Square

We arrived a little early and met Sariah and Nathaniel at temple Square.  I gave each of the kids a db walton shirt.  Nathaniel’s was about the only one that fit well, the others were a little big on the girls.

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Grandkids at the North Visitor’s Center

They went up to the Christus Room and trying to get a picture of the three of them was like herding cats.  If one was looking, another was sporting an attitude.  So, the above is the best of all of them.

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Me, Elizabethe and Some of Our Grandkids in Front of Demo Screen

I met with the CSM Missionary folks, in person, for our weekly phone call.  After that, I met one of the guys from the History Library who gave us a demo of the kiosk.  (In the picture above you can see a picture of Hill Cumorah I shot and what will become the kiosk screen.)

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Grandkids Playing with Tablet

From there it was off to the Joseph Smith Memorial building were we had lunch.

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Sariah, Rebecca and Amber

After lunch, I took a couple parting shots of the grandchildren.  They wanted to do a “funny” picture, so I asked them to show me some attitude.  They did that very well.

copyright 2015 db walton

Grandkids showing off

Finally, I asked them to give Nathaniel a hug and face the camera.  I love the results.  I already miss them.

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Grandkids in db walton t-shirts

A trip to Salt Lake City is not complete without a picture of the temple.

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Salt Lake Temple

On the way to the airport, we stopped at See’s Candy so I could pickup a year’s supply of Bordeaux chocolates.  Okay, it probably won’t last a year, but I have vowed to only eat one a day.